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Body Mind
Aerobic exercise Child prodigy Attention seeking Gregarious/extrovert Persistent
Appearance Gorgeous Education extensive Bad judgment Hard Worker Personality robust
Appearance Unattractive Education limited Bigot Humorous, witty Personality vulnerable
Body builder Exceptional mind Changeable Idealist Pessimist
Constitution sensitive IQ high/Mensa level Charismatic Incompetent Practical/realistic
Constitution hardy IQ Low Courageous Juggles lots at once Principled strongly
Diet unusual Memory Creative Liar/fraud Private
Hair Other Mind Difficult/mean-spirited Loved by all Shy
Handedness Personality Disciplined Mystical Solitary/introvert
Race Active Early bird Night owl Stubborn/steadfast
Size Acquisitive Eccentric Opportunist Talkative
Voice/speech Aggressive/brash Emotional Optimist Temper
Weight Ambitious Fiery Passive/bland Unique
Other Body Articulate Gracious/sociable Perfectionist Vain/self-absorbed


Physical attributes or appearance. For medical conditions, see Medical.

  • Aerobic exercise: Goes to gym at least 2x/week, walks. Has physically healthful regimen.
  • Appearance Gorgeous: Unusually attractive.
  • Appearance Unattractive: Unusually unattractive.
  • Body builder: Disciplined program to amass muscle weight.
  • Constitution sensitive: Often sick. Subject to chronic illnesses and long recovery.
  • Constitution hardy: Rarely sick. Rapid recovery. Note if high pain threshold.
  • Diet unusual: Vegetarian, health food or indifferent, junk food. Extremes.
  • Hair: Unusual hair characteristics, including red hair and baldness.
  • Handedness: Right, left, or ambidextrous.
  • Race: Note if person's race is unique, an issue in their life, or minority in their environment.
  • Size: Approximately 5 feet or shorter. 6 feet (women), or taller (men).
  • Voice/speech: Theatrical, strangely pitched, especially notable.
  • Weight: Overweight, pounds if known. Or extremely big or skinny.
  • Other Body: Anything body-related, out of the ordinary, not otherwise covered.


  • Child prodigy: Noted in literature or school reports: gifted in mind or talent.
  • Education extensive: Scholar, more than one degree, continued schooling.
  • Education limited: Did not finish or attend high school.
  • Exceptional mind: People who demonstrate genius or near-genius such as the level of an Einstein, Edison, or Curie.
  • IQ high/Mensa level: Note IQ, percentile, and test if tested. Note whether Mensa member or one who would qualify. The Mensa list is of people who qualify in the top 2% of the population as determined by IQ tests. There are persons who do not belong to Mensa who, nonetheless, demonstrate an IQ in that range. Do not check as a matter of opinion, but if the person's SAT scores qualify them or if they are mentioned in literature or the media as "brilliant." Mensa level is not genius - that distinction falls under the category of Exceptional Mind.
  • IQ Low: Retarded. Mentally handicapped. Note IQ, if tested.
  • Memory: Exceptionally good or bad only. Note extraordinary memory feats or failures.
  • Other Mind: Anything mind-related, out of the ordinary, not otherwise covered.


For research purposes we want people who vividly demonstrate these qualities so the corresponding astrological configurations are more likely to be equally clear. For these character categories to be checked off, people should be exemplars of these qualities. To be precise, you should only mark off a personality trait for a person if he or she is the one person in a hundred that best exemplifies that personality trait. In general, no more than two personality traits should be checked off. A corroborating example in the notes section is appropriate.

  • Active: Initiates, busy, energetic in many activities.
  • Acquisitive: Gathers money or goods, collections. Holds on to it all. Note what is acquired.
  • Aggressive/brash: Makes first move in varied situations, goal-oriented.
  • Ambitious: Works hard to get ahead.
  • Articulate: Listens, responds, articulates.
  • Attention seeking:
  • Bad judgment:
  • Bigot: One who is especially partial to his/her own group; intolerant of others.
  • Changeable: Changes mind and direction.
  • Charismatic: Fascinating, draws attention, appealing to the many.
  • Courageous: Willing to rush in where angels fear to tread.
  • Creative: Arts & crafts. Always building, doing, making something.
  • Difficult/mean-spirited: Hard to get along with.
  • Disciplined: Sets a work pace for self to accomplish goals.
  • Early bird: Gets up before 6.
  • Eccentric: Highly individualistic. Walks to the beat of a different drum.
  • Emotional: Initiates or responds on a personal-feeling level. Note if excessive.
  • Fiery: Passionate, full of zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Gracious/sociable: Great ease in social situations.
  • Gregarious/extrovert: Life of the party, talks about self, draws attention to self.
  • Hard Worker: Works over 50 hours per week.
  • Humorous, witty: Note if caustic, ribald, light, puns. Type if known.
  • Idealist:
  • Incompetent:
  • Juggles lots at once: Operates well with a number of activities overlapping.
  • Liar/fraud:
  • Loved by all: Universally loved and respected, no enemies.
  • Mystical: Greater interest in metaphysics than in pragmatic pursuits. Seeks oneness experience.
  • Night owl: Prefers to stay up past midnight at least five nights per week.
  • Opportunist: Seizes the moment. Makes it work.
  • Optimist: Sees the best side of situations.
  • Passive/bland: Allows other people and situations to determine outcomes.
  • Perfectionist: Never satisfied. It always needs to be more and better to be perfect.
  • Persistent: Relentless in pursuit of goals.
  • Personality robust: Survivor of tough times, yet functional and productive.
  • Personality vulnerable: Victim syndrome, suffering, not able to survive or hold up to stress.
  • Pessimist: Sees the worst side of situations.
  • Practical/realistic: Level headed, factual, not prone to speculation.
  • Principled strongly: Usually maintains a consistent pattern of ethics and integrity. Observes the truth according to his or her convictions.
  • Private: Reveals little about self, almost secretive.
  • Shy: Retreats from social interaction.
  • Solitary/introvert: Focus on inner life, does not talk about self easily.
  • Stubborn/steadfast:
  • Talkative: Able and eager to enter every discussion. Nonstop chatterer.
  • Temper: Short fuse, a grouch, irritable.
  • Unique:
  • Vain/self-absorbed:
  • Other Personality: Any personality trait out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.


  • Cheerful/easygoing: Friendly and rarely in a down mood.
  • Co-dependant: Extraordinary focus on the needs and opinions of others, difficulty doing things alone.
  • Diplomatic: Skilled in listening and responding to create peace and harmony.
  • Erudite: Able to discuss multiple levels & topics intelligently, if not brilliantly.
  • Independent: Rarely seeks the help of others for anything.
  • Melancholic: Often sad or depressed.
  • Nervous: Easily agitated or distressed.
  • Truthful/ Liar: well know as a teller of the truth or lies.
  • Vivid Dream life: Remember dreams most days and extraordinary clarity at least once per week.
Medical Psychological
AIDS/ HIV Lou Gehrig's disease Abuse Alcohol Mental Illness
Allergies Multiple sclerosis Abuse Drugs Multiple personality
Arthritis Muscular dystrophy Abuse - other addictions Nervous breakdown
Asthma Osteoporosis ADD Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
Autoimmune other Parkinson's ADHD Phobias
Cancer Pneumonia Antisocial personality Psychotic episode
Diabetes/hypoglycemia Polio Anxiety disorder PTSD
Emphysema SIDS Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia
Epilepsy Spontaneous healing Borderline personality Sleep disorders
Handicapped Sexually Transmitted Disease Depression Stutter, tics
Headaches Stroke Dyslexia Other psychological
Heart disease/attack Tuberculosis Eating disorder
High Blood Pressure Other Medical Institutionalized


The categories included are those with which the average layperson is familiar. For a specific medical study that refers to diagnoses or technology that may be obscure to most people, use the Other Medical category. When the onset of a medical condition is over a general period of a few years, it may be noted with a tilde (~) to indicate "more or less." When specific dates are known, enter these as Events. Also, only enter information in these categories if the condition has been clinically diagnosed by a trained medical professional.

  • AIDS/ HIV: HIV+, terminal or level of well-being. -> List
  • Allergies: Describe, include duration. -> List
  • Alzheimer's/Senility: Date of onset, duration, severity. -> List
  • Arthritis: Date of onset, duration, severity. -> List
  • Asthma: Date of onset, duration, severity. -> List
  • Autoimmune other: -> List
  • Cancer: Date of onset, type, body part affected. -> List
  • Diabetes/Hypoglycemia: Date of onset, severity. -> List
  • Emphysema: Date of onset, severity. -> List
  • Epilepsy: Petit or grand mal. Medications or treatment. Note date of seizures under Events. -> List
  • Handicapped: When and how, medical or accident, extent.
  • Headaches, Severe: Chronic only - migraine, tension, cluster, whiplash or sinus. Date of onset.
  • Heart disease/attack: Disease, attack, date of onset, severity. Note outcome. -> List
  • High Blood Pressure: How high, at what age.
  • Lou Gehrig's disease:
  • Multiple sclerosis: Date of onset, severity.
  • Muscular dystrophy: Female carrier or male afflicted, severity, life span.
  • Osteoporosis: Date of onset, severity.
  • Parkinson's: Date of onset, severity.
  • Pneumonia: Date of onset, severity.
  • Polio: Age at onset, severity, recovery.
  • SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - crib death.
  • Spontaneous healing: Sudden, unexplained, remarkable.
  • STDs: Sexually transmitted diseases - syphilis, gonorrhea, clymidia, herpes, genital warts. (AIDS is listed previously.)
  • Stroke: Age and severity
  • Tuberculosis: Date of onset, treatment.
  • Other Medical: Any medical conditions not otherwise covered.


Check this category based on a clinical diagnosis obtained from the DSM-IV, the official reference book that psychiatrists and psychologists use to diagnose psychological disorders. Just because a person occasionally suffers depression is not sufficient to warrant a check mark. Only check off depression if it has been diagnosed or is so severed that a diagnosis would be obvious. The exception is Nervous Breakdown which is used as a catch-all phrase for an episodic period of distress and withdrawal.

  • Abuse Alcohol: Onset of marked increase, severity. Note if rehabilitated.
  • Abuse Drugs: Onset of marked increase, severity. Note if rehabilitated.
  • Abuse - other addictions: Type, onset of marked increase, severity. Note if rehabilitated.
  • ADD: Attention deficit disorder.
  • ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactive disorder.
  • Antisocial personality: A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violations of the rights of others. Acute discomfort with close relationships, paranoid, magical thinking, and eccentric behavior.
  • Anxiety disorder: A pattern of high anxiety that disturbs normal functioning - more than a worry wart.
  • Bipolar disorder: Formerly called manic-depression - marked by periods of grandiosity, hyperactivity, and extreme talkative, followed by depressive episodes.
  • Borderline personality disorder: A pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships characterized by frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, idealizing and devaluing others, impulsiveness, and intense anger.
  • Depression: Loss of pleasure, feelings of worthlessness, extremes in sleep or eating habits that last more than two weeks. Note if chronic, episodic, and most severe times, hospitalization, or medication. Record specific episodes under Events.
  • Dyslexia: Which type, severity.
  • Eating disorder: Type, severity, weight, if known.
  • Institutionalized: Date, duration, reason.
  • Mental Illness: Date, type
  • Multiple personality: Distinctly different personas in the same individual.
  • Nervous breakdown: Exhibited inability to cope. Irrational responses to mundane matters.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive disorder: Preoccupations with orderliness, perfectionism, rarely completes tasks. Control that prevents leisure.
  • Phobias: Irrational fears of flying, public speaking, people, insects, or animals.
  • Psychotic episode: Hears voices, sees visions, loses reality. Note if violent or criminal acts.
  • PTSD: Posttraumatic stress disorder, flashbacks to danger, fear, incapacity.
  • Schizophrenia: Severe loss of contact with reality. Psychosis.
  • Sleep disorders: Type, severity.
  • Stutter, tics: Can range from Tourette's syndrome to simple verbal or physical glitches.
  • Other psychological: Any psychological diagnosis not otherwise covered.

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Childhood Relationship Parenting
Abuse - Incest Cohabitation > 3 years Abusive - neglected
Abuse - Neglect Divorce bitter Abusive - physical/verbal
Abuse - Physical/verbal Divorce friendly Abusive - sexual
Abuse - Sexual Marriage > 15 years Birthing - abortions
Adopted Marriage < 3 years Birthing - fertility problems
Advantaged Marriage - Compatible Birthing - miscarriages
Disadvantaged mmunication, matching temperaments. Birthing - twins, triplets, etc
Family close Marriage - very happy Birthing - unusual
Family distant Married early < 18 Extraordinarily nurturing
Family large Married late/never Foster, step, or adopted kids
Family noted Mate - age difference > 15 years Hardship - little money
Family supportive Mate - interracial Hardship - little spousal support
Family supportive (extraordinarily) Mate - noted Kids - none
Family traumatic event Mate - same sex Kids - 1-3
Memories Bad Number of divorces Kids - > 3
Memories Good Number of marriages Kids - drug involved
Only child Sexual chemistry Kids
Order of birth Stress - Chronic misery Kids
Parent absent Stress - Distant Kids
Parent, single or step Stress - Domestic violence Parenting early < 18
Parents divorced Stress - Extramarital affairs Parenting late > 40
Sibling circumstances Stress - Traumatic event Parenting stressful
Other childhood Widowed Primary care of elderly
Other relationship Other parenting


Early experiences with the birth-family with a specific focus on physical and psychological wellbeing or distress.

  • Abuse - Incest: Sexual contact with family member. Fondled, molested. Note when abuse occurred.
  • Abuse - Neglect: Latch-key kid. Fended for self.
  • Abuse - Physical/verbal: Hit, shamed, locked in closet, degraded, humiliated.
  • Abuse - Sexual: Perpetration not by family. Note age when abuse occurred.
  • Adopted: Open or closed adoption. When, why, age at adoption. Note if connected with birth parents.
  • Advantaged: Money and exposure to good education, culture, and social graces.
  • Disadvantaged: Hungry, unfed, unclothed, homeless. Neglected.
  • Family close: Parents and siblings interact with loving care.
  • Family distant: Parents and siblings drift apart. Indifferent or hostile.
  • Family large: Many siblings or large extended family.
  • Family noted: Note which member: mother, father, sibling, other relative.
  • Family supportive: Comfortable acceptance level within the family unit.
  • Family supportive (extraordinarily): Raised with the blessing of nurturing, sane parents.
  • Family traumatic event: Parents or siblings hurt or in difficulty - whom and when.
  • Memories Bad: Opposite of good memories.
  • Memories Good: Strong feelings that childhood evoked. Memory is selective. This does not refer to objective reality but to personal memory.
  • Only child: Circumstances, reason.
  • Order of birth: Enter the birth order number.
  • Parent absent: One or both. Note if absent physically or emotionally.
  • Parent, single or step: Raised by mother or father alone. Note step-parents.
  • Parents divorced: Amicable or traumatic experience. Shame or relief.
  • Sibling circumstances: Brothers and sisters, number if known, step- or foster siblings, comments.
  • Other childhood: Anything out of the ordinary about family life not otherwise covered.


One of the most common questions astrologers are asked is "What do you think of the long-term potential of this relationship?" Hence the interest in collecting data on people who have very happy and very unhappy marriages. We will use the marriage data to investigate the condition of the seventh house, the Event data to investigate the auspiciousness of wedding dates, and relationship data to look for clues in synastry and composite charts.

  • Cohabitation > 3 years: When began and how long.
  • Divorce bitter: Legalities, money fights, anger, and malice.
  • Divorce friendly: Remain friends or at least polite. Continue to see each other.
  • Marriage > 15 years: Note duration or the year that the marriage occurred.
  • Marriage < 3 years: Note duration in months or years.
  • Marriage - Compatible: Similar interests, mutual respect, common goals, good

communication, matching temperaments.

  • Marriage - very happy: Married more than ten years. Not happy every single day, but still feel lucky to have found each other. Still find each other's company stimulating and soothing.
  • Married early < 18
  • Married late/never: Or cohabited. If still a marriageable age, leave blank. It's not over yet.
  • Mate - age difference > 15 years: Note age difference of which partner.
  • Mate - interracial: Note if this a problem or satisfactory.
  • Mate - noted: Name if known, or comment such as noted sports figure or politician.
  • Mate - same sex: Length of cohabitation or date when relationship began.
  • Number of divorces: Number as of the data entry date.
  • Number of marriages: Number as of the data entry date.
  • Sexual chemistry: Married more than 10 years and still find each other exciting in bedroom and the small space under the basement stairs, the fire escape, the elevator, and driving down the freeway at 80 miles an hour.
  • Stress - Chronic misery: Years of problems with money, children, and sex. Feeling trapped, unhappy.
  • Stress - Distant: Lack of warmth, empathy and togetherness. Each person focused on his or her own activities. Little focus on the marriage itself.
  • Stress - Domestic violence: Battering. Verbal or emotional abuse.
  • Stress - Extramarital affairs: His, hers, or both. Note whether single event or episodic.
  • Stress - Traumatic event: Mate killed, injured, crippled, sick, in jail, missing, disgraced.
  • Widowed: When, how. Note if sudden or long illness, or accident.
  • Other relationship: Anything out of the ordinary about relationship not otherwise covered.


Parenting skills as an adult with the person's own children and family. When patterns apply to one child out of several, note which one of the children is affected; for example, extraordinary nurturing - of third child, or abusive sexually - toward youngest daughter.

  • Abusive - neglected: Pays little attention. Not home much. Little contact - worse than 1 in 100.
  • Abusive - physical/verbal: Hits kids. Punishes harshly.
  • Abusive - sexual: Molests, fondles, exposes self with own kids. (Rape is listed under Criminal.)
  • Birthing - abortions: Induced end of pregnancy.
  • Birthing - fertility problems: Difficulty in getting pregnant or keeping pregnancy, or too fertile.
  • Birthing - miscarriages: Natural end of pregnancy.
  • Birthing - twins, triplets, etc: Note twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets.
  • Birthing - unusual:
  • Extraordinarily nurturing: Attentive, caring parent - better than 1 in 100.
  • Foster, step, or adopted kids: Note number of which.
  • Hardship - little money:
  • Hardship - little spousal support:
  • Kids - none: Childless by choice or circumstance.
  • Kids - 1-3
  • Kids - > 3: How many born, how many survived.
  • Kids - drug involved: Kids on drugs. When, how handled.
  • Kids: homosexual: Note if it was it a problem for the parents.
  • Kids: noted: Which kid in birth order was known for what or give name.
  • Kids: traumatic event: Kids in jail, hurt, ill, missing, injured. Tragedies.
  • Parenting early < 18
  • Parenting late > 40
  • Parenting stressful: Single parenting, little money, no relief, no cooperation, sickly kids, etc.
  • Primary care of elderly: Primary person responsible for care of an elder parent.
  • Other parenting: Anything out of the ordinary about parenting not otherwise covered.

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Work Financial Social Life Home
Hates job Extravagant Animals, pets Expatriate
Hazardous work Extreme ups and downs Collector Homeless > 2 mo.
Intern/appretice Fundraiser Family Home centered
Job-related injury Gain - financial success in field Friends Left home early < 18
Loss of job Gain - grant, scholarship, etc. Groups Left home late > 30
Loves job Gain - inheritance Hobbies/games Many moves
Many job changes Gain - money through marriage Misfit Neighborhood
Mentor/tutor Gain - winnings/lottery Outdoors Property damage
Retirement circumstances Gambler Party animal Same location lifetime
Same job > 10 years Invest - collectibles Sports Other Home
Self-employed Invest - metals Travel
Skills - multi-faceted Invest - property Other Social life
Skills - singular/specialist Invest - stocks-bonds
Start young < 16 Loss - bankruptcy
Stressful work Loss - financial crisis
Travel for work On the edge
Unemployed > 5 yrs Philanthropist
Work alone/singular role Rags to riches
Work at home > 10 yrs. Wealthy
Work in team/tandem Other Financial
Other work


On-the-job attitudes and situations. General patterns of the work environment. Sixth-house attributes.

  • Hates job: For how long? Was there ever a job that was OK? Was financial recompense the only motivator?
  • Hazardous work: Dangerous line of work, episodic or steady.
  • Intern/appretice:
  • Job-related injury:
  • Loss of job:
  • Loves job: Found niche and when. Financial recompense is not the major motivator.
  • Many job changes: Ten or more over someone's career.
  • Mentor/tutor:
  • Retirement circumstances:
  • Same job > 10 years: Same field, job, and company for 10 years or more.
  • Self-employed: Ten or more years.
  • Skills - multi-faceted: Ability in many areas, specialize in more than one.
  • Skills - singular/specialist: Specializes in one area.
  • Start young < 16
  • Stressful work: Frequently under the gun, criticism, pressure, and performance demanding.
  • Travel for work: On the road at least 2-3 days per week or 3 months per year.
  • Unemployed > 5 yrs: Unemployed more than 10 years, living on disability, employment insurance, or family.
  • Work alone/singular role: Work in seclusion or only one to do this particular job.
  • Work at home > 10 yrs.: Worked at home for more than 10 years.
  • Work in team/tandem: Team, band, group. Or best with one co-worker.
  • Other work: Anything out of the ordinary about work experience not otherwise covered.


An evaluation of wealth is relative to the person's time and place in a historical setting. Consider a person financially successful if they are in the fiscal top 10% in their local community. An entrepreneur is one who instigates a variety of ventures, is multi-corporate, and takes a calculated risk for capital gain. A business owner is one who commands a unit of commerce.

  • Extravagant:
  • Extreme ups and downs: Feast or famine, wealth and poverty, once or more.
  • Fundraiser:
  • Gain - financial success in field: Not great wealth, but financial success in one's field. Comfortable, top wage earner.
  • Gain - grant, scholarship, etc.:
  • Gain - inheritance: Sufficient to buy a car, house, or Nebraska.
  • Gain - money through marriage: Lucrative marriage through support, divorce, or


  • Gain - winnings/lottery: Lucky winners in lottery, gambling, pools, or other.
  • Gambler: Professional. Hobby or addiction. Note game of choice.
  • Invest - collectibles: Corners the market on a product or tangible collectible.
  • Invest - metals: Gold and silver, hard currency, paper or futures.
  • Invest - property: Real estate, buildings, stores, malls, real property.
  • Invest - stocks-bonds: Long term or turn-around, stock market, when best/worst.
  • Loss - bankruptcy: Corporation or personal.
  • Loss - financial crisis: Bad investment or purchase, unemployed, robbed.
  • On the edge: Always one pay check away from a zero bank balance.
  • Philanthropist: Returns wealth to the community through donations to the arts, science, or educational endowments.
  • Rags to riches: Born dirt-poor, move into uptown income.
  • Wealthy: Individuals whose net worth falls in top 10% of nation's wealthiest individuals
  • Other Financial: Anything out of the ordinary about finances not otherwise covered.

Social Life

Recreational time, spent with people, animals, hobbies.

  • Animals, pets: Note if shows a strong preference for cats or dogs. Many or unusual pets.
  • Collector:
  • Family: Social life largely with the birth family, adult family, or mate's family.
  • Friends: What type, many, sociable and good mixer, or few, antisocial, loner.
  • Groups: Very active in organizations. Most of social life revolves around group activieis.
  • Hobbies/games: Spectator sports, competitive mental games, physical games, sociable outlets such as membership in a bridge club or garden club.
  • Misfit: Someone who generally feels out of place in any group.
  • Outdoors: Hiking, camping, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing, gardening, etc.
  • Party animal:
  • Sports: Racing, tennis, golf, etc.
  • Travel: Travel for pleasure.
  • Other Social life: Anything out of the ordinary about social life not otherwise covered.


  • Expatriate: Lives for more than a decade in a foreign country.
  • Homeless > 2 mo.:
  • Home centered: Someone whose life revolves around the home.
  • Left home early < 18:
  • Left home late > 30:
  • Many moves: More than a dozen, during what period of time, or consistently.
  • Neighborhood: Ghetto, urban, suburban, mobile home, apartment, rural. Weather extremes. Rural or city.
  • Property damage: Fire, flood, earthquake, or landslide, for example.
  • Same location lifetime: Born and died in same place.
  • Other Home: Anything out of the ordinary about the home not otherwise covered.
Sexuality Criminal Perpetrator Criminal Victim
Bi-sexual Assault/Battery Assault/Battery victim
Celibacy/minimal Civil/political Concentration camp
Child sex abuser Drug Business Financial crime victim
Dominant/submissive Executed Homicide victim
Exhibitionism Homicide by order Kidnapping victim
Extremes in quantity Homicide involvement Lawsuit sued
Fetishism Homicide many at once Missing person
Gay Homicide serial Rape/sex crime victim
Incest perpetrator Homicide single Social crime victim
Lesbian Kidnapper Torture victim
Pedophile Lawsuit/instigated Terrorism victim
Sadist/tortuer Prison sentence Other Criminal Victim
Sex Organs Rapist/sex crime
Sexual abuser Social crime/delinquent
Sexual dysfunction Terrorist
Sexual offense victim Torturer/sadist
Sexual perversions Thief/financial crime
Sodomy Other Criminal Perpetrator
Transgender F-to-M
Transgender M-to-F
Other Sexual


Other than the general classification, information about sexual practices is limited, or the level and degree of sexual orientation. Use the Kinsey-6 rating, if known, that assigns 1 as totally heterosexual and 6 as totally homosexual.

  • Bi-sexual: Kinsey 3 - sexual experience with both genders.
  • Celibacy/minimal: Choice or circumstances, continual or episodic lack of sex.
  • Child sex abuser: Flashing, fondling, or touching. Unwelcome kissing.
  • Dominant/submissive:
  • Exhibitionism: Public masturbation, exposure to shock viewer.
  • Extremes in quantity: More than 50 partners in a decade.
  • Fetishism: The need of props or contrived situations to arouse and sustain excitement. (Fantasy is considered normal.)
  • Gay: Homosexual male, Kinsey 5 or 6.
  • Incest perpetrator:
  • Lesbian: Kinsey 5 or 6.
  • Pedophile: Aroused by children. Non-incestuous sexual abuse.
  • Sadist/tortuer: Aroused by pain, bondage.
  • Sex Organs:
  • Sexual abuser: Harasses, exposes, touches, or handles.
  • Sexual dysfunction: Premature ejaculation, impotence, orgasmic resistance, disinterest.
  • Sexual offense victim: Harassed, witness to exposure, touched, or handled.
  • Sexual perversions: Bestiality, necrophilia, mutilation.
  • Sodomy: Focus on anal penetration
  • Transgender F-to-M: Born female. Surgery to become male. Previously labeled Transsexual.
  • Transgender M-to-F: Born male. Surgery to become female. Previously labeled Transsexual.
  • Transvestite: Cross-dresser. Considered fashionable for women, an aberration for men.
  • Voyeur: One who likes to watch other perform sexual acts.
  • Other Sexual: Anything out of the sexual ordinary not otherwise covered.

Criminal Perpetrator

Antisocial or illegal activities.

  • Assault/Battery: Beats on known person or stranger, for malice or gain.
  • Civil/political: Soap box speeches, marches, demonstrations, strikes. Crusades for equal rights and justice.
  • Drug Business: Grows or sells drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Executed: Killed by the state as ultimate punishment. Note method.
  • Homicide by order: Commissions the death of others by contract or order.
  • Homicide involvement: Accomplice, suspect, witness.
  • Homicide many at once: Kills more than one person in one episode or one day.
  • Homicide serial: Kills more than one person in a series of episodes.
  • Homicide single: Kills one person. Planned murder, crime of passion, manslaughter.
  • Kidnapper: Abducts another person for malice or financial gain.
  • Lawsuit/instigated: Sue someone, for how much, when. Note if resolved.
  • Prison sentence: Caught and sentenced for a crime, serves time.
  • Rapist/sex crime: Violent or unwelcome sexual attack perpetrated on a relative, a known person, or stranger.
  • Social crime/delinquent: Petty theft, truancy, vandalism, trouble-making.
  • Terrorist: Works in a group or alone. Level of violence.
  • Torturer/sadist:
  • Thief/financial crime: Burglar, robber, thief, cheat, embezzler, income tax evader, con artist.
  • Other Criminal Perpetrator: Any criminal perpetration experience out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.

Criminal Victim

Victim of antisocial or illegal activities.

  • Assault/Battery victim: Note if assault committed by known person or stranger.
  • Concentration camp: Inmate at prisoner-of-war or political-enemies detention center.
  • Financial crime victim: Have been robbed or cheated.
  • Homicide victim: Killed by another person, planned, passion, manslaughter.
  • Kidnapping victim: For ransom, sexual abduction, revenge.
  • Lawsuit sued: Someone else brings suit, how much, when, resolution.
  • Missing person: Not determined if lost, injured, killed, kidnapped or ran away. (List MIAs [missed in action] under Vocation: Military.)
  • Rape/sex crime victim: Note if by a relative, a known person or stranger.
  • Social crime victim: Vandalized, injured in demonstration, treated unfairly, discrimination.
  • Torture victim:
  • Terrorism victim: Attacked by a group or alone. Level of violence.
  • Other Criminal Victim: Any criminal victim experience out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.
Religion/Spirituality Birth Death Miscellaneous
12-Step group Abandoned Accidental Changed name
Atheist Cesarean Illness/disease Unusual Categories
Black magic Conjoined twins Long life > 80 yrs Other Life Experiences
Clairvoyant/clairaudiant Defects, Handicaps Short life < 29 yrs
Conversion/born again Difficult birth Suicide
Cult follower Illegitimate birth Suicide attempt
Eastern Infant mortality Unusual
Fundamentalist/evangelical Labor long > 36 hours
Metaphysical Labor short <3 hrs
Meditation Late birth
Mystical experience Premature
Near Death Experience Stillborn
New Age Test tube baby
Out of Body Experience Traumatic birth
Paranormal Phenomena Twin, triplet, etc.
Phenomena Unusual circumstances
Philosopher/humanist Other Birth
Rejection- leave church
UFO experience
Other Religion/Spirituality


The three Western religions are monotheistic with a belief in one God from whom we are separate and to whom we reunite through suffering or through divine intercession (grace). The Eastern religions are pantheistic with a belief in many forms or God, of whom we are all one and with whom we only have the illusion of separation until we are enlightened. Note: There is also a category under "Vocation" for religion for those whose vocation is religion based.

  • 12-Step group: Alcoholics, Overeaters, Gamblers. Any anonymous support groups based on the 12 Steps originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Atheist: Professes no belief in a deity.
  • Black magic:
  • Clairvoyant/clairaudiant: Sees or hears from other-worldly sources.
  • Conversion/born again:
  • Cult follower: Believes and follows a teacher or teaching that is considered fanatical, irrational.
  • Eastern: Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, etc.
  • Fundamentalist/evangelical: Believer in the literal interpretation of sacred texts.
  • Metaphysical: Spiritualism, occult, paranormal phenomena.
  • Meditation: A regular practice of meditation at least 3x week. Note duration.
  • Mystical experience: Prophetic dream or vision, Epiphany, Samadhi.
  • Near Death Experience: Clinically dead and came back to life. Note any memories of being dead.
  • New Age: Alternative belief systems.
  • Out of Body Experience: Conscious experience of the spirit leaving and returning to the body.
  • Paranormal Phenomena: Spontaneous healing, enlightenment, levitation, visions.
  • Phenomena:
  • Philosopher/humanist:
  • Psychic: Precognition, awareness before the fact, extra sensory perception.
  • Rejection - leave church:
  • Shamanism: Animistic religion that involves journeys to invisible worlds and communication with animal totems.
  • Spiritualist: Contact with disembodied spirits. Automatic writing. Ouija board user.
  • Theosophy/vedanta:
  • UFO experience: Seeing UFO, meeting aliens, visiting spaceships, transported or abducted. (UFO sightings that many people witnessed are noted under the Mundane category.) UFO phenomena have been recorded in the modern media since 1947. The category includes the data of people who claim encounters that are visual or physical, or claim abductions.
  • Western: Christianity, Judaism, Islam.
  • Wicca: A pagan religion having roots in pre-Christian Europe.
  • Other Religion/Spirituality: Any other religious or spiritual experiences not otherwise covered.


Twins are born once in every 78 births, triplets once in 9,300 births, quadruplets every 658,000 births, quintuplets once in 57,000,000. Fertility drugs throw off the statistics. Note if fertility drugs are responsible for the multiple birth. This category refers to the person's own birth.

  • Abandoned:
  • Cesarean: Reason and conditions.
  • Conjoined twins: Place of connection. Separation affected. Survival.
  • Defects, Handicaps: Genetic handicap or birth injury.
  • Difficult birth: Mother had a long labor, breech, forceps, induced labor, cyanosis (lack of oxygen), cord wrapped around baby's neck.
  • Illegitimate birth:
  • Infant mortality: Infant's death occurs before first birthday.
  • Labor long > 36 hours:
  • Labor short <3 hrs: Mother made a rapid delivery.
  • Late birth: In utero for longer than 9 months. Born well developed and large.
  • Premature: Note week number, or how many weeks premature from 40.
  • Stillborn: Died in utero or during labor.
  • Test tube baby: Conditions.
  • Traumatic birth:
  • Twin, triplet, etc.: Note twin, triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet, sextuplet.
  • Unusual circumstances: Born on subway, taxi, mom injured, accident, sudden, posthumous, etc.
  • Other Birth: Anything out of the ordinary about birth not otherwise covered.


The length of a person's life and cause of death adds valuable information to various natal houses and astrological patterns. Death categories are for noting unusual death information that may not have a date. This category refers to the person's own death. For specifying the death date and type, use the Events field.

  • Accidental: Means and method.
  • Illness/disease: Duration of illness before death.
  • Long life > 80 yrs: Over 80. Note the age at time of death.
  • Short life < 29 yrs: Less than 29 years. Note the age at the time of death.
  • Suicide: Disturbed, depressed, hopeless, or angry. Note method, if known. Also note any history of previous suicide attempts.
  • Suicide attempt: When, how many times.
  • Unusual: Eaten by worms, starved in a cave, left in a hot car, guillotined, snake-bite.
  • Other Death: Anything out of the ordinary about death not otherwise covered.


  • Changed name: Alias, nom de plume. Movie stars to writers to everyday people.
  • Unusual Categories: Wild card - add your own.
  • Other Life Experiences: Any family, personal, or social experience out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.
Art Entertainment Law Politics Rugby
Cartoonist Actor/actress Attorney Activist/political Sailing
Commercial artist Animal acts CIA Activist/social Skating
Fine art artist Child performer Court reporter Activist/feminist Skiing
Photography Circus FBI Diplomat Soccer
Stage/Set design Comedy Fire department Government employee Swimming
Other Art Magic Jurist Head of state Tennis
Beauty Mime Police Labor unions Track and Field
Sex-symbol News journalist/anchor Private investigator Nazi party Water sports
Model Radio/D.J./announcer Security guard Postal service Weightlifting
Beauty Queen/King Stage Spy/intelligence agent Public office Travel
Designer TV host/personality Penal system employee U.S. Presidents Adventure
Fashion field TV series/Soap star Other Law Other Politics Astronaut
Internet personality
Personal care provider Voice-over Maintenance Religion Aviation field
Other Beauty Other Entertainment Cleaning service Cult leader Crew
Building Trades Entertainment/Music Engineer Ecclesiastics/Eastern Explorer
Architect/planner Composer/Arranger Factory work Ecclesiastics/Western Flight attendant
Carpenter Conductor Handyman Metaphysical Hotel/motel/resort
Contractor Country-Western Homemaker Missionary Pilot/commercial
Electrician Dancer/Teacher Mechanic Popes Pilot/military
Interior design Folk music Outdoor vocation Saint/stigmatist Pilot/private
Plumber Group/Duo Physical labor Spiritual leader/guru Travel agent
Other Building Trades Instrumentalist Repair service Spiritualist Trucking business
Business Music teacher Trash collector Other Religion Other Travel
Banking Producer Phone/Cable company Science Writers
Business executive Song writer Other Maintenance Anthropology Astrology
Business owner Vocalist/Opera Medical Astronomy Autobiographical
Clerical/secretarial Vocalist/pop, rock, etc. Acupuncture Biology Biographer
Clerk/typist Other Entertain/Music Chiropractor Chemistry Columnist/journalist
CPA/Auditor Entertainment/Business Dentist/dental hygienist Geology Critic
Data entry Director Mortician/funeral director Mathematics/statistics Detective/mystery
Economist/Financier Manager/agent Nurse/nurse's aide Physics Erotic
Entrepreneur Producer Nutritionist Sociology Fiction
Office worker Production jobs Pharmacist Other Science How To
Service representative Other Entertain/Bus Physical therapist Sex Business Humor
Other Business Food and Beverage Physician Porno market Magazine/newsletter
Business/Marketing Baker/confections Surgeon Prostitute/Pimp Metaphysics
Advertising Bartender Technician Surrogate Parapsychology
Commercials Butcher/meat Veterinarian Other Sex Bus Philosophy
Insurance Cater/supplier Other Medical Sports Business Playwright/script
Promotion Chef/cook Military Coach, player manager, team owner Poet
Public relations Alcohol business Combat Promoters Publisher/Editor
Real estate Farmer/rancher Honors Other Sports Bus Religion
Sales resort rancher. Killed Sports Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror
Stockbroker Fast-food service Military career Archery Textbook/Nonfiction
Other Bus/Marketing Host/Maître d' Military service Baseball Other Writers
Education Marketing/producer Pacifist/objector Basketball Miscellaneous
Administrator Restaurateur POW/MIA Boating Other Vocations Misc
Librarian Waiter/waitress Wounded Bowling
Private tutor Other Food and Beverage Other Military Boxing
Public speaker Healing Occult Bullfighting
Researcher Alternative methods Astrologer Equestrian
Teacher Energy field Healer Divination/prophesy Fencing
Other Education Psychiatrist Graphologist Football
Engineer Psychologist Numerologist Games
Aerospace Counselor Palmist Golf
Chemical Faith healer Psychic/medium/spiritualist Gymnastics
Civil Social worker Tarot reader Hockey
Electrical Other Healing Tea-leaf reader Martial arts
Mechanical Humanities+Social Sciences Other Occult Racing cyclist
Software Economics Race cars
Systems Ethnologist Race horses
Other Engineering Gender Studies
Political Science


Creations with paint, pen, pencil, brush, metal, marble, photography, and all types of constructions for pleasure and edification.

  • Cartoonist: Humor, political, satire. Books, magazines, or newspaper syndication.
  • Commercial artist: Design, graphics, illustrator.
  • Fine art artist: Painting, oil, watercolor, drawings, etchings, sculpture.
  • Photography: Still photos, portrait, or landscape.
  • Stage/Set design: Movies, television, or stage.
  • Other Art: Anything out of the ordinary in Art not otherwise covered.


In the glamorous world of modeling, 60% of professional models make less than $1,000 a year. 1% make more than $100,000 (year 2000 figures).

  • Sex-symbol: Reputation and livelihood based on alluring physical attributes.
  • Model: Only check for professionals paid at least $4,000 a year. Note if supermodel, still photography, or live modeling on runway or ads - fashion or product.
  • Beauty Queen/King: Winner of a contest.
  • Designer: Creator of a line of fashion, jewelry, shoes, scarves, perfume.
  • Fashion field: Production, showroom, pattern maker, or cloth cutter in the "rag business."
  • Personal care provider: Personal trainer, beautician, cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, masseuse.
  • Other Beauty: Anything out of the ordinary in Beauty not otherwise covered.

Building Trades

Planning and construction of homes, buildings, businesses. Anyone who deals with the structure of urban civilization.

  • Architect/planner: Draws and designs plans for buildings, roads, parks, memorials. A city planner.
  • Carpenter: Laborer in building trades.
  • Contractor: Licensed professional who plans the construction, hires workers, and directs the labor.
  • Electrician: Licensed professional who can install and repair electrical wiring and fixtures.
  • Interior design: Draws and plans the interior finish of a building.
  • Plumber: Licensed professional who can plan, install, and repair plumbing for a building.
  • Other Building Trades: Anything out of the ordinary in Building Trades not otherwise covered.


Those concerned with the financial and ownership side of business.

  • Banking: Investor, board member, manager, employee in banking or money-lending


  • Business executive: CEO, manager, president, upper management.
  • Business owner: From mom-and-pop business to major units of commerce.
  • Clerical/secretarial: Minor support functionary - stenographer, word processor.
  • Clerk/typist: File clerk, receptionist, switchboard operator.
  • CPA/Auditor: Accountant. Professional who workers with figures and ledgers.
  • Data entry: Routine work that requires typing skills and basic computer knowledge.
  • Economist/Financier: Works with figures and ledgers in financial upper management.
  • Entrepreneur: Drives initiative in a variety of business ventures. Note if minor or major player.
  • Office worker: Minor worker in office environment who performs a variety of tasks.
  • Service representative: Company trouble-shooter, field rep, repair and maintenance,
  • Other Business: Anything out of the ordinary in Business not otherwise covered.


The sales and promotion of goods and services.

  • Advertising: Copy writer, designer, creator of ad ideas, and their execution.
  • Commercials: Someone who hypes or displays a commercial ad or product.
  • Insurance: Client representative, claims adjuster, office worker. (Sales appears later on the list.)
  • Promotion: People who influence public opinion, propaganda, persuasion.
  • Public relations: P.R. management, campaigns, plans and execution, interact with media.
  • Real estate: Business, sales, broker, real estate law, investment.
  • Sales: Salesman or marketing manager of sales staff.
  • Stockbroker: Professional in market sales and turnover.
  • Other Bus/Marketing: Anything out of the ordinary in Business/Marketing not otherwise covered.


Those who deal with the process of teaching and learning in the academic or private sector.

  • Administrator: School president. Oversees organization and administration.
  • Librarian: School or public library, or employed in library environment.
  • Private tutor: Specialist in a specific field of education.
  • Public speaker: Lecturer - vocational or educational speaker.
  • Researcher: Finds, sorts, and disseminates information for others. Studies and investigates.
  • Teacher: Note grade level and subject. Professor, guest lecturer.
  • Other Education: Anything out of the ordinary in Education not otherwise covered.


Engineers focus on processes that make things work. They are segmented by educational background and area of specialization.

  • Aerospace: Airplanes, rockets, and satellites.
  • Chemical: Modify chemicals.
  • Civil: Bridges, roads, tunnels. Traffic management.
  • Electrical: Computers, components, and peripherals.
  • Mechanical: Machinery, cars, robots, etc.
  • Software: Programming languages.
  • Systems: Process analyst.
  • Other Engineering: Anything out of the ordinary in Engineering not otherwise covered.


Of the 70,000 actors in the Screen Actors Guild, 80% make less than $10,000 annually: 3% top a million. TV commercials represent huge amounts of money in the industry. Approximately half of the total income that working actors make is the result of commercials.

  • Actor/actress: Television, film, commercials.
  • Animal acts: TV, trick pony, trained fleas, whales, Jungleland.
  • Child performer: Pre-puberty, what medium.
  • Circus: Note job - clown, barker, freak show, high-wire, trapeze.
  • Comedy: Known primarily as comedian. Stand-up comic.
  • Magic: Stage, TV, illusionist, card tricks, sleight of hand.
  • Mime: Classic white-face or sub-variety such as pantomime.
  • News journalist/anchor: Note media - print, radio, or TV.
  • Radio/D.J./announcer: Program director, announcer, disk-jockey, actor.
  • Stage: Known primarily for stage appearances.
  • TV host/personality: Talk show, variety show, game show.
  • TV series/Soap star: Known primarily for radio or TV soap operas.
  • Internet personality: blogger, vlogger, influencer, social media personality
  • Voice-over: Not seen on camera. Voice heard in ads or demos, radio, TV, film.
  • Other Entertainment: Anything out of the ordinary in Entertainment not otherwise covered.


  • Composer/Arranger: Writes music or affects the way that it is performed.
  • Conductor: Leads the band, orchestra, or group. Instrumental or vocal.
  • Country-Western: Singer, musician, song writer.
  • Dancer/Teacher: Dance professional or teacher - ballroom, jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip-hop.
  • Folk music: Composes or performs historic, ethnic, or cultural music.
  • Group/Duo: Performs with a partner or group. Note group name.
  • Instrumentalist: Note instrument.
  • Music teacher : Note instrument.
  • Producer: Can be recording or film medium.
  • Song writer: Note genre of songs - show tunes, ad jingles, movie scores.
  • Vocalist/Opera : Sings operatic arrangements. Note if tenor, baritone, soprano, etc.
  • Vocalist/pop, rock, etc.: Name type - pop, rock, swing, jazz, folk, soul.
  • Other Entertain/Music: Anything out of the ordinary in Entertainment/Music not otherwise covered.


  • Director: Stage, TV, screen, radio.
  • Manager/agent: Artist's representative. Paid a percentage of earnings.
  • Producer: Coordinates financial backing, key players, and program.
  • Production jobs: Camera operator, production manager, slate, grip, stand-in, wardrobe, makeup, among others.
  • Other Entertain/Bus: Anything out of the ordinary in Entertainment/Business not otherwise covered.

Food and Beverage

  • Baker/confections: Famous cookies, pastry chef, candy maker, or chef. Baked goods, breads.
  • Bartender: Serves of drinks at a bar, club, or catering.
  • Butcher/meat: Packing house or market, meat handler.
  • Cater/supplier: Cater, supply, prepare, or deliver food and beverages.
  • Chef/cook: Hash-house and hot dogs to sous-chef and saucier.
  • Alcohol business: Vineyard, distillery, brewery. Makes and sells alcoholic beverages.
  • Farmer/rancher: Raises animals or grows produce for food. Can be chicken or milk products,

or resort rancher.

  • Fast-food service: Owns, manages, provides, operates, or serves fast-food.
  • Host/Maître d': Greets and expedites guests. Manages staff and services.
  • Marketing/producer: Cans, packs, stores, delivers. or provides food or beverages.
  • Restaurateur: Owns, manages, or operates a restaurant or café.
  • Waiter/waitress: Serves food and beverages to restaurant patrons.
  • Other Food and Beverage: Anything out of the ordinary in Food and Beverage not otherwise covered.


Healing professions that are not covered in the Medical category.

  • Alternative methods: New Age-type food or supplements, oils, aromatherapy, flower essences. Sound, light, and color.
  • Energy field Healer: Manipulates the human body - Reiki, Rolfing, Alexander technique, etc.
  • Psychiatrist: Deals with mental and emotional problems. Prescribes medications and treatments. Medical degree.
  • Psychologist: More academic than a counselor. Writes books. Administers psychological testing. Ph.D.
  • Counselor: Listens, discusses, helps to resolve issues and find solutions. M.A. degree
  • Faith healer: Prays, lays on hands, invokes spiritual help, passes around the rattlesnakes.
  • Social worker: Works through a human services agency to counsel people on welfare and medical disability.
  • Other Healing: Anything out of the ordinary in Healing not otherwise covered.


Covers all professions that relate to the legal system.

  • Attorney: Lawyer, barrister, solicitor.
  • CIA: Central Intelligence Agency. International espionage.
  • Court reporter: Records court proceedings for the record.
  • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation. Domestic criminal investigations.
  • Fire department: Fire-fighter, inspector, or investigator.
  • Jurist: Judge on local, district, or supreme court.
  • Police: Law enforcement officer, constable, SWAT team, military police.
  • Private investigator: Licensed by self or private company to find information for clients.
  • Security guard: Employed by private company to guard and protect someone.
  • Spy/intelligence agent: Works for a government in espionage or counter-intelligence to find out sensitive political information or destabilize a foreign government.
  • Penal system employee: Probation officer, prison matron, warden, parole officer.
  • Other Law: Anything out of the ordinary in Law not otherwise covered.


Provides all the essential services that keep the infrastructure of modern life operative.

  • Cleaning service: House cleaning to public buildings. Window-washers, chimney sweeps.
  • Engineer: Sanitation engineer, environmental engineer, hydrologist.
  • Factory work: Assembly line or piece work. Tool-and-dye to nuts and bolts.
  • Handyman: Jack of all trades, construction. Repairs and maintenance.
  • Homemaker: Self-employed keeping home. Performs multiple tasks.
  • Mechanic: Repairs and maintains vehicles and machinery.
  • Outdoor vocation: Forest ranger, road crew, cowboy, life-guard, landscaper.
  • Physical labor: Ditch digger, longshoreman, hauling and moving.
  • Repair service: Repairs equipment and fixes appliances.
  • Trash collector: Sanitation engineer, recycling worker.
  • Phone/Cable company: Operator, repair person, installer.
  • Other Maintenance: Anything out of the ordinary in Maintenance not otherwise covered.


Vocations in the fields of medicine and physical well-being and repair. (For medical conditions, see Medical.)

  • Acupuncture: The practice of using needles to heal by rebalancing the body energy.
  • Chiropractor: Adjusts skeletal misalignments caused by accident or injury.
  • Dentist/dental hygienist : DDS, fills cavities, makes dentures, cleans teeth, works in dental care.
  • Mortician/funeral director: Embalmer, cadaver beautician, grave digger, coroner.
  • Nurse/nurse's aide: Registered or licensed practical nurse. Home healthcare provider.
  • Nutritionist: Counsels people on proper diet to correct health problems.
  • Pharmacist: Prepares, measures, and dispenses drugs and medications.
  • Physical therapist: Rehabilitates body following injury. Focus on muscle development.
  • Physician: Note specialty, if known. General practice or family practice.
  • Surgeon: Physician who performs operations to correct health problems.
  • Technician: Trained in a specific area of medical technology or diagnostics.
  • Veterinarian: Physician who focuses specifically on animal health.
  • Other Medical: Anything out of the ordinary in Medical not otherwise covered.


  • Combat: Which war, when.
  • Honors: Name medals awarded.
  • Killed: Which branch of service, how long served.
  • Military career: Minimum 20 years. Rank at time of discharge.
  • Military service: Drafted or signed on, which war or date, length of service.
  • Pacifist/objector: Reasons - religious, moral, ethical, principle.
  • POW/MIA: Prisoner of war. Missing in action.
  • Wounded: Wounded in action or during military maneuvers, severity.
  • Other Military: Anything out of the ordinary in Military not otherwise covered.


Both professional and hobbyist astrologers are included in order to compare the two lists. The various occult fields include counseling and delineation of natal chart and events.

  • Astrologer: Note if hobbyist, professional, or published author.
  • Divination/prophesy: Foretells future events with accuracy above chance.
  • Graphologist: Handwriting analyst.
  • Numerologist: Number analyst. Cabalist.
  • Palmist: Studies and defines meaning from lines in the hand.
  • Psychic/medium/spiritualist: Someone in contact with departed persons.
  • Tarot reader: Studies and reads various card decks
  • Tea-leaf reader: Divines through tea-leaf patterns.
  • Other Occult: Anything out of the ordinary in the Occult not otherwise covered.


All those who work for or are involved in the process of government.

  • Activist/political: Marches, soapbox speeches, speaks out for a cause or a belief.
  • Activist/social: Takes a stand for a social cause, justice, equality, or care.
  • Activist/feminist: Takes a stand for the role of women and children: NOW, ERA.
  • Diplomat: Schooled in the international exchange of civility between nations.
  • Government employee: office worker in government agency
  • Head of state: President, premier, prime minister, dictator. (U.S. Presidents later in list.)
  • Labor unions: Office and position. Note specific union affiliation.
  • Nazi party: Administration, political office, or military.
  • Postal service: Capacity and position. Note carefully if disgruntled.
  • Public office: Elected or appointed - Board of Supervisors to the Senate or Congress.
  • U.S. Presidents: Note terms of office and years of administration.
  • Other Politics: Anything out of the ordinary in Politics not otherwise covered.


  • Cult leader: People's Temple, various conformist and mind-control groups.
  • Ecclesiastics/Eastern: Church leader or dignitary.
  • Ecclesiastics/Western: Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Note title or position.
  • Metaphysical: Leader or exalted position in sect, group, or movement.
  • Missionary: Converts others to the faith, travels to other parts of the world. Crusader.
  • Popes: Note which one of the 265 that have served through history, if known.
  • Saint/stigmatist: Recognized saint by the church or common belief. Stigmata exhibited.
  • Spiritual leader/guru: Leader or exalted position in Eastern or Western tradition.
  • Spiritualist: Leader or exalted position in spiritualism as a career choice.
  • Other Religion: Anything out of the ordinary in Religion not otherwise covered.


  • Anthropology: Study of culture, classification, and relationships.
  • Astronomy: Study of celestial phenomena and the universe.
  • Biology: Study of living organisms and processes.
  • Chemistry: Study of the structure, properties, and changes of substances.
  • Geology: Study of the earth properties and history.
  • Mathematics/statistics: Study of numbers and measures, proportions, and distribution.
  • Physics: Study of natural science, matter, and energy.
  • Sociology: Study of social institutions and relationships.
  • Other Science: Anything out of the ordinary in Science not otherwise covered.

Sex Business

The commercial aspects of sex.

  • Porno market: Producing, marketing, acting in films, stage or strip shows.
  • Prostitute/Pimp: Sexual activity or procurement as a vocation.
  • Surrogate: Sexual activity and sensual instruction as therapy for dysfunction.
  • Other Sex Bus: Anything out of the ordinary in the Sex Business not otherwise covered.

Sports Business

  • Coach, player manager, team owner: coaches, owners of teams.
  • Promoters: Sports promoters and event organizers.
  • Other Sports Bus: Anything out of the ordinary in the Sports Business not otherwise covered.


On all of the sports categories, add the status if known and whether they ever competed in the Olympics. (Olympic winners are listed under Awards.) Note the contest or competition. If dates are known, enter in Events.

  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boating
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Bullfighting
  • Equestrian
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Games: bridge, chess,
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Racing cyclist
  • Race cars
  • Race horses
  • Rugby
  • Sailing
  • Skating
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Water sports
  • Weightlifting


Careers in the travel industry.

  • Adventure: Mountains, caves, rivers, hot-air balloons, shooting rapids, dog sledding.
  • Astronaut: NASA member, space shuttle crew.
  • Aviation field: Pilot, navigator, crew, builder, or designer.
  • Crew: ship, train, bus: Bus driver, engineer, purser, porter, transit employee.
  • Explorer: Blazing trails or navigating uncharted waters. Pioneer.
  • Flight attendant: Airline steward, stewardess.
  • Hotel/motel/resort: Owner, manager, employee.
  • Pilot/commercial: Airline, scheduled routes.
  • Pilot/military: Fighter, reconnaissance, transport, prop, jet or helicopter.
  • Pilot/private: Prop or jet. Note type of airplane.
  • Travel agent: Moving people around, providing service.
  • Trucking business: Moving goods and produce around.
  • Other Travel: Anything out of the ordinary in travel not otherwise covered.


Communication through the written word for pleasure, instruction, public record, or general information.

  • Astrology: Columnist, book author, essays, or treatises. Note if major or minor writer at the time of the data entry.
  • Autobiographical: Written by the person or with help from a ghost writer.
  • Biographer: Writer about a living or once-living person.
  • Columnist/journalist: Produces a regular newspaper or magazine column.
  • Critic: Reviews political, social, or entertainment scene.
  • Detective/mystery: Usually fiction.
  • Erotic: Erotic fiction and non-fiction literature.
  • Fiction: Novels, short stories, anecdotes.
  • How To: Tech support, self-help, manuals, home repairs.
  • Humor: Satire, slapstick, wit, jokes, tongue-in-cheek, monologues.
  • Magazine/newsletter: Articles for journals, newsletters, magazines, and periodicals.
  • Metaphysics: Subjects can range from ghosts to goddesses.
  • Parapsychology: Scientific examination of the paranormal and beyond.
  • Philosophy: Nonfiction. Examination of human's place and role.
  • Playwright/script: Scripts for stage, TV, radio, movies.
  • Poet: Poetry. Note if minor publications without pay or well-known.
  • Publisher/Editor: Note whether publications, journals, or newsletters considered major or minor.
  • Religion: Theological writings or history. Commentary.
  • Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror: Note which. The genres differ, though they sometimes overlap.
  • Textbook/Nonfiction: Standard educational works or presentations to general public.
  • Other Writers: Anything out of the ordinary in Writing not otherwise covered.


  • Other Vocations Misc: Any vocation not otherwise covered.
Extraordinary Talents Awards Famous Disk Collection
Abstract thought Cannes Criminal cases Art/Design
Creativity Emmy Historic figure Astrologers
Diplomacy Grammy Founder/originator Beauty/Fashion
Hand-eye coordination Hall of Fame News figure Business Executives
Fine motor control Knighted Royal family Creators/Inventors
Gross motor control Medals Socialite Dancers
Imagination Nobel prize Top 5% of profession Entertainers
Languages Olympics Other Famous Musicians
Leadership Oscar Military
Motivating/Selling Sports Championship Book Collection Occult/ Metaphysical
Music Pulitzer prize Profiles of Women Politicians
Numbers Tony American Book Religious/ Spiritual Leaders
Public poise Vocational award Occult and Misc Science/ Medicine
Social skills Other Awards Culture Collection Sports
Verbal skills Crime Collection Writers
Visual perception
Other Extraordinary Talents

Extraordinary Talents

The Extraordinary Talents section is for talents so strong that, if they don't show up in the chart, astrology must be reformulated. The objective standard we have set for Extraordinary Talents is that these people are the top .01% in the population. Only one person in every 10,000 has that level of talent. Thus, among 25 million Americans, there are only 2,500 with this level of talent.

  • Abstract thought: Able to visualize and analyze. Tesla-type people.
  • Creativity: Artistry, building and making things. Picasso type.
  • Diplomacy: Able to sooth a troubled situation.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Mind and motion synchronize. Skilled musicians, athletes.
  • Fine motor control: Skill in minute manipulations. Watch making, jewelry.
  • Gross motor control: Skill in physical exercise. Well-known sports figures.
  • Imagination: Skill in fiction, story telling, creating ideas that work.
  • Languages: Fluent in at least five languages.
  • Leadership: Able to attract followers.
  • Motivating/Selling: Able to inspire and move others.
  • Music: Perfect pitch. Able to play by ear, create, or memorize music.
  • Numbers: Mathematical ability that exceeds text-book learning.
  • Public poise: Skilled in meeting others. Gregarious and capable with groups.
  • Social skills: Good at interrelationships and mixing. Comfortable one on one.
  • Verbal skills: Articulate and appropriate.
  • Visual perception : Able to tell left from right from any direction or display.
  • Other Extraordinary Talents: Anything out of the ordinary in Talent not otherwise covered.


  • Cannes: Film festival award.
  • Emmy: TV award.
  • Grammy: Music award.
  • Hall of Fame: For specific field.
  • Knighted: Or comparable honor from a monarch.
  • Medals: Military or national awards.
  • Nobel prize: Note category and year.
  • Olympics: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Note category and year.
  • Oscar: Note category and year.
  • Sports Championship: Note if world, professional, amateur, or collegiate.
  • Pulitzer prize: Note category and year.
  • Tony: Stage award.
  • Vocational award: Awards in various fields that are particular to that field.
  • Other Awards: Any award not otherwise covered.


  • Criminal cases: Outstanding crime figures known widely.
  • Historic figure: Known over the centuries and throughout world.
  • Founder/originator: First to establish a new institution.
  • News figure: Known in papers and magazines for a period of time (15 minutes of fame).
  • Royal family: All the royal houses of the world.
  • Socialite: Known for family wealth or social position.
  • Top 5% of profession: The outstanding examples of various fields.
  • Other Famous: Any type of fame not otherwise covered.

Book Collection

Included in books written by Lois B. Rodden.

  • Profiles of Women: Astro-Data I: Reprint 1997, 1,400 notable women from history.
  • American Book: Astro-Data II: First printing 1980, 1,200 public figures.
  • Occult and Misc: Astro-Data III: First printing 1986, 750 data
  • Culture Collection: Astro-Data IV: First printing 1989, 750 data
  • Crime Collection: Astro-Data V: First printing 1992, 750 data

Disk Collection

Outstanding, movers and shakers in each field. Contains only data with a Rodden Rating of AA, A, or B.

  • Art/Design: Collection of known artists and people in artistic fields.
  • Astrologers: Astrologers throughout history known during their era.
  • Beauty/Fashion: Couturiers, Cosmetics, and Fashion leaders.
  • Business Executives: Entrepreneurs and leaders in the business world.
  • Creators/Inventors: Those who initiated and conceived the next step.
  • Dancers: The best known in the world of dance.
  • Entertainers: The best-known in the world of theater and entertainment.
  • Musicians: The best-known in the world of music and performance.
  • Military: Army, Navy, or military of various nations.
  • Occult/ Metaphysical: Outstanding mystics, psychics, and New Age leaders.
  • Politicians: Leaders among the world's political operatives.
  • Religious/ Spiritual Leaders: Outstanding leaders of the call of the spirit or big-bucks ministry.
  • Science/ Medicine: Figures through history who made important discoveries or major advances in science and medicine.
  • Sports: Champions and top competitors in all sports fields.
  • Writers: The best-known in all types of literature.

We do not have much data in this section yet.

Celestial Phenomena Disasters Financial Political Miscellaneous
Asteroid documentation Disasters Incorporation Date Battles Achievements
Comet documentation Natural Disasters First Public Stock Trade Conquest Animals
Chiron documentation Crashes NASDAQ Crowning Contests
Discovery dates Other Disasters NYSE Founding Discoveries
Helio documentation OTC Invasions Historic milestones
Mutation dates Large Cap Terrorist attacks Inventions
Other Celestial Mid Cap Treaties Miracles
Small Cap Wars Release dates
Commodity War declarations First stock trade
Financial Services Other Political UFO sightings
High Tech Other Misc
Other Financial

Celestial Phenomena

  • Asteroid documentation: Consistent evidence linked with asteroid positions.
  • Comet documentation: Consistent evidence linked with comet appearances.
  • Chiron documentation: Consistent evidence linked with Chiron.
  • Discovery dates: Documentation of historical events surrounding the discovery of an astral body.
  • Helio documentation: Consistent evidence linked with heliocentric planetary positions.
  • Mutation dates: Documentation of historical events surrounding major conjunctions of outer planets.
  • Other Celestial: Other celestial phenomena not all ready covered.


  • Disasters: Explosions, ship sinkings.
  • Natural Disasters: Floods, tidal waves, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes.
  • Crashes: Planes, trains, automobiles. Where and when. How many on board. Number of fatalities.
  • Other Disasters: Anything out of the ordinary in Disasters not otherwise covered.


  • Incorporation Date: Date of a company's incorporation.
  • First Public Stock Trade: Date of the first public offering. This is also listed among the Events since financial astrologers have not yet agreed upon whether the radix chart is the incorporation or first trade date. We are persuaded by the parallelism of a company's incorporation to the soul's taking on a body (corpus), but until more data has been analyzed we will maintain both the incorporation and First Public Stock Trade as "natal" radix charts for eventual event research.
  • NYSE
  • OTC
  • Large Cap
  • Mid Cap
  • Small Cap
  • Commodity
  • Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Industrial
  • Other Financial: Anything out of the ordinary in Financial not otherwise covered.


  • Battles: Historic encounters and massacres.
  • Conquest: National and political moves.
  • Crowning: Ruler enthroned.
  • Founding: Beginning of town, city or country.
  • Invasions: USSR aggression. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.
  • Terrorist attacks: Singular or group.
  • Treaties: Territorial partition, peace, economic agreements.
  • Wars: World wars. Conflicts such as the Persian Gulf.
  • War declarations: Time of first attack or aggression. Time of formal declaration.
  • Other Political: Anything out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.


  • Achievements: Conquest of Mt. Everest. First person on North Pole.
  • Animals: Famous race horses, whales, pets, zoo animals, whatever.
  • Contests: Sports and gaming events, political competition, beauty contests.
  • Discoveries: First LSD use, AIDS definition, isolation of a culture.
  • Historic milestones: Discovery of a country, signing of a charter, first step on the Moon.
  • Inventions: Date of the flash of inspiration and when the invention first worked.
  • Miracles: Virgin Mary appears in K-Mart buying jeans for Elvis.
  • Release dates: Movies or recordings, software, products.
  • First stock trade: First time stock sales opened to common market.
  • UFO sightings: Recorded by observers and documented.
  • Other Misc: Anything out of the ordinary not otherwise covered.