Individual Astrology

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Often the rising sign tells a lot about a person's identity.

The branch of astrology which concentrates on interpretation and prognosis for the horoscopes of individuals. Central to the astrology of individuals is the natal chart cast for the location, date, and time of birth; as well as other horoscopes derived from it.

The astrology of individual nativities has been important in western astrology since it was introduced into Greece from Babylon around the 3rd century BCE. Contrary to popular belief that ancient astrologers reserved natal chart interpretation for aristocrats, individual astrology appealed to a mass audience and street fair practitioners throughout the ancient Roman empire.

The astrology of individual nativities is distinct from studying the charts of current events (mundane astrology), planning favourable times to undertake activities (electional astrology) and casting charts for the moment of specific questions (horary astrology.) Popular sun-sign columns are actually an extremely simplified version of natal chart interpretation. With today's focus on individuals' self-awareness and self-improvement, the astrology of personal nativities is the most popular type of modern western astrology.