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The sixth house


The sixth house is related to health and work. Howard Sasportas explains the link between these two areas as follows: "The sixth house explores the relationship between an individual's inner life and the outer world - the world of thoughts and emotions and the outer one of form and physicality." Illness can be an expression of discord between these two areas. Every illness can be understood as a symbol which points to where the inner and outer are at odds with each other (Medical Astrology). The work routine (as opposed to a person's vocation which is symbolised by the Tenth House) is also an indicator of the extent to which the inner expectations are in harmony with the outer circumstances. And because the majority of people are forced to compromise, the sign on the cusp of the sixth house together with any planets in the sixth house indicate how an individual copes with the restrictions resulting from the existing structures.

In contrast to the Twelfth House, in which a person can feel they are part of the wider universe, the sixth house is concerned with the ability to adapt to concrete circumstances.

Finally, the sixth house is also the house of colleagues, employees and pets.

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