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Manfred Gregor

Manfred Gregor from Hamburg, Germany, works as astrologer and journalist. He studied theoretical physics in Kiel, graduated in 1973 and taught physics at the Gymnasium level as Studienrat until 1988. In 1980 he began working as an astrologer on the side, and became a full time professional astrologer in 1988. He has worked with various German mass media as an astrologer, like Petra, Bild der Frau, Bild, HÖRZU, where he often interviewed celebrities on basis of their horoscopes. He is also very active and successful as a radio journalist.

From his work as journalist astrologer, he arrived at a considerable collection of original birth data of celebrities. He ist talented to extract such private information as birth time, which in Germany rests protected under privacy laws and is not accessible through inquiries.

Astrodienst has acquired Gregor's data collection in January 2012 and is in process of integrating it in Astro-Databank for public access.

Gregor does not publish his own birth record during his life. He was good company of many other well known astrologers, who, knowing the power of astrological insight by heart, try to keep their own astrological chart confidential. Gregor's website: StarsHoch2 (in German)

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