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Basic guidelines

There are some guidelines and principles to keep in mind when editing AstroWiki.

  • Writing good articles:
  • Write objectively: quote relevant sources which confirm what you express.
  • Use a neutral point of view: avoid political, religious or otherwise non-neutral positions.
  • Write understandably: can more or less everybody understand what you are saying?
  • Write grammatically correct: make whole sentences, use correct spelling. You may use US or British spelling for new articles. When editing existing articles, stay with the choice of the original authors.
  • Write for the readers: try to view your contributions with the eye of a reader. Do I make something clear, or do I confuse? Is something I consider irrelevant also irrelevant for the reader?
  • AstroWiki is just an editable encyclopedia of astrology: it is not a discussion board, not a dictionary, not an advertising platform, not a stage to show off.
  • Friendliness: be friendly in your tone, open and welcoming to those who use AstroWiki.