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Joys and Exaltations in the Thema Mundi[1]

Synonym: Hypsoma

A type of essential dignity.

The qualities of a planet and its sign of exaltation are similar, so that when a planet is in its sign of exaltation it is thought to express its inherent qualities in a particularly 'pure' form.

Modern astrologers do not agree on signs for exaltations of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, so the exaltations are usually restricted to the seven traditional planets.

A planet's sign of exaltation is always located opposite the sign of the same planet's fall.

Signs of Exaltation

Planet Sign
Sun s_su.18.gif Aries A47_252.gif
Moon s_mo.18.gif Taurus A46_218.gif
Mercury s_me.18.gif Virgo A27_109.gif
Venus s_ve.18.gif Pisces A24_071.gif
Mars s_ma.18.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif
Jupiter s_ju.18.gif Cancer A30_130.gif
Saturn s_sa.18.gif Libra A48_246.gif
Exaltation Degrees Wheel

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