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The data in the Astro-Databank wiki are divided into several categories, which are represented by wiki namespaces:

Public figures and mundane data

This is the main data section, containing public persons of at least some general or special interest, and data of mundane events.

Research data

This section contains anonymized research data, and a few thousand data of less known US american sports people with unknown birth time. In the original Rodden database, these sports people were in the Public figures section, but we found they do not belong there, as the lack of birth time makes them not very interesting.

Private data

This section contains data which are not for public eyes, because they belong to personal friends and acquaintances of the various data collectors who have contributed to this database.

This section also contains public figure data, which are still under review and which will be moved to the public section in due time.

Access to the private area is only granted to data editors. The names are generally visible, but the actual birth information, biography and event data are not.