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Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 24 February 2018
for Raul Gardini [Adb], born 7 June 1933

Objectivity and indifference

Valid during many months: This influence gives you the chance to start to look into, or to delve deeper into, those areas of knowledge which try to give practical answers to human problems. These include not only all forms of healing, but also psychology and astrology as well as areas such as sociology and education. If you are interested or active in one of these areas, you should go deeper into the theoretical, philosophical fundamentals of your subject. The correct reading matter at the moment is specialist literature, introductions to related topics, and fundamental theoretical considerations. Perhaps you will not just read and learn, but also write something of this sort or give presentations. You should bear in mind during all these activities that you find yourself on the intellectual plane - it is quite possible to distance yourself from reality, not factual reality but the reality of your feelings and sympathies. This is not necessarily a handicap, and is even, from time to time, an absolute necessity for psychological work. It must, however, not be allowed to determine our inner attitudes when we really want to respond to our own suffering or that of other people.

The danger of this influence lies in the intellectualization and "flogging to death" of painful experiences and situations which actually call for feeling or sympathy. On the wholly personal level, with regard to existential problems of yours or someone close to you, such an approach hinders a compassionate understanding and effective acceptance of psychological realities.

On the whole this quality of time will not be immediately noticeable. You will be more than usually objective in difficult interpersonal situations. You should just be careful that in situations that demand humanity, objectivity does not become indifference.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Chiron square Mercury,  ,
activity period mid-April 2017 until mid-January 2019
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