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The Personal Daily Horoscope

sun dial The Personal Daily Horoscope by Robert Hand shows your astrological transits day by day, whether they influence days, weeks, months or even just a few hours of your life. You can see one selected interpretation for free every day. Unlike most horoscopes on the Internet, the Daily Horoscope is calculated especially for you with your exact birth data! The author is considered one of the best astrologers of our time.

Mundane +The Daily Horoscope also offers profound astrological information. Under the tab "Mundane +", you find a list of all mundane and personal transits of the current day, with direct access to the corresponding chart drawing.

Love HoroscopeAnother important part of the Daily Horoscope is the Love Horoscope which interprets the daily transits in terms of love, relationship and eroticism. The Love Horoscope, however, is only accessible for subscribers.

Subscription for the Extended Daily Horoscope

With a cost-effective subscription for the Extended Daily Horoscope, you can profit from even more information:

  • Free day choice for a period of 5 years
  • The Love Horoscope for every day
  • Selection of all transits of the chosen day
  • Free access to important long-term transits
  • The planetary hours for planning your day
  • Celestial events (mundane constellations)
  • Available for all birth data stored in your profile
  • Ad-free website for the duration of your subscription
  • Attractive yearly subscription (only USD 3.75, EUR 3.50 per month)

Part of the Extended online Daily Horoscope is freely accessible for non-subscribers every Thursday. Test it out!

Directly to the Personal Daily Horoscope

More information on the subscription in the Astro Shop


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