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The Quality of Time

What will the coming days and weeks bring, what the coming year? Is destiny written in the stars? A forecast horoscope can help you to recognise the quality of time to come. In this way, you are better equipped to deal with crises and difficult times in life and to make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

If you read a forecast horoscope, please remember that you are the person who decides how you deal with the topics discussed in the reports. Your age and gender, your economic situation, education, environment, your state of development and consciousness and many other factors contribute to the way you handle the challenges of the time. The planets do not force you to do or be anything. You possess a free will and you decide how you live your life.

Personal daily horoscopeThe Personal daily horoscope is the most popular horoscope at www.astro.com. Here, you can find your individual themes for today, yesterday and tomorrow - every day. You also get an overview of all transits, including all the chart drawings.
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extended daily horoscopeThe inexpensive Subscription for the extended daily horoscope gives you a free choice of transits for a time span of five years, access to the Love horoscope, to the planetary hours and the mundane constellations for the whole period of time. A MUST-HAVE for all astrology enthusiasts!
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yearly horoscope analysisThe yearly horoscope analysis by Liz Greene conveys to you that every outer event has a meaning, a connection with an inner theme. This report focuses on inner transformation and development of consciousness - the deeper meaning of your very personal year (12 months from any starting month).
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forecastThe short report forecast by Robert Hand interprets some selected central transits of the next few months. The most important themes for the next 6 months are newly calculated at the beginning of every month.
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Long-term PerspectivesLiz Greene's Long-term Perspectives for six years offer you insights into the longer, more complex processes of your psyche. This is an ideal horoscope for people who want to become more aware of their process of self-development and self-realisation.
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Transits of the YearWhat is the meaning of the changeability of fate? The Transits of the year by Robert Hand bring light into the mysterious darkness of the future and show you which topics will be relevant for you during the course of a year.
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forecast HoroscopeThe forecast Horoscope by Robert Hand is an easily accessible horoscope interpretation that describes the astrological tendencies for the next months in love, profession and other areas of life.
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EyeThe Personal Horoscope calendar by Robert Hand is a 200-page text collection, compiled individually for you selecting a personal transit text for every day. The texts are the same as in the Personal Daily Horoscope - the ideal solution for some time-out from the internet.
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Weekly HoroscopeThe weekly horoscope shows you the current topics for each sun sign, new for you every week. It is the ideal horoscope for a quick overview, or for those who do not know their exact birth data.
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