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Astrological School

astrologosAstro Logos is one of the world's premier astrological schools. Founded in Australia in 1984 she is now located in the UK. Astro Logos offers different astrological courses depending on your needs. All of these courses are taught through Open Learning and the internet.

The student fraternity is made up of astrologers from all levels of expertise, from the self-taught practitioner who wants to gain internationally-recognised astrological qualifications, or the astrological student who wants to improve their astrology in order to earn a living doing consultations, or the astrologer who wants to explore medieval astrology, or learn to read the stars, all of them.


Astro Logos is one of the world's premier astrological school created by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. Founded in Australia in 1984 it is now located in the UK. Astro Logos now offers the student astrologer a wide range of self study materials such as all our diploma modules, as well as lectures in fixed stars, delineations and medieval astrology. Now all our teaching is done through online Master Classes.

The topics of the Master Classes vary from year to year but cover such subjects as Children Charts, Predictive Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Aspects, Understanding Nodes, Doing Research, and of course The Stars in your Life. The astrologers that join these online sessions are from a wide diversity of backgrounds and countries. For more Information, please visit the Astrologos Homepage.

Studyshops: Astrological Workshops on CD

astrologosWe have a wide range of course material plus unique to Astro Logos are Studyshops. These are like a "website on a CD", except it is a "website". They consist of audio files, graphics and text all linked together via pages which act and look like normal web pages, but you are not on-line, you are running the Studyshop from your own computer. The Studyshop will open automatically when you place it in your computer's CD or DVD drive and it will use your browser (the software you are using now to look at this web page) to show you the pages.

Some of the CPA Master Class Series, Workshops on CD are:

Some of the Astro Logos Master Class Series, Workshops on CD

You can visit the full range of Studyshops at: www.astrologos.co.uk/astrology-shop/studyshops/

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