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I just read an interesting blog on, discussing the vexed issue of Randi's data. Given the man's trickster-nature, I think that anything he says should be regarded with caution. A Rodden Rating of X should really apply, I think. I can imagine Randi gloating over astrologers' gullibility, having given them the wrong information on purpose. On the other hand, the 7th August 1928 date fits beautifully with such a situation, perhaps warning of 'hidden influences' and reminding us that things are not as they seem! (Stellium of planets in the 12th house, Mercury in boastful Leo, ruling the Ascendant). Note that the August 27th chart has only Mars in Air, and a large number of planets in the element of earth, with Sun in Virgo, while the August 7th chart has 7 planets in fire. Something is not 'sitting right' - maybe neither of these are correct.