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The eighth house


The eighth house stands for metamorphic processes in a person's life - for example, times of crisis which cause changes on a fundamental level. This house is associated with death which can also be understood as a metamorphic process; however, it does not indicate the time of death. "Metamorphosis" can mean: from the depths of sexuality with its spiritual aspects, during which the "I" merges with the other, to all other processes in which a person is forced to relinquish something or someone forever.

The sign on the cusp of the eighth house (house cusps) together with any planets placed within it indicate how an individual will come to terms with the endless process of "Dying and Becoming".

The eighth house indicates the type of bonds we form after the initial encounter which takes place in the seventh house, while touching on taboo themes and the deeper motives behind our actions, too.
The eighth house is also concerned with what we inherit – both spiritually and materially (including any kind of financial inheritance).

The Second House located opposite the eighth is concerned with our own assets, whereas the eighth house symbolises the assets of others to which we have some kind of access.

All kinds of "death" are associated with the eighth house

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