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First of all, please remove the word "prostitute" from the brief biography of Mata Hari; it is not only politically incorrect but its moralistic tone is also inappropriately judgmental to appear in such a forum. The birth data, and hence the chart here, is incorrect. It is naive to rely on any document related to the lady, her certificate of birth more than any other, given her elusive life. Please refer to Cheiro's "Memoirs of a Modern Seer", Chapter XLI. Cheiro met her in Paris in 1900 when she gave him a signed impression of her right hand (published also in Cheiro's "You and Your Hand", Chapter XVIII). Cheiro gives her date of birth as 31 March, 1879, Java. He does not mention her time of birth. Astrologically, it is worth considering whether, as in the chart appended here, anybody with Jupiter in the First House trine Venus in the Eighth House, and Moon in the Fourth House trine Venus in the Eighth House (in mutual reception) is likely ever to meet with a violent death! Roosnam