International Astronomical Union

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Logo of the IAU

The International Astronomical Union is the organization of professional astronomers responsible for classifying heavenly bodies and naming newly discovered ones. The IAU holds scientific meetings, supports science education, and promotes and “safeguards” the discipline of astronomy. Most of its members are individual researchers but 73 nations also hold memberships in the IAU.

The IAU was founded in 1919 and is based in Paris, France.

Astrologers' View

Astrologers interested in recent discoveries in our solar system follow new findings of the IAU with some interest.

The IAU startled modern astrologers in 2006 (Prague meeting), when it reclassified Pluto and Ceres as dwarf planets.
Astrologers who previously found Pluto to function as a powerful planet in horoscope interpretation, and Ceres to operate more as an asteroid, however, ignore these IAU designations.