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Love Horoscope of Friday, 20 April 2018
for Aleksandra Jaworska, born 18 May 1993

Security and reliability

If you have a partner, this fact will give you a positive and secure feeling today. You can sense that you have stability and can count on each other. Things are good the way they are, even though you may have stopped reaching for the stars.

But you may not need a partner in order to feel this way. Some people are so securely rooted in life that they seek qualities other than security in a partner. If this applies in your case, you will now be attractive to those who seek stability. You exude a certain aura of security and reliability that entices others. If you are successful in the professional or social realm, your status may play a role in your attractiveness.

If you are currently searching for a partner, you have achieved a realistic point of view that probably has no exaggerated expectations. You are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. From this perspective, it would be good for you to meet someone right now of all times. Could it be that you just need to somewhat expand your field of vision and make better use of the possibilities available to you?

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Sun sextile Saturn,  ,
activity period from 18 April 2018 until 20 April 2018
Other transits occurring today
Moon conjunction MC, exact at 05:21 
Moon in 10th house, from 05:21  
Moon square Ascendant, exact at 06:38 
Moon trine Saturn, exact at 10:17 
Moon square Jupiter, exact at 18:54 
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"True happiness" (Pluto conjunction Neptune)
"Expressing the unsaid" (Chiron sextile Mercury)
"Spring in your heart" (Jupiter sextile Neptune)
"Promising news" (Mercury opposition Jupiter)
"An energetic domestic life" (Mars in 4th house)
"Risking intimacy" (Sun in 8th house)
"Away from everyday routine" (Venus in 9th house)
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