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The fall of the Berlin Wall.[1]

Astrologers who wish to understand particular events, be they major natural disasters, the signing of an important political document or minor episodes in the life of an individual person, use several techniques.

An event or Inception chart is cast for the time and place of a specific event, comparable to the birth chart of a person. When a chart is cast for the moment of a train wreck or a politically significant incident, the chart provides background information about the event and helps to better understand the dynamics involved.

In intepreting meaningful events in the life of a person, such as receiving a new job offer, it should always be compared with his birth chart.

Because a given event horoscope will often apply to a much larger region than the site of a particular natural or political event, some astrologers look at additional information, such as any planetary lines crossing over the location, recent eclipses, or inception charts for the location of the event, such as one based on the incorporation of a city.

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  1. The artist Kai Lietz, a Berlin citizen, was instructed by an astrologer.