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Reagan, Ronald Gender: M
Ronald Wilson Reagan
born on 6 February 1911 at 04:16 (= 04:16 AM )
Place Tampico, Illinois, 41n38, 89w47
Timezone CST h6w (is standard time)
Data source
Rodden Rating DD
Collector: Rodden
Astrology data s_su.18.gif s_aqucol.18.gif 16°31' s_mo.18.gif s_taucol.18.gif 13°43 Asc.s_sagcol.18.gif 27°15'

Ronald Reagan


American politician who served as the 40th president of the United States from 1981 to 1989 and became a highly influential voice of modern conservatism. Reagan earned the nickname "the Teflon President," in that public perceptions of him were not tarnished by the controversies that arose during his administration. Prior to his presidency, he was a Hollywood actor and union leader before serving as the 33rd governor of California from 1967 to 1975.

A former sportscaster from 1932-1937, he was the host of TV's Death Valley Days in the early '60s. Reagan first signed with Warner Brothers in 1937, and, by 1946, was earning $150,000 per year. He also was the President of the Screen Actors Guild for many years. Ron was a star from the start. He was elected student council president in high school, a football player in college and a radio announcer in 1937. In Hollywood he made 25 movies.

He first entered politics when he was elected the Republican Governor of California on 8 November 1966, sworn in on 2 January 1967, 00:02 AM, Sacramento, California. When he entered the presidency, he was the oldest president ever elected, aged 69. By the time he left office, he was missing a sandwich from his picnic basket once in a while, nodding off for naps or forgetting his lines but he was still immensely popular, an inspirational and convincing leader.

In a harrowing ordeal, President Reagan was shot at close range on 30 March 1981 by Jim Hinckley; his life was saved by Jim Brady, Reagan's press secretary, who took the bullet in his head and survived only with extensive therapy. With the saving grace of a great sense of humor, Reagan said to his wife Nancy, "Honey I forgot to duck."

He married actress Jane Wyman in 1940. The marriage lasted for eight years and ended in divorce in 1948. His second marriage, to actress Nancy Davis, was on 4 March 1952. Their devotion and care for each other was palpable. After retirement to their California ranch, the former president remained active for two years lecturing and touring. It was announced in 1994 that he had Alzheimer's. On 13 January 2001, he had surgery to place a pin into the hip he had broken the prior day. Doctors said that his physical condition was excellent and that Nancy never left his side.

After a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Reagan died of pneumonia on 5 June 2004 at 1:09 PM PDT at his home in Los Angeles, aged 93.

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  • associate relationship with Nakasone, Yasuhiro (born 27 May 1917). Notes: Close relationship
  • business associate/partner relationship with Bush, George H. W. (born 12 June 1924). Notes: Vice-President
  • friend relationship with Bryan, Jane (born 11 June 1918)
  • lover relationship with Lilly, Doris (born 26 December 1921). Notes: Dated in 1950s
  • opponent/rival/enemy relationship with Brown, Pat (born 21 April 1905)
  • opponent/rival/enemy relationship with Carter, Jimmy (born 1 October 1924)
  • parent->child relationship with Davis, Patti (born 21 October 1952)
  • parent->child relationship with Reagan, Ron (born 20 May 1958)
  • spouse relationship with Wyman, Jane (born 5 January 1917)
  • other kin relationship with Reagan, Doria (born 13 September 1951). Notes: daughter in law
  • role played of/by Matheson, Tim (born 31 December 1947). Notes: 2016 TV film "Killing Reagan"
  • role played of/by Ward, Fred (born 30 December 1942). Notes: 2009 French film "Farewell"


  • Work : Contracts, agreements 1937 (First signed with Warner Brothers)
  • Relationship : Marriage 26 January 1940 in Glendale (Los Angeles County) (First marriage, Jane Wyman)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 4 January 1941 at 03:21 AM in Los Angeles (Birth of daughter Maureen)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 26 June 1947 in Los Angeles (Birth of daughter Christine, who died nine hours later)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Relationship : Divorce dates 1948 (Jane Wyman filed for divorce)
  • Relationship : Marriage 4 March 1952 (Second marriage, Nancy Davis)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 21 October 1952 at 1:57 PM in Santa Monica (Birth of daughter Patti)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 20 May 1958 at 08:46 AM in Los Angeles (Birth of son Ron)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : New Career 8 November 1966 (Elected Governor of California)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : New Job 4 November 1980 (Elected U.S. President)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Crime : Assault/ Battery Perpetration 30 March 1981 at 2:27 PM in Washington (Shot and wounded in assassination attempt)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : Gain social status 1 January 1984 at 11:00 PM in Washington (Announced candidacy for re-election as President)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : Great Achievement 6 November 1984 (Re-elected U.S. President)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Social : Secrets revealed 5 November 1994 (Alzheimers announced)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 14 January 2001 (Broke hip; got a pin the next day)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Death by Disease 5 June 2004 at 1:09 PM in Los Angeles (Pneumonia, age 93)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.

Source Notes

Ronald Reagan birth certificate with no time

As of 2020, we continue to use the birth time of 4:16 AM. In 2002, this time of birth was given by his daughter Patti Davis in Time magazine (4 February 2002). In an article on page 4, she states, "My father was born at home, at 4:16 AM on February 6, 1911, after a long and difficult labor." This is the same birth data (date, year and time) as Edmund Morris gave in his biography, "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan" (New York, Random House, 1999), page 14. Morris lists his sources for the birth data as Reagan's birth certificate and Reagan's "personal papers" at the Ronald Reagan Library (footnotes, page 684). As Morris wrote the book as a semi-fictional biography to which he admits making up footnotes to add veracity to his accounts, historians severely criticized his ten-year labor and the time of birth was questioned. However, as Sy Scholfield notes in 2020, the birth time of 4:16 AM is currently used in Reagan's biography on the official website of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum: "On February 6, 1911 at 4:16 am, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois in a flat above the local bank" (no source given, however Morris cites "Personal Papers of Ronald Reagan" held by this library, page 684) [1].

A birth time given by a family member (his daughter Patti Davis) would usually be assigned an "A" rating, and a birth time given by a biographer (Edmund Morris citing "personal papers" held by the official Ronald Reagan Library) and by an official library on its website (albeit without a specific source) would both be given a "B" rating. However, the data has been rated "DD" because various different birth times had previously surfaced, with some of the most recent additions listed below first:

In June 2004, just after Reagan’s death, Jim Shawvan wrote to PT by e-mail: "I have known for several years that Ronald Reagan had personally given his birth time as 8:25 am to a friend of mine, Joy Rippeth, who was his first astrologer." Thus the correct birth data for Ronald Reagan is Feb. 6, 1911, 8:25 am, Tampico, IL. Now that Reagan has passed away, I have Joy's permission to reveal this information, and to reveal her identity as well. She is retired now." Jim attached correspondence from Joy Rippeth who said she got the time of 8:25 AM from Ronald Reagan himself and that she had advised him to be careful on 30-31 March 1981. Note that Reagan was shot on 30 March.

Steven Stuckey confirms that Reagan’s birth certificate has no time on it and is shown in a book published in 2001, called: "Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio." Steven writes: "’This book is ‘a history illustrated from the collection of the Ronald Reagan library and museum’. A copy of the original State of Illinois birth certificate is shown very clearly on page 2. There is no time of birth stated on the certificate, nor is there a space on the document for the time. All the other particulars are there, including date of birth as well as parents names and occupations. What is most interesting is the date of signing by the physician in attendance, Dr. H.A. Terry. That date is August 14, 1942."

Another source who wishes to remain anonymous communicated with PT in April 2004. The source reported a close relationship to the former president and Mrs. Reagan and wrote by e-mail: "President Reagan had stated that his mother’s water broke late afternoon, at home. His father went to get a midwife to help with the birth. President Reagan said he arrived a little later. It is known that his mother had a difficult labor. I have been working his chart for years as a Leo rising sign at 13° 10, and the chart works with all events known to me in his life. His chart was set for 5:51 PM." This "anonymous" source further states that, according to Nancy Reagan, Patty Reagan [who gave 4:16 AM] could not have known the time and was simply giving the same information that the author of "Dutch" gave in his book, a time that Mrs. Reagan felt was wrong.

In prior efforts of the community to find this data, the time was rectified to 3:43 AM by Joan Quigley, Nancy Reagan's astrologer, from family information that he was born "early morning."

American Astrology March 1976 states that it has a questionnaire returned from Reagan giving "early morning."

Angel Thompson quotes a letter from his office, May 1980, that "the Governor was born pre-dawn" (copy in hand).

Eve de Alberich called from Houston on 8 April 1981 to report that she had talked to Reagan's cousin (his mother's sister's daughter) who has kept family records, and who said that she had no record of Reagan's time of birth but it was early morning, pre-dawn. (In June 2004, Eve wrote to PT by e-mail to say that the Reagan cousin was Mrs. Carl Waters who was present during and helped with the home birth. When the birth was over, Mrs. Waters said it was just beginning to get light, just before dawn; the sun was not yet up. Based on her investigation of sun rise that day, Eve uses 3:27 AM). Eve called Doris Chase Doane who told her that 40 years ago Jane Wyman had a chart done for herself and her husband, Ronald. She did not know the time so they used an arbitrary 2:00 AM, which Doane and Righter had been using since.

Marion March, November 1984, had a long discussion with the Reagan archivist who figured the birth was between 4:00 and 7:00 AM from deduction. March speculated 5:04 AM CST. The pre-dawn birth was rectified to 3:46 AM by Betty Marks in AFA September 1980.

Jeff Jawer quoted Ray Merriman, from Katherine de Jersey, reputed to be Nancy's astrologer: "Reagan's ASC is 28 Scorpio," a time that computes to 1:56 AM, "rectified from 2:00 AM given to Kraum years ago by Reagan." LMR spoke to Katherine de Jersey on 7 July 1988. Katherine said that she had called Nancy's mother many years ago, who gave her Nancy's phone number. She called Nancy, who was cool at first, but then told her that "as closely as they knew, Ronald had been born at 2:00 AM."

Van Courtland rectifies to 00:58:29 AM, given in Mercury Hour in April 1982.

Steinbrecher has a note from Vital Statistics Bureau, "The county office won't give out the data without a court order. We do know that Mrs. Reagan had problems in delivery and there was a bad storm the night before."

Ronald W. Howland of the UK writes (May 2000) "Reagan has interested me for years, so has the ongoing debate regarding his birth-time. Based on Joan Quigley's description of his chart I too concluded that he must have had the late mutable degrees on the angles of his chart. And I have presented a chart based on an estimated time of 4.15 AM in my book "A Chronology of American Charts," at present awaiting review in the Mountain Astrologer. So it came as a pleasant, confirming, surprise to find the chart on your site set of for 4.16. However, after reading the commentaries on Reagan's chart, I was moved to contact the Ronald Reagan Library who hold a copy of his birth certificate. I thought you might be interested in their reply to the specific question as to what time his BC showed. It is dated 10 May 2000:- "Dear Mr. Howland, "I'm sorry, I can't help. We have a facsimile of Reagan's birth certificate on display in the museum and I checked it - no time is given just the date. Ed Morris cites three other sources for that information: Reagan's first autobiography "Where's the Rest of Me"; the Tampico Tornado for February 10, 1911; and an interview with Paul Nicely, the founder of the Reagan Birthplace Museum. I checked the autobiography and there was no mention of his time of birth. We don't have the Tornado issue or the Nicely interview. Sorry, I could not be more helpful Cate Sewell, Archivist." This as least seems to clear up the question as to whether his birth-time was actually recorded, which seems not so according to the above. Maybe some-one over there who lives by Tampico might want to track down the relevant copy of the "Tampico Tornado" in the local library, if only to see if that contains any worthwhile information, or whether it too is another red herring. Please feel free to include this information on your site if you deem it to be of use. Best Wishes, Ron Howland (UK)."

Kt Boehrer wrote in November 2000, "In March of 1981 my articles in re to Reagan were published in the Stellium Quarterly, an Astrological Journal in which I explained how I had rectified his chart to a 16 Sagittarius ascendant. I had over 30 events and dates that I used and the birth time of 3:24 AM worked perfectly for every one of those events. The data I used was: February 6, 1911, 3:24 AM, Tampico, IL. His PreNatal Epoch chart is: May 25, 1910, 3:35 AM, Tampico, IL."

A time of 2:00 PM is also widely used. Doris Chase Doane in Dell Horoscope gave 2:00 AM CST: Doris said that she and Carroll Righter had been using that chart for 40 years. Joylyn Hill in MH 12/1975 quotes Carroll Righter for 2:00 PM CST. The same data was repeated by Pryor in AFA 10/1971 and Gallo in Celebrity Horoscopes. Mayo in AFA 3/1976 rectified to 1:53 PM CST. Hammitt in MH 7/1980 reported that "Cancer ASC was printed in World Astrology 2/1941, by an excellent astrologer who sometimes does speculative charts. John Bradford says that the time of 2:00 PM came from Adrianne Dunn, but the rumor persisted that Carroll Righter was Reagan's astrologer. Righter never gave out any data for any reason, but LMR reports that a picture of Nancy and Ronald was among the pictures of public figures on his grand piano, and he had a framed invitation to the presidential inauguration on the wall.

Frances McEvoy sends a clipping in January 1987 that reported, "An 88-year-old man in Boston, MA, claims to remember the day Ronald Reagan was born. He said that at a school assembly one girl was late as someone in her family was having a baby and no one could bring her to school. The baby was born that afternoon and the birth was announced before the assembly was over."

Luc Gatto dowses with a picture and gets 2:32 PM. AFA April 1968 quotes "a close friend of the family" for 1:20 AM CST.

On September 3, 2000, Ed Dearborn contributed his collection of 56 birth times suggested for Ronald Reagan, some duplicates, from various astrologers. Most were rectifications around the 2:00 PM time, or variations of the AM time ranging from 1:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Raul Davila, PMAFA, NCGR IV, San Antonio Texas, writes on February 2, 2002, "In 1981 I began a 2 year study of President Reagan's Birth Information. I made numerous calls around the country and read every book, magazine, and newspaper article I could obtain. I spoke with the curator of the Reagan birth place museum in Tampico. I spoke with "Moon" Reagan, the Presidents brother. Neal "Moon" Reagan was most delightful and I recall his eagerly chatting for at least 30 minutes... He got out the Family Bible which was in his possession and read all the birth data of family members that was recorded. I finally collected with David Dozier's help over 100 timed events in the life of Pres. Reagan. I used this data to time his birth via multiple rectification methods. There was and is NO Recorded time of birth for President Reagan. After having completed my personal quest, I sent it to Nancy Reagan and predicted to her that President Reagan would be easily re-elected in 1984 and would make historic progress in forging foreign relations and Peace efforts. It was after this that I began to suspect that the President had an Astrologer as many of his public appearances and news conferences were at times with unusual astrological connections and aspects. Moving forward in time... We have the book "What does Joan Say" which documents the astrological work of Joan Quigly. Incidentally the Time of birth that Joan Quigly [used] was unusually close to the Time I had sent to Nancy Reagan in 1983."

Starkman rectified to 03.46.40 CST Asc 20Sag46'.

(Carrie Sheridan quotes for time of death.)


  • Traits : Mind : Education extensive (graduated Eureka College)
  • Diagnoses : Major Diseases : Alzheimer's/ Senility (Announced 1994)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Ears
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Surgery
  • Family : Relationship : Marriage more than 15 Yrs (Second marriage, 45 years)
  • Family : Relationship : Marriage - Very happy (Nancy)
  • Family : Relationship : Mate - Noted (Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis)
  • Family : Relationship : Sexual chemistry (Nancy)
  • Family : Parenting : Kids more than 3 (Five children)
  • Passions : Criminal Victim : Assault/ Battery victim (assassination attempt)
  • Personal : Death : Long life more than 80 yrs (Age 93)
  • Vocation : Education : Public speaker
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Actor/ Actress (Actor)
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Radio/ D.J./ Announcer
  • Vocation : Entertainment : TV host/ Personality
  • Vocation : Entertainment : TV series/ Soap star
  • Vocation : Entertain/Business : Other Entertain/Bus (Screen Actors Guild president)
  • Vocation : Military : Military service
  • Vocation : Politics : Public office (Govenor of California)
  • Vocation : Politics : U.S. Presidents (Two terms)
  • Notable : Book Collection : American Book