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Lindh, John Gender: M
John Philip Walker Lindh
born on 9 February 1981
Place Washington, District of Columbia, 38n54, 77w02
Timezone EST h5w (is standard time)
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John Lindh


American citizen who moved to Afghanistan to become a jihad warrior with the Taliban, using the various named of Suleyman al-Faris, Abdul Hamid and John Walker. He grew up in Marin County, CA. As a kid, he rejected Catholicism and discovered Islam on his computer. He identified with alternate cultures, anything but his own, even calling himself black for a while (via computer). At age 16 he read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" and was drawn to the militant branch of Islam. He began to wear the long white robe and pillbox hat as a teenager.

His parents were permissive enough to allow him to explore his own realities, even paying for a trip to Yemen at the time they were separating, late 1998. After living in Yemen, John came back in 1999 to see his mom but went back, this time to Afghanistan. He gravitated to a Qaeda training camp where he learned to handle an AK-47, fighting with Pakistanis in Kashmir in Summer 2001. In November he ended up with several hundred other Taliban who surrendered and were herded into container trucks and shipped to a fortress prison near Mazar-e-Sharif. There was a revolt at Qala Jangi prison in which Walker was wounded, shot in the leg, and after six days, they surrendered in early December.

High ranking Americans called Walker a traitor and wanted to make an example of him but he is not a candidate for military tribunal. Others hoped that he could negotiate a plea bargain by giving information about the Al Qaeda's recruiting and training.

Walker was flown to the U.S. Navy ship Peleliu on 12/14/2001. On 10/04/2002, he was sentenced by a federal court in Alexandria, VA to 20 years for aiding the Taliban and carrying explosives while in Afghanistan.

"John Phillip Walker Lindh was born on Feb. 9, 1981 at the Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, D.C. to parents Marilyn Walker and Frank Lindh" He was the 2nd of 3 children. He was named after Beatle John LENNON who was shot only 2 months earlier. [Birthdate from NEWSWEEK magazine at]

John Phillip Walker Lindh (birth name)

aka Suleyman al-Faris (during his teenage years)

aka Abdul Hamid (his Taliban nom de guerre)

aka John Walker

John was baptized Catholic and grew up in Washington suburbs of Maryland. His family lived in Silver Spring, Maryland until he was 10 years old. From 1986 - 1991/06, John attended Montgomery County public schools in Silver Spring, MD.

1991/07 - @10yrs his family moved to San Anselmo in Northern California.

1991 to mid-1995 - John attended elementary and middle school in Marin-County, north of San Francisco, CA.

1995 - John attended high school in Marin. He discovered his passion for Islam online @14yrs, just as Uranus (the ruler of his Sun sign) had entered Aquarius. His natal Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, making him impressionale ... perhaps causing him to live in a fantasy world or have a mind that shifts in empathy to his environment.

(NEWSWEEK reports that WALKER's mind may have been further affected because he was a heavy hashish user.)

1996 - Due to an intestinal illness, John began at-home tutoring with his mother. Later he was sent to an elite alternative high school where students were allowed to shape their own studies and had to check in with their teacher only once a week.

1997 - Though raised as a Catholic, @16yrs John converted to Islam. (His father was raised in the `strict Catholic manner'. His mother was a child of the '60s who dabbled in Buddhism.) When Uranus reached John's fashionable Venus in early Aquarius, he adopted Islamic clothing, wearing a long white robe & pillbox hat and calling himself "Suleyman al-Faris".

1997 - John dropped out of school and took the state high-school-diploma equivalency exam which he passed.

1998/04 - Frank LINDH & his son John went on a week-long trip together to Ireland.

1998 - Late in the year was the time John's parents split.

1998 - Later John traveled to Yemen for the first time. He enrolled in a language school to study Arabic. His goal was to learn Arabic so that he would be able to read the Quran in its original language. He stayed in Yemen

approximately 10 months.

1999 - John returned to the United States & lived at home with his family for about 8 months. While in California, he fell in with a large Islamic missionary group, the Tablighi Jamaat, which, according to intelligence

sources, is sometimes used as a recruiting ground by extremist groups. John was taken under the wing of a Pakistani missionary named Khizar HIYAT, who had invited John to join him on a drive to Nevada as he was spreading the word.

2000/02 - After a brief return to Sinna in Yemen, John traveled with HIYAT in Pakistan for a month before choosing an austere religious school (or Madrassah) outside the village of Bannu. In addition to memorizing the Quran, he taught himself some of the Urdu & Pashto languages. In the course of his studies in Pakistan he had met Taliban members & some of the former teachers of the Taliban leadership. He was isolated and these encounters may have helped to convince him that, as he said, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan was the only true Islamic state in the Muslim world.

2000/10 - John had been oblivious to politics in the United States but he had begun to absorb some of the politics of radical Islam. When suicide bombers blew a hole in the side of the USS Cole as the American destroyer was refueling in the Yemeni harbor of Aden, his father e-mailed John to lament that some of the 17 young sailors killed in the blast were the same age as his son. John wrote back that bringing the U.S. destroyer into a Yemeni harbor was `an act of war' against Islam. LINDH told NEWSWEEK that his son's message "raised my concerns, but my days of molding him were over".

2001 - In the early part of the year, he had been studying the Quran at a Madrassah in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, but his parents had not heard from him since he left there about May. It is not clear how he got to Afghanistan.

2001 - John later told CNN that he had gone to the Afghan capital of Kabul & volunteered to serve the Taliban. Because he did not know the local languages, the Taliban told him to make contact with forces supporting Osama BinLADEN. He received combat training at an al-Qaeda camp in northern Afghanistan - learning to fire an AK-47 & crossing paths with BinLADEN.

2001 - In the summer, John fought with Pakistanis in the disputed region of Kashmir & then was sent to fight against the Northern Alliance in Konduz. He also told the CNN reporter that he `supported' the September 11 terrorist attacks.

2001/11 - Sold out by their leader, John & several hundred other Taliban marched 100 miles, surrendered and then were herded into container trucks and shipped to a fortress prison near Mazar-e Sharif. The Taliban began revolting as soon as they arrived at the prison. Two of the mujahedin threw grenades, hidden in their robes, killing 2 Northern Alliance generals. "After that they put us in the basement and left us overnight", recalled John.

2001/11/25 - "Early in the morning they began taking us out, slowly, one by one, into the compound ... Our hands were tied, and they were kicking and beating some of us. Some of the mujahedin were scared, crying. They thought we were all going to be killed." CIA agent Johnny "Mike" SPANN (32yrs) questioned al-Qaida & Taliban prisoners held by the Northern Alliance in the northern Afghanistan fortress of Kala Jangi in Mazar-i-Sharif. An Afghan cameraman caught the meeting between SPANN & John who would not respond.

Shortly after the interrogation footage was shot, other prisoners emerged from other parts of the fortress and launched an uprising. "As soon as I heard the shooting and screaming, I jumped up and ran about 1 or 2 meters and was shot in the leg." SPANN was beaten, shot and killed by the mob - America's first combat death in Afghanistan. It took 3 days and U.S. air strikes to finally put down the revolt. The rebellious prisoners holed up in the basement & American bombs began to fall. The Northern Alliance tried to burn them out by pouring in diesel fuel and lighting it, and then tried to drown them with thousands of gallons of water. Finally, after 6 days, John and 85 bedraggled others surrendered.

2001/12/01 Sat - In the afternoon at the fortress of Kala Jangi in Northern Afghanistan, a NEWSWEEK journalist spoke with someone known as Abdul HAMID.

2001/12/01 Sat - Later the wounded Abdul HAMID described himself to a CNN correspondent as a "jihadi" - a holy warrior & he also identified himself as John WALKER. His identity was later confirmed by his separated parents,

Marilyn WALKER & Frank LINDH (a San Francisco lawyer). He had previously been known as John WALKER, a 20yr-old from Northern California (he uses his mother's last name).

2001/12/01 Sat - Late that night, he was taken into custody by U.S. Special Forces, at a hospital near Mazar-e-Sharif, in Northern Afghanistan. He has been held at Camp Rhino outside Kandahar.

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  • Crime : Arrest 25 November 2001 in Mazar-E Sharif (Arrested by U.S. forces as member of Taliban)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Crime : Law suit 11 January 2013 (Won lawsuit to remove group prayer restrictions in prison)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.

Source Notes

LMR quotes media for date; time unknown, born at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, D.C. to parents Marilyn Walker and Frank Lindh


  • Lifestyle : Home : Left home early less than 18 (Moved to Yemen at 17)
  • Personal : Religion/Spirituality : Fundamentalist/ Evangelical (Taliban)
  • Vocation : Military : Combat (Wounded)