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Frequently appearing names of data collectors. The left column links to a page where the collector is presented with his collection work and web presence. The middle column links to the collector's own data entry, if it is part of Astro-Databank.

Collector Full name, ADB link Contributions Comment
Ackerman Shelley Ackerman, New York
Angel Alexander Angel, St.Louis
Astrodienst Astrodienst_AG
Bessiere Bessière, Jany 65
Best Best, Nick Dagan
Blackwell Blackwell, Arthur 70
Bordoni Bordoni, Grazia > 1200
Borges Borges, Marcello 900
Brun Brun, Marc
CAH Janice Mackey and Jessica Saunders > 300 Book "Contemporary American Horoscopes"
CEDRA Centre d'Etudes, de Documentation et de Recherche sur l'Astrologie
Clifford Clifford, Frank > 350
Conrad Conrad, Courtney > 800
De Jabrun De Jabrun, Paddy > 130
De Marre De Marré, Luc 90
Dekoster Dekoster, André 57
Discepolo Discepolo, Ciro
Doane Doane, Doris Chase 42
Dobyns Dobyns, Zipporah > 350
Drew Drew, Marion Meyer 35
Fisher Fisher, David 240 was data chairman of British Astrological Association
Gary Brand Brand, Gary 157
Gauquelin Gauquelin, Michel > 1000
Gerard Gerard, Caroline > 300
Geslain Geslain, Didier > 130
Gregor Gregor, Manfred does not publish his chart
Harvey Harvey, Martin 90
Hewitt Hewitt, Paul > 500
Holden Holden, James
Holliday Holliday, Dana > 100
Hoppmann Hoppmann, Jürgen
Jansky Jansky, Robert > 500
Kay Kay, Sue
Lehman Lehman, Lee > 4000 most without time
Lepoivre Lepoivre, Philippe runs
Lescaut Lescaut, Jacques de > 200
Mandl Mandl, Michaël
March March, Marion 56
McEvoy McEvoy, Frances > 800
McKay-Clements McKay-Clements, John > 100
Michiels Michiels, Laura
Müller Müller, Arno
Palmer Palmer, Lynne 49
Penfield Penfield, Marc > 100
Petitallot Petitallot, Patrice ~ 700
Przybylowski Przybylowski, Steven > 300
Ring Ring, Thomas
Rodden Rodden, Lois M. 13699
Schepel Schepel, Selma 49
Schmid Schmid, Siegfried
Scholfield Scholfield, Sy > 500
Shaw, Dona Shaw, Dona 78
Shaw, Victoria Shaw, Victoria 92
Starkman Starkman, Isaac
Steinbrecher Steinbrecher, Ed > 5000
Taeger Taeger, Hans-Hinrich ~ 190
Taglilatelo Taglilatelo, Pat > 1500
Treindl Treindl, Alois
van Sanden Sarah van Sanden
Wemyss Wemyss, Maurice 44
Wilsons Thelma and Tom E. Wilson > 300
Wright Wright, Paul ~ 180
Young Young, Pamela