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A recently developed method to help clients approach their natal chart from a new perspective: it can enable them to experience the planets in a more tangible way. For an astro-drama session to be successful it is preferable to have a large number of participants. They take on the roles of the planets in a person's horoscope. Masks or cloaks representing the planets can be used to make it easier to identify with them, so that Mars, Venus or Saturn aren't just presented as principles that need to be understood in order to integrate them consciously in the horoscope. Instead, they are immediately present and, based on their position in the horoscope in question, can take part in a dynamic exchange with each other. The owner of the natal chart under consideration can either be a spectator and gain an outside view of these dynamics or can take on the role of a particular planet – usually the Sun, although this can change as the drama develops. There are no set arrangements apart from the positions of the planets in the natal chart.