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The seventh house


The seventh house is concerned with relationships to others. The sign on the cusp of the seventh house, which is also the Descendant, together with any planets in the seventh house indicate the kind of relationship an individual seeks with others and at the same time the kind of people he/she attracts.

The seventh house symbolises the romantic partner so long as this individual personifies the qualities the owner of the horoscope does not feel belong to him/her and therefore seeks in others. The seventh house is also considered to be the house of open enemies (secret enemies are associated with the twelfth house) because they are usually on the receiving end of negative projections.

Business partners are also associated with this house, as well as legal disputes and contracts.

In contrast to its polar opposite house - the First House, which describes the more rudimentary qualities of the individual - the seventh house encapsulates their essence which is reflected in relationships with others.

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