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Planets and chakras[1]

In addition to the Self, which refers to the manifest traits of personality in their physical incarnation, the term higher self is a term often used in Esoteric Astrology. It is an attempt to express the fact that a person's essence cannot be reduced to physical existence here on Earth. The immortal aspect, which religious terminology often refers to as the soul, is something that cannot be defined in physical terms alone. It possesses an all-encompassing consciousness and unlimited creative potential. The initial aim of the spiritual path is to become conscious of this higher self, come into contact with it and finally to make the transition from self towards higher self. Esoteric astrology believes that the horoscope can help to reveal the concrete steps necessary to achieve this goal together with the unique potential inherent in each individual.

Of particular significance in this respect are the positions and aspects of the spiritual planets and the Moon's nodal axis.

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Notes and References

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