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The Data Collector's Handbook

We are pleased to present the original Rodden AstroDatabank Data Collector's Handbook. Some of this information is outdated now, in 2014. In the handbook, you will find:

  • A comprehensive list of data collections
  • Tips on how to obtain birth data for celebrities not included in major collections
  • Resource listings for getting birth certificates
  • A priceless compendium of reference articles and tables that Lois Rodden developed from over 30 years of researching birth data.

Birth Data Collections

Obtaining Birth Data

Researching Pre-Modern Birth Data

When looking for birth data, first check existing resources. Before spending time, effort and money tracking down and collecting the data of a public figure, find out if it is already available on the web, in a book, blog or newsletter.

If the data you seek is not available in these collections, we have provided tips and resources to get the data yourself. Some of our data comes from people who have an urgent need to see the chart of a favorite celebrity. They track down the birth record, send it to us, and we republish it to the community. Rodden has written down some of the tips and tricks used by herself and others to obtain birth records.

Lastly, we have included a compendium of technical material that pertains to date and time changes through history: Calendar Changes, Time Changes, Conversion Tables, Sunrise Tables and more. Rodden is particularly proud of this section because it was painstakingly assembled over many years from diverse sources. It gives many clues on how to solve dilemmas of chart erection prior to the 20th century, but it is certainly not "the last word." There is simply too much confusion and too little intelligence available, especially for data during the middle-ages. We invite anyone interested in helping to decipher old chart data or anyone with additional references to add to this material to please contact us.

All feedback and additional information is appreciated.

Please send your feedback regarding the Data Collector's Handbook via an email message to adbdata ät .