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Frequently appearing names of data collectors. The left column links to a page where the collector is presented with his or her collection work and web presence. The middle column links to the collector's own data entry, if it is part of Astro-Databank.

Please note that the collector listed in Astro-Databank is usually the person from which ADB received the data. Listing somebody as collector does not imply or establish a priority of discovery or publication in any sense. Another data researcher may well have discovered the same birth data details earlier, and published them earlier.

This is very often the case for data from countries with little restriction for accessing birth records, like Belgium, France, Scotland. Several researchers often request the same data from the public archives. The collector whose report we become aware of first will be listed as collector.

Collector Full name, ADB link Contributions Comment
AA-GB Astrological Association of Great Britain database 152
Ackerman Ackerman, Shelley, New York 100
Angel Alexander Angel, New York 106
Астробаза Russian [1]
Astrodienst Astrodienst_AG
Astrologie Heute Astrologie Heute Journal
Bessiere Bessière, Jany 65
Best Best, Nick Dagan 150
Blackwell Blackwell, Arthur 70
Bordoni Bordoni, Grazia 5,000
Borges Borges, Marcello 900
Brennan Brennan, Chris
Brun Brun, Marc 210
CAH Janice Mackey and Jessica Saunders > 300 Book "Contemporary American Horoscopes"
Campbell Campbell, Dave
Castellanos Castellanos, Eduardo > 1300
CEDRA Centre d'Etudes, de Documentation et de Recherche sur l'Astrologie
Clifford Clifford, Frank 500
Conrad Conrad, Courtney > 800
Craft Roman Craft > 300 Editor since March 2015
Cullen Mark Cullen Collector of Scottish data
De Jabrun De Jabrun, Paddy 1,645
De Marre De Marré, Luc 90
Dekoster Dekoster, André > 200
Discepolo Discepolo, Ciro
Doane Doane, Doris Chase 42
Dobyns Dobyns, Zipporah > 350
Drew Drew, Marion Meyer 35
Ferreira Ferreira, Filipe > 50
Fisher Fisher, David 240 Was data chairman of British Astrological Association
Gary Brand Brand, Gary 157
Gauquelin Gauquelin, Michel > 3600
Gerard Gerard, Caroline 500 Major collector of Scottish data
Geslain Geslain, Didier 8,000
Gregor Gregor, Manfred 267
Harvey Harvey, Martin 90
Hewitt Hewitt, Paul 510
Holden Holden, James 24
Holliday Holliday, Dana 96
Hoppmann Hoppmann, Jürgen
Jansky Jansky, Robert > 500
Kay Kay, Sue
Keller Keller, Michael > 450
Koch Koch, Dieter
Koppejan Koppejan Willem Ary
Lehman Lehman, Lee 600 Most without time
Lepoivre Lepoivre, Philippe > 250 Runs
Liefeld Liefeld, Rolf > 360
Lisa Lisa, Peter
Lescaut Lescaut, Jacques de > 200
Mandl Mandl, Michaël > 500
March March, Marion 56
McEvoy McEvoy, Frances > 800
McKay-Clements McKay-Clements, John > 120 Author of "The Canadian Astrology Collection" (1998)
Michiels Michiels, Laura
Müller Müller, Arno > 350
Noel Gary Noel
Okun Jannis Okun
Palmer Palmer, Lynne 49
Penfield Penfield, Marc > 100
Petitallot Petitallot, Patrice ~ 700
Przybylowski Przybylowski, Steven > 310
PTA Polish Astrological Society Horoscope Database > 550
Ring Ring, Thomas
Ritrovato Ritrovato, Joseph > 250
Rodden Rodden, Lois M. > 13'000
Rodriguez Rodriguez, Faustino
Schepel Schepel, Selma > 180
Schmid Schmid, Siegfried
Schmidli Franz Leo Schmidli, Basel 14 November 1952 - 12 June 2020
Scholfield Scholfield, Sy > 18,000 Volunteer editor-in-chief of Astro-Databank since 2013
Selzer Selzer, Elisabeth
Seth Seth, Ashish 350
Shaw, Dona Shaw, Dona 78
Shaw, Victoria Shaw, Victoria 161
Starkman Starkman, Isaac > 750
Steinbrecher Steinbrecher, Ed > 4300
Stojanovic Stojanovic, Nikola
Sutton Sutton, Dennis
Taeger Taeger, Hans-Hinrich > 600
Taglilatelo Taglilatelo, Pat 1200 Astro-Databank editor-in-chief 2003-2012
Treindl Treindl, Alois
van Sanden Sarah van Sanden > 120
Viktor Viktor > 1200
Visser Sjoerd Visser
Watson Watson, Patrick
Watt Watt, Stephen
Wemyss Wemyss, Maurice 44
Wilsons Thelma and Tom E. Wilson > 300
Wotan Wotan (pseudonym) ~ 100
Wright Wright, Paul 450 Major collector of Scottish data
Young Young, Pamela