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Pat Taglilatelo was named successor to Lois Rodden and joined the staff of AstroDatabank as an assistant editor on January 1, 2003. Upon Lois's death in June 2003, Pat became Editor-in-Chief. For several years she served as Vice-President of the Boston Chapter of NCGR and was editor of "The Astrologers' Newsletter" for five years. She is a member of ISAR, OPA, AFAN and the Astrological Association of Great Britain. With NCGR Level IV and ISAR CAP certification, she maintains a private astrological practice in Massachusetts. At the end of January 2012 Pat retired from her duties as Astro-Databank editor.

It is due to Pat's diligence and professionalism, that the standards set by Lois Rodden for Astrodatabank have been maintained throughout the nine years of her engagement.