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A sample query: find astrologers with Sun conjunct Uranus and Uranus in the 10th house

You start with selecting vocation astrologer in the ADB category system: open Vocation -> Occult Fields and click on [ ] Astrologer (there are currently 2010 astrologers in the Astrodatabank public section).

Adbst select vocation.png

Then scroll down to filter 1, mark the Sun on the left, click on Any of Aspects To and select conjunction, and mark Uranus in the right column.

Adbst set aspect.png

If you now click on Show Results, you will get 81 hits.

Adbs result 81.png

But we want Uranus in house 10. For that, click on Add Filter, and a new filter setting opens up. The your select Uranus on the left, and House 10 on the right.

Adbst filter 2.png

When you now click Show Results, you will get 10 hits. Apparently astrologers have Uranus often in house 10, because statistically it should have been 81 / 12 = 6.75 hits only.

Adbst result 10.png

This search was done with the default setting: Placidus houses, 10° orb for conjunction. You can play with different house systems, and with different orb settings.