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Wheel of Essential Dignities[1]

A planet in the sign of its detriment is thought to express its inherent nature with difficulty.

A planet's sign of detriment is always located opposite the sign ruled by the same planet (domicile).

Most Important Essential Dignities and Debilities[2]

Planet Domicile/
Detriment Exaltation Fall
Sun A39_209.gif Leo A32_137.gif Aquarius A49_249.gif Aries A47_252.gif Libra A48_246.gif
Moon A35_150.gif Cancer A30_130.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif Taurus A46_218.gif Scorpio A44_205.gif
Mercury A34_146.gif Gemini A42_262.gif Sagittarius A43_197.gif    
  Virgo A27_109.gif Pisces A24_071.gif    
Venus A25_087.gif Taurus A46_218.gif Scorpio A44_205.gif Pisces A24_071.gif Virgo A27_109.gif
  Libra A48_246.gif Aries A47_252.gif    
Mars A33_140.gif Aries A47_252.gif Libra A48_246.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif Cancer A30_130.gif
  (Scorpio A44_205.gif) (Taurus A46_218.gif)    
Jupiter A29_112.gif Sagittarius A43_197.gif Gemini A42_262.gif Cancer A30_130.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif
  (Pisces A24_071.gif) (Virgo A27_109.gif)    
Saturn A26_087.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif Cancer A30_130.gif Libra A48_246.gif Aries A47_252.gif
  (Aquarius A49_249.gif) (Leo A32_137.gif)    
Uranus A40_238.gif Aquarius A49_249.gif Leo A32_137.gif Scorpio A44_205.gif Taurus A46_218.gif
Neptune A38_160.gif Pisces A24_071.gif Virgo A27_109.gif Cancer A30_130.gif Capricorn A45_214.gif
Pluto a13_174_pluto4.gif Scorpio A44_205.gif Taurus A46_218.gif Leo A32_137.gif Aquarius A49_249.gif


Notes and References

  1. Mechanism designed by Claude Dariot (1558)
  2. The signs in brackets are those that have been used before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (which is in accordance to the Thema mundi). Nowadays these dignities still get used in Horary Astrology and in Electional Astrology, where the three Trans-Saturnians usually are not considered. See also Wikipedia: Thema Mundi