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US President Abraham Lincoln: wide first and seventh houses. Pisces and Virgo are intercepted

A sign of the zodiac in which there are no house cusps. This means - depending on the House System you prefer - that the house is so large that the cusp at the beginning is in the previous sign and the cusp at the end in the following one.

Intercepted signs come in pairs: if one sign is intercepted, its opposite sign will be intercepted, as well. Then the chart will also have "duplicate" signs, where the same sign appears on two house cusps.


The common view is that the energy of an intercepted sign is somehow enclosed or "trapped" - as the graphic portrayal in the horoscope would suggest – making it difficult to develop. The preceeding sign on the cusp of the house is considered to be the house's primary ruler with the intercepted sign the secondary ruler of the house.

In Psychological Astrology it is felt that the intercepted sign shows itself in a more indirect or weakened way.
In Traditional Astrology the intercepted sign's Ruler usually is seen as Co-significator, though.[1]

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