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Railey in 2020
Railey 's birth chart

David Rogers Railey was born on October 14th, 1950 at 12:05 (= PM) in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).[1]

He is an American Humanistic astrologer, teacher and author of books on the subject.


Railey was raised in Atlanta, where he attended DeKalb Community College (Pre-Journalism), working one year for Associated Press (1968-1969), before dropping-out of college to study astrology in 1971.

From 1994-2000 he was living in Los Angeles. Then he moved back to Atlanta.

Following a book tour in 2010, he co-founded the first western astrology school in China.

Railey currently resides in Beijing, China.

Astrological career

Following a year of self-study that began in March 1970, David studied primarily with two professional astrologers, Rosemary Jones in Atlanta (1971-1973 and 1975), and Vicki Green in Virginia Beach, Virginia (1973/1974). In addition, he studied with Bil Tierney during the 1970s, and attended workshops offered by Isabel Hickey (1974), and Raymod Merriman (1976). In November 1975 David passed the City of Atlanta Professional Astrology Examination and obtained his license to practice astrology. In 1978, he was appointed to join the Board of Astrology Examiners, a professional oversight board, where he served through 1982. At the national AFA Conference in Atlanta in 1978, Railey lectured for the first time on the Lunar nodes, the special focus of his study and practice. This event was highlighted by Mayor Maynard Jackson declaring the "Astrology Day" in Atlanta. Starting in the 1970s, Railey was active on different boards of the AFA, later the AFAN (Association For Astrological Networking), resp.; in the 2010s he also was a member of the AFAN's Steering Committee. In 1979, at the NASO Conference held in Atlanta, he served as host for astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and met the founder of Humanistic Astrology, Dane Rudhyar. In January 1980 Railey co-founded The Daily Planets Astrology Center in Atlanta, together with astrologer Jeff Jawer, where they shared offices, taught classes and sponsored workshops for such notable astrologers at the time as Buz Meyers, Marcia Starck, and Phillip Sedgewick. From 1980-1981 he was the weekly featured astrologer on the TV-show "Good Morning Atlanta". From 1980-1992, Railey was active in the media, presenting the professional side of astrology, nationally and internationally on radio and TV, including a BBC interview during the 1988 Democratic Convention. Railey also produced and hosted a live weekly local TV show Astrology Today on Channel 12 for 4 seasons (1989-1992).

In early 2009, he was approached by several Chinese publishing companies, so he rewrote his book The Soul Purpose for a Chinese audience. This was the 2nd Western Astrology book ever published in mainland China. In October 2010 Railey traveled to Beijing on a well-publicized book tour as the first western astrology author to tour mainland China; during which he taught the first Humanistic astrology workshop. Returning to Beijing in 2011 David co-founded nodoor.com along with the Nodoor School of astrology, together with Jiang Ying. Also in June 2011, Railey was featured in a public debate at the Beijing Planetarium with astronomer and curator Dr. Zhu Jin. In 2012 he facilitated Sina.com Astrology Channel TV with Ji Yun and camera crew.


  • ISAR International Community Service Award (2014; currently - in 2021 - he is one of ISAR's very committed vice presidents)

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  • The Soul Purpose (2003, 2009 2nd edition) English ISBN 9780595 264650 amazon.com
On the Lunar nodes. Also published (2010) in simplified Chinese ISBN 9787222 065529
  • The Trip of A Lifetime (2018) Simplified Chinese and English, limited availability
An introduction to the 12 Western zodiac signs as personal-growth; text for a Chinese audience/ for students of Nodoor (no ISBN)
  • 2121 (2018, English only) ISBN 9781 9320 45141
A science fiction novella 2121 ("Dr. Chen Wu Chen comes across the work of controversial twentieth century psychiatrist, Stanislov Grof..."; Amazon/Kindle edition)


  • Rudhyar, Dane: From Humanistic to Transpersonal Astrology. Palo Alto, CA/ The Seed Center, 1975

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