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The age point takes six years to pass through each house

A method developed by Bruno Huber with which a virtual point is moved through the houses of the natal chart beginning with the ascendant and moving in an anti-clockwise direction. The prerequisite is an exact time of birth and the application of the Koch house system[1].


In the first six years the age point passes through the first house, from six to 12 through the second and so on. People of the same age always have it in the same house. For example, at 36 years of age it reaches the descendant, and at 42 years of age it enters the eighth house. What is different among individuals is the sign that it passes through at a certain age and the aspects it makes to the various planets.

In order to calculate accurately where the age point is in any given year one must find out the number of degrees of the house in which it is located, as the house sizes differ when using the Koch house system. The number of degrees is then divided by six and each of these divisions is the distance "travelled" by the age point in one year.


The following factors in particular should be taken into account:

The age point is not intended to be used in making predictions. It is less concerned with outer events than inner developments in consciousness.

It is also used in chart rectification.


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Notes and References

  1. Also called the GOH - abbreviated from the German Geburtsorts-Häuser or "birthplace houses"