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Normal users of the Astro-Databank wiki require no registration.

It is a read-only wiki for the interested astrological public.

Updates to the wiki data are currently only possible by processes outside of the wiki space.

Astrodienst is working on the development of special tools which will allow maintenance of the Astro-Databank information via the wiki. Once this is achieved (we hope by May 2009) we will form a community of Astro-Databank wiki editors, a group of qualified volunteers who are able to research reliable birth data information, to write biographies and to amend thos invaluable data resource.

Registration as a user is only needed, if you want to contribute to the 'discussion' of articles. The registration must be confirmed by answering to the email a newly registered user receives. Once the reception of this email has been confirmed, 'talk' or 'discussion' pages can be opened and edited.

Should the wiki administration find that this feature is abused for political purposes, for slander or aggression, it will be closed again.

To those who have requested an account in the week between 15 and 22 March 2009, when the registration still required staff review: we realized that we could not deal with so many requests. This is why we opened the registration to work without review. The pending requests were lost, we cannot access them again. You need to re-run the registration, if you have a pending request. Now it will go through immediately. Sorry for that inconvenience.