Hughes, Howard

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Hughes, Howard Gender: M
born on 24 September 1905 at 22:12 (= 10:12 PM )
Place Houston, Texas, 29n46, 95w22
Timezone CST h6w (is standard time)
Data source
Date in question
Rodden Rating XX
Collector: Steinbrecher
Astrology data s_su.18.gif s_libcol.18.gif 01°25' s_mo.18.gif s_leocol.18.gif 10°42 Asc.s_gemcol.18.gif 16°00'

Alternative birthtime
alternative December chart
Date 24 December 1905 at 22:12 (= 10:12 PM )
Place Houston, TX (US), 29n46, 95w22
Timezone CST h6w (is standard time)
Astrology data s_su.18.gif s_capcol.18.gif 02°43' s_mo.18.gif s_sagcol.18.gif 19°13 Asc.s_vircol.18.gif 04°29'

Howard Hughes


American industrialist, film producer and aviator who, at age 19, inherited $650,000, his dad's interest in Hughes Tool Co. and the drill bit patent. Howard's estate was valued at $2.5 billion at the time of his death. He set three world air speed records in the 1930's and twice won the International Harmon Trophy given yearly to the world's outstanding aviator. For years, he was in control of TWA and Hughes Tool Corporation and he invested heavily in Las Vegas land and property. In his later years he became increasingly reclusive.

Born in a Baptist hospital in Houston, TX, his was the most difficult birth the doctor had ever witnessed. Hughes was the only child of a philandering prospector who helped create the bit used to drill 75% of the world's oil wells and a Dallas debutante who adored her child and was possessive of him. He had an emotionally incestuous relationship with his mother as she checked her son's naked body for temperature, bowel movements and signs of illness as she feared he would pick up germs and become ill. She insisted on bathing him from infancy until he was in his early teens.

Mechanically minded from the time he was a kid, he bought, disassembled and rebuilt a car when he was 11. His sense of precision included his diet. He required his lettuce to be shredded on the bias, his tomato slices exactly a quarter inch thick and sandwiches to be in precise triangles. For decades, his dinner order was the same: a steak, a baked potato and 12 green peas. "Oversize" peas were sent back to the cook.

Hughes taste in women was more eclectic. He quit school, married a Texas debutante in 1925 and moved to Hollywood to become a producer. His marriage ended in 1929 after which time he became one of the greatest womanizers in Hollywood history. Tall, lanky, dark, handsome and brilliant, he was a glamorous tycoon who looked dashing in a flight jacket and debonair in a tuxedo. Terrifically sexy and powerful, he was incapable of remaining faithful. When he wanted something he could be overpowering. He had obsessive relationships with Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Kathryn Grayson, Terry Moore, who claimed Hughes had married her secretly, and Jean Peters. He regularly accused all of them of infidelity. He was on intimate terms with Carole Lombard, Fay Wray, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Brenda Frazier, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lana Turner, Gene Tierney, Barbara Hutton, and Susan Hayward, among others. He once shared a house with Katherine Hepburn. The recent reports that he was bisexual are based on third and fourth hand gossip, making their credibility suspect. Children were not on his agenda; he was emphatic about not wanting to be a father.

Living at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hughes began the practice of blacking out his windows and changing his own bed linens. Although he became good friends with Cary Grant and John Wayne, Hughes had an inability to sustain any meaningful relationship beyond a person's immediate use to him. He had a flair for manipulating information to serve his own self-oriented interests.

An authentic visionary in aviation, his love affair with flight began early. He started Hughes Aircraft in 1932 and by the 1950's it was the largest supplier of electrical weapons systems to the US Air Force and Navy. He set a number of aviation records including the world flying speed record of 352 MPH in 1935, a transcontinental record in 1937 and an around the world record of three days, 19 hours and 17 minutes in 1938. He received a ticker tape parade in New York for his world record. These feats also earned him the Harmon Trophy in 1936 and 1938. Hughes love of speed endangered his life more than once. Over a period of years beginning in 1928 he survived 14 car and plane crashes, one of the worst of which took place on 7/07/1946. The Los Angeles Times reported that Hughes was in critical condition with a 50-50 chance of survival due to the crash of his test plane that destroyed four houses in Beverly Hills. Once he hit a pedestrian in an accident; he was not charged.

In 1939 he began to take control of Trans World Airlines and it was said that he ran it "like a hobby." His control of TWA lasted until extensive litigation in 1960 at which time, even though he was the major stock holder, he had to relinquish control and sell his stock when he lost the law suit. In 1947 he appeared before the Senate as they confronted him on charges of financial irregularities involving two planes he produced for the government, the spy plane XF11 and a wood amphibian transport, the Hercules, known as the Spruce Goose. A totally unique aircraft, the latter is now in a museum in Long Beach, CA. Hughes became more and more paranoid and more determined to control every aspect of his world. He started to develop his own CIA. He hired a staff of Mormon men, which at one point numbered 288 detective-guards and 50 drivers. These included bugging experts who kept watch on every action and conversation of all the women Hughes was seeing. In May 1954 he hired ex-FBI agent, Robert A. Maheu. Their relationship lasted more than 15 years, the first ten of which Maheu never saw Hughes, they only spoke by phone or written communication. His dad's invention, the drill bit, brought in some $1 million a month, even in the depths of the depression, so business success or failure was irrelevant in the terms of financial gain.

By the time Hughes purchased RKO Pictures in 1948 he had already made 13 films including "Scarface," a gangster classic and "Outlaw," one of the most controversial films of all time. Wanting to enhance the cleavage of his new discovery, Jane Russell, he invented a totally new bra for her.

In 1952 Hughes was pursuing Terry Moore who was engaged to Glenn Davis, a football player. When Hughes sent the ring Davis had given Moore back to him, Moore assaulted him, re-breaking his ribs and shattering part of his chin. Hughes took refuge in Las Vegas after being treated in San Francisco as he didn't want any of the papers to get hold of the story. He moved into the El Rancho Hotel, the Flamingo Hotel and then to the Desert Inn Hotel penthouse and later a five room cottage there. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a tax exempt trust, was set up in 1953 and shortly thereafter the FBI and IRS began investigations into its funding. In later years Hughes gave the Institute sole ownership of Hughes Aircraft. They sold the company to General Motors in 1985 for $5 billion. In 1954 financial problems developed with TWA and the employees of Hughes Aircraft threatened mutiny.

In early 1955 Hughes began an obsessive relationship with Yvonne Shubert who was 15. At first they watched films together and talked for hours by phone, later the relationship became physical. When Yvonne was 17 she became pregnant by Hughes and he got her an illegal abortion. No other person could have been the father as Hughes had her under surveillance at all times.

Hughes was a man who wanted to control history; his efforts to influence politics and enormous philanthropy are documented. He hated Communism and in 1970 gave the CIA cover as he claimed the Glomar Explorer was his ship as in secret it searched for a sunken Soviet submarine. His umbrella company, Summa Corp., owned four hotels, six casinos and valuable property in Las Vegas, Reno, NV, California and elsewhere. Hughes gave $900,000 to various Nevada politicos and cultivated Governor Paul Laxalt who was later a two term US Senator and friend of Ronald Reagan. He wanted to stop nuclear testing in Nevada and tried to do so through political means. In the mid 1960s Hughes hired Lawrence O'Brien, aide of the late Robert Kennedy, as his lobbyist. He thought the Johnson White House was crooked and he ordered a $1 million bribe for LBJ. None of his aides could find a bag man and the bribe was never given. Hughes gave $100,000 to Richard Nixon's campaign through Bebe Rebozo. Nixon feared Hughes and some thought the reason for the Watergate break-in was to find any connection between the Democratic National Committee, Larry O'Brien and Hughes.

On 1/06/1957 Hughes confronted Kathryn Grayson and asked her to marry him "right now" as he had heard that only a spouse could have another spouse committed. He felt Noah Dietrich, a long time employee, and Dr. Verne Mason, his physician, were trying to confine him in order to gain control of the Hughes Medical funds worth more than $500 million. She refused and told him she never wanted to see him again. His second marriage was to Jean Peters on the morning of 1/12/1957 in Tonopah, NV. After the ceremony they boarded his private plane and immediately flew back to Los Angeles. Hughes broke his own rule and shook hands with the friends that had accompanied them on the clandestine trip.

Increasingly reclusive, Hughes always had the habit of appearing and disappearing, as well as traveling incognito. His reputation for being aloof and socially inaccessible was due in part to a loss of hearing in one ear and partial loss in the other. Once known for being an elegant dresser, he later burned his Brooks Brothers suits and wore only khaki pants and work shirts from Sears.

In 1960 Hughes began his reclusive phase. At first he stayed in his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, remaining in his room in the same clothes until they were so soiled and tattered that he simply removed them and remained naked. The only thing in his room that remained clean was his telephone, his lifeline to the outside world. On a good day he would spend an hour cleaning it, on a bad day, four hours. After three months Peters became alarmed as Hughes had written her that he was in a medical facility. She tried in vain to find him calling hospitals and questioning people at his headquarters. After writing her a vague message about an undiagnosed illness, Hughes entered Nossek's screening studio in Hollywood, a place he had used for meetings as well as film reviewing, and did not reemerge for five months. During this time the only things he ate and drank were Hershey Bars, pecans and milk. He refused to leave the room and urinated on the walls. Finally he was able to leave the room by wrapping 25 tissues around the door handle. After this his pattern was set, no matter where he resided, the windows were blacked out, he wore no clothes, movies, television and the telephone were his only intruders. Peters divorced him in 1971, 14 years after their marriage.

He lived until 1976 accumulating another fortune. He became the biggest owner of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas surrounded by his Mormon crew. Although he was worth and estimated $2.5 billion at the time of his death and his living expenses had been $5000 a day, he owned no clothes, only a few pair of drawstring shorts, pajamas and bathrobes. His family had to purchase a blue suit for his burial.

On 12/07/1971 Clifford Irving told the media he had met with Hughes and had written a biography with his permission never expecting Hughes would come into the public after so many years. On 1/10/1972 in a telephone interview with a radio station, Hughes denounced the book as a hoax. Eventually Irving and his wife served prison terms. Hughes has had many biographies written about him, but the most recent, "Howard Hughes: The Untold Story" by Peter Harry Brown and Pat H. Broeske published in 1996 is by far the most thorough. The writers used 400,000 pages of documents including long hidden dossiers that had been released by the government and more than 2,000 FBI files that told of his glamorous but weird love life.

In 1974 Robert Maheu sued Hughes for incriminating accusations. Maheu won a $2,823,333 defamation award.

He spent his whole life battling an obsessive-compulsive disorder which finally bloomed into a full-grown psychosis. Beginning in 1928 Hughes suffered 14 different head injuries due to accidents and doctors now think he developed paresis, an inflammation of the meninges, affecting his judgment and causing coordination deterioration. During the 1930s he became infected with syphilis. With no penicillin to cure the condition, doctors injected him with mercury and arsenic, but this didn't help. Several years later this turned into neurosyphillis attacking his brain, spinal cord and nervous system and by 1947 he was beginning to suffer from dementia paralytica, becoming more eccentric and addicted to codeine and Valium. He stayed up all night and slept during the day, using blackout curtains or black paint on the windows and triple locks on the door. Due to his 1946 plane crash he suffered blinding migraines and spells of confusion. He suffered irritability, difficulty in concentrating, defective judgment, memory deterioration, delusions of grandeur and marked erosion of hygiene and grooming habits. After being beaten by Glenn Davis in 1952 his syphilis recurred and he was given large amounts of penicillin and other drugs, but Hughes developed a resistance to them. He developed obsessive-compulsive disorder in 1957 and became psychotic.

Reinforcing his long standing taboo against touching anyone due to his extreme phobia about germs, he began to establish a "safe zone" of four feet, which no one could enter. He was also deathly afraid of pollution, radiation, blacks and the world outside. Refusing to talk or be talked to, he wrote all instructions to employees. He began to lose his ability to organize his thoughts in the spring of 1958.

Hughes was living in a Nicaragua hotel during an earthquake in December 1972. It so frightened him that he called for his private plane and embarked for London. In the summer of 1973 he slipped and fractured his femur. A metal pin was placed in his leg and he left the hospital prematurely, going back to his hotel. He never walked again. He spent the next two years in Freeport, Bahamas in a top floor hotel room. Seven weeks before his death he was moved to the Acapulco Princess Hotel, Acapulco, Mexico. He suffered from kidney insufficiency and constipation for years. He stopped eating and drinking and developed uremic poisoning. Hughes had only had his hair and nails trimmed twice in the pervious ten years.

Before his death, he reached the point of wrapping everything in layers of Kleenex and using the empty boxes as slippers. His dress became more and more erratic and at times he refused to wear clothes, cut his hair or trim his nails. He saved his urine in jars, and once stayed in one room for over two years. Among his employees, he had one whose only job was to catch flies; he could not swat them for fear of spreading germs.

Toward the end of his life, Hughes became addicted to a cocktail of drugs that included codeine, Valium and Librium. At this point he had shrunk from 6'4" to 6'1" and weighed a skeletal 93 pounds. He was as emaciated and filthy as a street derelict. He had tertiary syphilis and was badly malnourished. On 4/04/1976 an intravenous drip was started, but doctors wishing to respect his privacy waited too long. Hughes was loaded into his private jet and died over Brownsville, TX on 4/05/1976 at 1:27 PM, on his way to Houston. He is buried beside his parents in Glenwood Cemetery in Houston. His Summa Corp. Gave his cause of death as a stroke, but the autopsy showed kidney failure. After his death and possibly against his wishes, the bulk of his fortune went to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. They are now the country's largest private sponsors of biomedical research and a philanthropic organization which gives yearly grants to educational facilities and individuals.

In late 2004 a biopic of his life was made, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  • business associate/partner relationship with Zacarias, Miguel (born 19 March 1905)
  • friend relationship with Gardner, Ava (born 24 December 1922)
  • lover relationship with Carver, Lynne (born 13 September 1916). Notes: They dated in the 1930s
  • lover relationship with Miller, Ann (born 12 April 1923). Notes: Dated
  • opponent/rival/enemy relationship with Jarrico, Paul (born 12 January 1915)
  • spouse relationship with Moore, Terry (born 7 January 1929). Notes: Bitter
  • spouse relationship with Peters, Jean (born 15 October 1926). Notes: Bitter
  • role played of/by Beatty, Warren (born 30 March 1937). Notes: Beatty played Hughes in 2016 film "Rules Don't Apply"


  • Relationship : Marriage 1925 (First marriage, Texas debutante)
  • Relationship : Divorce dates 1929 (Texas debutante)
  • Work : Start Business 1932 (Hughes Aircraft)
  • Work : Great Achievement 1935 (Set world airspeed record)
  • Work : Prize 1936 (Harmon Trophy)
  • Work : Great Achievement 1937 (Transcontinental record)
  • Work : Great Achievement 1938 (Around-the-world record)
  • Work : Prize 1938 (Harmon Trophy)
  • Work : Begin Major Project 1939 (Began taking control of TWA)
  • Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 7 July 1946 at 12:00 midnight in Beverly Hills, CA (Plane crash, critically wounded)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Other Crime 1947 (Appeared before Senate on charges, Washington, D.C.)
  • Financial : Buy/Sell Property 1948 (Bought RKO pictures)
  • Crime : Assault/ Battery Victimization 1952 (Ribs broken, chin shattered)
  • Work : Start Business 1953 (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
  • Relationship : Begin significant relationship 1955 (Yvonne Shubert, 15 year old girl)
  • Mental Health : Psychotic episode 1957 (Until death)
  • Other Relationship 6 January 1957 (Rejected by Kathryn Grayson)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Relationship : Marriage 12 January 1957 at 12:00 midnight in Tonopah, NV (Second marriage, Jean Peters)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Financial : Buy/Sell Property 1960 (Forced to liquidate TWA stock)
  • Mental Health : Psychotic episode 1960 (Reclusive episode begins)
  • Other Misc. 1970 (Provided CIA cover)
  • Relationship : Divorce dates 1971 (Jean Peters)
  • Misc. : Trauma from Nature December 1972 (Extremely frightened by earthquake)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 1973 (Slipped, broke femur)
  • Crime : Law suit 1974 (Lost defamation lawsuit)
  • Health : Medical procedure 4 April 1976 (IV drip started)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Death, Cause unspecified 5 April 1976 at 12:00 noon in Brownsville, TX (Age 70)
    chart Placidus Equal_H.

Source Notes

Steinbrecher quotes data from his uncle, author Rupert Hughes, to LeGros, giving 24 December 1905.

(Formerly, Church of Light had 10:15 PM from Benjamine's papers. M. Johnson quotes Elaine Monago for 10:34 PM, "confirmed by Norwell." PC gave 11:00 PM, "personally to his astrologer." Bob Paige quotes a cousin of Hughes, that he liked to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day but was born Christmas Eve, "shortly before midnight." Jim McPherson called, 10/1984, to relate that 10:23 PM was given by Anthony Norvell, time confirmed by Hughes.)

(Ruth Dewey writes that Noon is given in two biographies, stating that his dad would pop in and out of home from the office to check on the forthcoming birth, and as the clock was striking 12:00 the doctor came down and told him he had a son. Dewey rectified to 11:52 AM. AFA, 8/1957, gave 10:23 AM)

Extract from Richard Hack's book

In Sept. 2001, Barbara May quotes Richard Hack, "Hughes - The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters," Millennium Press, Beverly Hills, CA, 2001. It has received rave reviews, and gives a different birth date for Howard Hughes than the one used for years. On page 22, Chapter One has this in italics above the text: Howard Robard Hughes, Jr., Born: September 24, 1905, Baptized: October 7, 1906, Parents: Howard R. and Allene Hughes, Witnesses: Mrs. W.B. Sharp and Rev. RC.C McIlwa in Entry on page 120 and 121 in the baptismal record of Saint John's Episcopal Church, Keokuk, Iowa, October 7, 1906. The problem is the only birth certificate Hughes ever had, issued in 1941, was based on a sworn statement by his aunt who supposedly knew he was three months old when she swore the December birthdata was correct. The book gives no time, but says (page 25) the parents moved to a suburb of Houston called Humble, since the mother Allene did not like the area they were in. "When she discovered she was pregnant in the spring of 1905, she convinced her husband to move to the neighboring town of Humble- the countryside compared to Houston. And it was in that Houston suburb that Howard Hughes was born."

Similar quote from NNDB website

3-feb-2012: ADB follows Richard Hack, as it comes closest to a documented source: it quotes the entry of the baptismal record. The copy was added on 9 Jul. 2015.


  • Traits : Body : Appearance gorgeous
  • Traits : Body : Hair (Cut twice in last ten years)
  • Traits : Body : Other body (Cut nails twice in ten years, bad grooming and no clothes when psychotic)
  • Traits : Mind : Child prodigy (Mechanical aptitude)
  • Traits : Personality : Eccentric
  • Traits : Personality : Perfectionist (Required food perfectly shaped)
  • Traits : Personality : Private (Extremely reclusive)
  • Traits : Personality : Solitary/ Introvert
  • Diagnoses : Major Diseases : STD/Sexually transmitted (Syphilis)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Brain (Paresis, neurosyphilis)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Headaches, severe (Blinding migraines)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Ears (Hearing loss in both ears)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Kidney (Kidney insufficiency, uremic poisoning, fatal failure)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Bladder (Constipation)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Bone (Ribs broken, chin shattered in assault)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Accident/Injury (14 plane and car accidents)
  • Diagnoses : Psychological : Abuse Drugs (Codeine and valium)
  • Diagnoses : Psychological : Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
  • Diagnoses : Psychological : Phobias (Reclusive, paranoid)
  • Family : Childhood : Advantaged (Family well off)
  • Family : Childhood : Family extraordinarily supportive (Mom adored son)
  • Family : Childhood : Memories Bad (Emotionally incestuous relationship with mother)
  • Family : Childhood : Only child
  • Family : Relationship : Mate - Age difference more than 15 yrs (Relationship with 15 year old)
  • Family : Relationship : Mate - Noted (Rita Hayworth, Eva Gardner, gorgeous women)
  • Family : Relationship : Number of Divorces (Two)
  • Family : Relationship : Number of Marriages (Two)
  • Family : Relationship : Stress - Chronic misery (Psychotic, hard on marriage)
  • Family : Relationship : Stress - Extramarital affairs (Philanderer)
  • Family : Parenting : Kids none
  • Lifestyle : Work : Stressful work
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Gain - Inheritance (Cash and patent)
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Invest/ Property (Las Vegas)
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Loss - Financial crisis (Forced to sell TWA stock)
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Philanthropist
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Wealthy (Worth $2.5 billion at death)
  • Lifestyle : Social Life : Friends (Friends w/ Cary Grant, John Wayne)
  • Lifestyle : Home : Many moves
  • Passions : Sexuality : Bi-Sexual (Allegations based on weak gossip)
  • Passions : Sexuality : Extremes in quantity
  • Passions : Criminal Perpetrator : Assault/ Battery (Hit pedestrian, not charged)
  • Passions : Criminal Victim : Assault/ Battery victim (Assaulted by woman's fiance)
  • Passions : Criminal Victim : Lawsuit sued (TWA litigation and defamation, lost)
  • Personal : Birth : Difficult birth (Most difficult doctor had ever witnessed)
  • Vocation : Beauty : Sex-symbol
  • Vocation : Business : Business owner (TWA, Hughes Tool Corp., others)
  • Vocation : Business : Entrepreneur
  • Vocation : Business : Middle Management
  • Vocation : Business : Top executive
  • Vocation : Engineer : Industrial
  • Vocation : Politics : Activist/ political (Influential political lobbyist)
  • Vocation : Travel : Aviation field
  • Vocation : Travel : Pilot/ private
  • Notable : Awards : Vocational award (Air speed records, Harmon Trophy)
  • Notable : Famous : Historic figure (Wealth and power)
  • Notable : Famous : Founder/ originator (New bra)
  • Notable : Famous : Top 5% of Profession
  • Notable : Book Collection : American Book