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Errors found in Biog...

Never married to Lindsey Buckingham, although the pair did have a commited 17 year relationship which ended circa 1976/1977

The album herself and Lindsey Buckingham released in 1973 was called "Buckingham Nicks", not "Buckingham and Nicks"

Joined Fleetwood Mac on December 31, 1974, not May 1975

At time of joining Fleetwood Mac, the group were no longer a "struggling blues group" but had enjoyed moderate success in the US, although dwindling in the UK, under the leadership of then guitarist Bob Welch.

complete overhall of Biography suggested to provide a more balanced and general overview of the artist's life, focusing on other aspects of her career other than drug abuse. There is also no mention of the album "Rumours" which was instrumental in spring boarding Nicks to Success.