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Synonym: Huber School

The Astrological Psychological Institute (API, also known as the "Huber School") which is based in Adliswil (Switzerland) is seen as one of the most important astrological schools on the European mainland. It was established by Bruno and Louise Huber in 1968 as a school for astrological psychology and offers seminars together with a three year extra-occupational training that is also available in Germany and Austria. A later branch of the school opened in the UK in 1983.

API also publishes the bimonthly magazine "Astrolog".

The school has always emphasised integrating astrological and psychological insights. The name is program: the school is called Astrological Psychology (instead of the other way round, Psychological Astrology). The API considers astrology to be "solely a diagnosis instrument which can help us to recognise various characteristics and problems of the human psyche together with its spiritual-mental development". It categorically rejects attempts to make predictions of future events, fortune-telling and determinism.

The Huber School uses the Koch house system (= GOH) and attributes great importance to the Moon's Nodes as points of spiritual development. The method most widely associated with the API is the progression of the Age Point which is used to asses lifecycles and inner development.

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Books from Bruno and Louise Huber:

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  • Lifeclock - Age Progression in the Horoscope
Huber method of timing in the horoscope, including age progression
  • The Planets and Their Psychological Meaning 328 pages. Hopewell, 2006 ISBN10 0954768027 ISBN13 9780954768027