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The fifth house


The fifth house represents an individual's potential creativity - whether this is expressed as giving birth or as the product of artistic activity. This has to do with what a person creates and leaves behind when long gone. The fifth house could be likened to a stage on which a person shows himself/herself to the world.

The sign on the cusp of the fifth house, together with any planets located there, tell us something about an individual's "inner child" and their relationship to the playful aspects of life.

This house is concerned with everything that is fun - flirting, amorous adventures, eroticism - and things appealing to our sense of risk such as playing games, betting and speculation. It is the house of love affairs but not long-term relationships which are associated with the seventh and eighth houses.

The fifth house is where we show our individual selves to the community - as opposed to the eleventh house where we are part of the community.

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