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About Astrodienst

Horoscopes for people around the world

Firmensitz AstrodienstAstrodienst AG is located in Zollikon near Zürich in a romantic Villa close to the lake of Zürich. A team of currently eight hard working people manages the daily service and the development of new projects, together with some external partners.

For more than three decades, the small Swiss company Astrodienst has been developing and selling horoscopes. Astrodienst is German, meaning "Astro Service", and this is exactly what the people in this enterprise consider to be their most important task. In addition to products which can be ordered, there are many free charts and interpretations available in several languages on their website www.astro.com.

The Astrologer and the Physicist
In the early eighties, Alois Treindl developed a new computer software for precise horoscope calculation. Astrologers soon began to appreciate this service which continued to gain a good reputation in astrological circles. On October 4th, 1983 Astrodienst registered as an enterprise.
In 1987, the astrologically skilled physicist Treindl met Liz Greene, a well-known American astrologer and psychologist who had already written a number of astrology books. Dissatisfied with the quality of ordinary computer-generated horoscopes, they set out to develop a better one: an „expert system“ which was able to synthesize horoscope factors in such a way that it could give a valid description of character and psychological motivation. The software should "imitate" an astrological counseling session based on Liz Greene‘s practice.
After two years of intensive work they were able to sell the first „Psychological Horoscope Analysis“. The reactions were unambiguous: never before had a computer created a horoscope of comparable quality. This led Astrodienst to develop a further eight interpretations. Liz Greene has remained their most important author, followed by the American astrologer Robert Hand with his classic transit interpretations, and Mona Riegger from Germany. Today their horoscopes, which are available in up to ten languages, are sold by more than 40 licensees around the world.

www.astro.com: one of the most successful astrology sites on the Internet
In 1996, Astrodienst went online, and today www.astro.com is one of the most successful astrological websites on the Internet registering more than 6 million visitors per month. Beginners as well as professional astrologers can find a wealth of information in the Personal Daily Horoscope and various short reports, as well as valuable tools such as different types of chart calculation. For those who want to explore the subject in greater depth, Astrodienst offers specialized articles by renowned astrologers, a 3‘000-year ephemeris or sample horoscopes of contemporary celebrities. The website is currently online in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

What about the future?
According to Liz Greene, "Astrodienst is not interested in competing with the mass market of simple star sign astrology, but utilizes astrology to explore the deeper levels and motivations of human nature." This is a challenge Astrodienst will continue to take on, aiming to meet the growing interest in astrology with high quality products. The enterprise is working on its expansion through co-operations with national and international partners as well as preparing other new projects.

History of Astrodienst
  1. Alois Treindl, graduate student, starts selling color charts and calls this service Astrodienst Zürich.

  2. Astrodienst AG incorporated.

  3. Psychological Horoscope Analysis, by Liz Greene.

  4. First software license sold to the USA.

  5. Transits of the Year, by Robert Hand.

  6. Relationship Horoscope, by Liz Greene.

  7. Child's Horoscope, by Liz Greene.

  8. Personal Horoscope Calendar, by Robert Hand.

  9. Website www.astro.ch goes online.

  10. Yearly Horoscope Analysis, by Liz Greene.

  11. Horoscope for Two, by Mona Riegger.

  12. Horoscope 2000 / Long Term Perspectives, by Liz Greene.

  13. Free Personal Daily Horoscopes on website.

  14. Astrodienst acquires Astral Research and publishes AstroText reports.

  15. Astrodienst relocates a web server to the USA with increased bandwidth.

  16. New web-Software with database online.

  17. Career and vocation, by Liz Greene.

  18. Astrodienst installs load balanced Linux server farm in Zurich, merging www.astro.com with www.astro.ch

  19. New Astro Shop software goes online

  20. Astrodienst introduces the Euro

  21. French version of www.astro.com goes online

  22. Dutch version of www.astro.com goes online

  23. Spanish version of www.astro.com goes online

  24. Italian version of www.astro.com goes online

  25. Portuguese version of www.astro.com goes online

  26. Danish version of www.astro.com goes online

  27. Introduction of E-Horoscope as PDF, as an option

  28. Astrodienst Forum online

  29. Astro-Wiki goes online

  30. Astro-Databank goes online! The Astro-Databank of Lois Rodden has been transformed by Astrodienst into an open wiki project.

  31. Chinese version of www.astro.com goes online

  32. Japanese version of www.astro.com goes online

  33. Color Horoscope and Color Oracle by Johannes Schneider

  34. Russian version of www.astro.com goes online

  35. The Weekly Horoscope goes online

  36. First article of the "Astrological Journal" goes online.

  37. First article of the "Mountain Astrologer" goes online.

  38. The Astrodienst Webdesign goes online in a brand new layout and with technology of "responsive webdesign".

  39. The new horoscope "Money and Success" by Markus Jehle goes online (in German).

  40. The English version of the "Money and Success Horoscope" is online.

  41. New option for siderialists in the Extended Chart Selection: 23 different Ayanamshas are available.

  42. "Stories From the Stars", a fixed star report by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg goes online.

  43. Official start of cooperation with "Infinity Astrological Magazine".

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