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Ciro Discepolo

Ciro Discepolo is an Italian astrologer, journalist and writer, born 17 July 1948 in Napoli.

He worked for twenty years at the most popular daily newspaper of Naples, Il Mattino, writing articles on science, medicine, informatics, literature and astrology. He always refused to cast the so-called 'horoscopes of the solar signs' for that newspaper and for any other newspaper or magazine.

He worked (at the age of twenty) for five years at the CNR (National Research Council) as Researcher Helper and, for two years, as Electronic Measures Laboratory's head in the Istituto Motori of Naples, CNR.

He has been dealing with astrology since 1970. He has written about 70 books, most of them best-sellers in Italy as well as abroad (France, the United States of America, Spanish, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Russia) and he has published over 1000 lessons of Astrology on YouTube and about 150 short Astrology essays on Google Book. In 1990 he founded the quarterly Ricerca '90, which he's been directing since then.

He's been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of his interest in astrology. At the beginning of the '90s, he obtained very brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75,000 subjects, in different years and always under the control of different experts of statistic among which also teachers of the University in Naples.

He's been holding seminars, courses and lectures in different universities and cultural centres in Italy and abroad. He particularly deals with Predictive Astrology and Aimed Solar Returns. According to many colleagues he may be considered the greatest living expert of this sector. In fact not only he wrote a dozen of texts on this specific segment of the art of Urania - he can also rely on an experience of more than 20,000 aimed birthdays (covering the years 1970 to 2007) that he suggested, whose outcomes he collected at an interval of one year.

He developed extremely advanced software packages for the study of Predictive Astrology, also projecting an innovative algorithm which is particularly useful for the dating of events within one year for individuals or groups of people.

He is deeply interested in informatics. Astrologically speaking, he followed the school of André Barbault. He founded the school of the Active Astrology.

His contributed many data to the Bordoni collection or via his published books. His websites: