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Choosing the right moment is not an easy task

Synonym: Astrology of the moment

Method (general information)

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology that uses a horoscope to answer concrete questions. A chart is erected for the moment a question is posed or for the moment that the astrologer understands the querent's question; and, ideally, for the astrologer's location.[1] Questions usually concern a particular decision or event in which the individual is unsure of the outcome, for example in health matters, profession, relationship, or travel. There is almost no limit on questions so long as they are not trivial, misleading, or immoral/illegal. Examples of horary questions are, "Will we get married?", "Where is my missing cat?", "What will be the outcome of my anticipated career move?"

Horary astrology is consequently not specifically concerned with the querent's birth horoscope, its perivatives, personality, or self-awareness. Some modern horary astrologers, however, do recommend looking at both the horary chart of the moment and the natal chart for a more complete picture of the issue facing the native.

The astrologer concentrates less on the horary horoscope as a whole and more on those aspects or specific significators which are relevant to the client's question. These are usually limited to a few planets, signs and houses. The horary horoscope can only be interpreted in relation to the client's question.

Interpretation (rules)

Many horary astrologers observe further limitations, understood as outright prohibitions against interpreting the chart, or as simple cautionary guidelines. For example, if the ascendant is between 1 and 3 degrees or 27 and 30 degrees of a sign of the zodiac, some horary astrologers consider the timing to be too early or late to answer the question. Others argue that such a chart can be read if certain situations apply, or even if the chart otherwise appears to address the question.

As with elections, where the aim is to find the most favourable time astrologically speaking, interpretation in horary astrology is done along the lines of traditional or classical astrology. For example, both branches still work with the classical system of rulers, even though more modern horary astrologers do take Uranus, Neptune and Pluto into consideration. Both systems still divide aspects into helpful and unhelpful; although most horary astrologers use only the major aspects. Horary astrology contains a significant number of guidelines for chart interpretation, unlike the more impressionistic modern psychological astrology.

Horary astrology aims to give the most concrete answers possible, which is the reason for such strict rules of interpretation. It would be inappropriate to offer a psychological interpretation of such a horoscope.

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Notes and References

  1. Many horary astrology consultations take place over the telephone or Internet, meaning that the client and astrologer can be in different places