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Donna Cunningham
Cunningham's birth chart

The American astrologer Donna Cunningham was born on 5 July 1942 at 7:40 AM[1], in Onawa, Iowa.[2][3]

She died on July 5th 2017 (her 75th birthday). In the end she had lived in a senior building in Portland, Oregon.


Donna graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College in 1964, with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. She received a Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University in 1967, and was licensed as a social worker in New York and California.

As social worker she was employed in hospitals and medical clinics, women’s health, psychiatric clinics, and disability services. She was Director of Social Service at a hospital, then left full-time work for a private practice combining psychotherapy, astrology, and healing (i.e. flower essences).


Beginning her studies in 1968, Donna’s main teacher was Richard Idemon, who embodied the blend of psychology and astrology she was drawn to. She was certified as a professional astrologer by both the American Federation of Astrologers and Professional Astrologers Incorporated in 1983 and as an Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner by Jim Lewis in 1984.
She began doing insight-oriented astrology consultations in 1970, started teaching in 1971, and, from 1974 onward, was invited to speak at national and international conferences. She wrote Dell Horoscope’s advice column, "Astrology at Work", for twenty years, and regularly contributed columns to The Mountain Astrologer, and other magazines.
She belonged to the National Council for GeoCosmic Research since it began in the early 1970s. She joined AFAN ("Association for Astrological Networking") at its inception and served as an AFAN advisor. She also was on the board of the Oregon Astrological Association for several years.

In 2000 Donna created "The Astrologers' Memorial Web Page", a Virtual Museum.


  • In 1986, "Professional Astrologers Incorporated" gave Donna their Lifetime Achievement Award
  • In 1998, she was awarded the prestigious Regulus Award at the "United Astrology Congress" for her contributions to Theory and Understanding


Cunningham is the author of several books and e-books:

  • An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness. CRCS Publications, 1978; 1994 ISBN 0916360091
  • The Moon in Your Life: Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World - an Astrological View of Modern Life Red Wheel/ Weiser, 1981; 1982; 1996 ISBN 0877285225
  • Healing Pluto Problems. 218 Seiten. Samuel Weiser, York Beach ME; 1986; 1992 ISBN 978-0877283980
  • Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life. Ballantine Books, 1988; 1992; 1993 ISBN 978-0345347244
  • Astrology and Vibrational Healing. Cassandra Press, San Rafael, CA 1988 ISBN 096158758X
  • Astrology and Spiritual Development. Cassandra Press 1989 ISBN 0945946031
  • The Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook. Weiser Books, 1994 ISBN 0877287902
  • How to Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle Red Wheel/ Weiser, United States 1999 ISBN 978-1578631148
Cunningham in younger years
  • The Stellium Handbook. E-book, 2011 Excerpts


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