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Everyone can read all content of AstroWiki, regardless of whether they choose to register. For most users, registration is not necessary.

Nevertheless, registration offers a number of advantages: only registered users can participate in discussions about articles; also, only registered users can apply to become an editor. Once you register, you create an account and pick a username in order to log in.

How to register:

  • Click above, at the right side on "Log in / create account" or click here. You won't be able to (easily) change your username once you choose it, so reading the username policy before creating a username is highly recommended.
  • For security reasons, you will need to solve a simple calculation or enter text from a graphical representation. Then you can enter your desired username and password. Please read the notes directly on that page. The "email address" serves only for communication between the wiki software and you. You will need a valid email to be able to activate the account, because an activation message will be sent via mail. You can change or remove the email address after confirmation.
  • If your desired username has already been taken, you will need to repeat registration; otherwise your registration will succeed.
  • Please be aware that the registration for AstroWiki-en has nothing to do with your registration at the Astrodienst website or the local forum: usernames and passwords are completely independent of each other and you can use different ones.
  • Once registered and logged in, you find links for your personal page and your personal settings. Please explore the features, they make using AstroWiki easier for you.
  • In order to writing new articles or editing existing ones, editor status is needed. It can be granted by wiki administrators (sysops). If you want to participate actively as an editor, please write to so the sysops can activate editor rights for your account.