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Liz Greene 1985[1]
Greene's Radix chart

The American-English Elizabeth ("Liz") Greene, born on 4th September 1946 at 13:01 (= 1:01 PM) in Englewood/ New Jersey, USA[2], is one of today's best known astrologers.


Liz Greene's father was born in London, and her mother in the United States. She grew up in New Jersey and, already as an exceptionally talented teenager, she was interested in astrology and psychology, as well as in art, theater and music. In 1975, after her student years in Boston and Los Angeles, she came to London, England, now residence of her brother, with a doctorate in psychology in her luggage. Establishing her astrological counseling practice, she continued studying at the 'Centre for Transpersonal Psychology' and the 'Faculty for astrological studies', to which she is a lifetime patron to this day. In London, she also qualified as a Jungian Analyst. She ran her psychoanalytical and astrological practice on Estelle Road in Hampstead, London, lectured and held seminars all around the world and was a very productive author.

From 1992 to 1997, she lived in Oxford, England; then until 2003 in Switzerland, first in Küsnacht, then in Zürich. In 2004, she moved back to England, where she still lives between Bath and Bristol.

In April 2010 the History Department of the University of Bristol, UK, granted her a doctorate degree for her thesis 'The Kabbalah in British Occultism 1860-1940'.[3]

Psychological Astrology

Greene's books and seminars have defined to a large extent what is considered modern Psychological Astrology. By connecting astrology and psychology and her extensive knowledge in both areas, she has contributed a great deal to freeing astrology from the image of fortune-telling. This is complemented by her wide knowledge of mythology.

She had become quickly famous with the publication of Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, in 1976, in which she applied Jungian psychology to revise the image of Saturn as a planet of misfortune, recasting it in a more Jungian image that has continued to be very popular into the 21st century. The book had aroused great interest and is still considered one of the classics of psychological astrology.

In 1983, she founded the 'Centre for Psychological Astrology' (CPA) in London together with Howard Sasportas. After Sasportas' death in 1992, astrologer Charles Harvey took over as co-director, until his death in 2000. A publishing house, the CPA Press, was added in 1996. Greene continues directing both the organisation of the CPA and CPA Press.

During recent years, she has been very active in furthering the Sophia Project which enables students to study astrology at a high level at British universities, first at Bath Spa University, and now at the University of Lampeter, Wales.

Work with Alois Treindl

At a week's seminar in 1985, held by Greene in the Swiss mountains, she got to know Alois Treindl who ran Astrodienst, an astrological computer service located in Zürich. Both started a close cooperation with the aim of modeling Liz Greene's way of interpreting charts with computer software by using the most recent technologies of knowledge engineering, expert systems and artificial intelligence. They chose Astro Intelligence as a label for this new technology, and in 1987 the first result of their efforts was published, the Psychological Horoscope Analysis; this close cooperation between Greene and Treindl continued in numerous more projects and lasts until this day. From it came the Relationship Horoscope, the Child's Horoscope, the Yearly Horoscope Analysis - the Meaning of the time, the Long-Term Perspectives as well as Career and Vocation[4]


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With Juliet Sharman-Burke:

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Greene's classic


The CPA at Astrodienst

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