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Kart Ernst Krafft, ca. 1932
Krafft's birth chart

The Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft (born on 10.5.1900 at 12.50 in Basel, died on 8.1.1945) was a colourful personality. He possessed deep astrological and graphological knowledge and was well versed in various methods of prognosis and interpretation. He also had an early interest in the question of whether astrology was statistically verifiable.


Krafft is mainly known for his political views. He was an avid supporter of National Socialism and gave a warning before Georg Elser's attempted assassination of Hitler on 8th November 1939. His warning was not heeded. His admiration of Hitler led him to seek recognition by later pointing out the correctness of his earlier prognosis. The National Socialists reacted by arresting him because they suspected him of being involved in the assassination attempt. However, Krafft also had influential allies, among them Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels, but whereas Hess showed an actual interest in his work, Goebbels was only interested in using him and his interpretations of Nostradamus for propaganda purposes.
The statements of Louis de Wohl about him being Hitler's personal astrologer weren't true, though; actally he never worked for the Fuehrer. After Hess' internment in Great Britain in June 1941 Krafft's situation in Germany grew more tenuous[1], and he was arrested by the Gestapo again on 12th February 1943. He died barely two years later on the way to the concentration camp at Buchenwald.

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The book's second part mainly deals with Krafft

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