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Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 16 January 2018
for Lance Armstrong [Adb], born 18 September 1971
New Moon 

With kid gloves

Valid during many months: This influence can bring with it a very painful or shameful episode - either for you or for someone close to you.

During this time you are touchy and unsure of yourself, and so you are easily hurt or insulted, or you tend to be hurtful yourself - there may be triggers for these situations but in reality no obvious cause. Maximum restraint is called for in all interpersonal interactions. You should really treat everyone with kid gloves to avoid doing harm to your relationships or to yourself. If you are already in dispute with someone, you should try to avoid this person at this time. Whatever it is about, an argument or difference of opinion that you want to settle or continue during this time, it would only lead to meaningless, mutual pain.

This sensibility of yours or your counterpart has to do with old injuries from the past that begin to hurt again during this influence. This is why you may completely over-react in the present situation and so provoke a blow below the belt or risk losing face. Presumably, neither you nor your counterpart would sink to these depths under other circumstances, and it is probably also true that the participants in this action truly regret it afterwards. By then, however, it could be too late.

If you want to avoid painful or embarrassing encounters during this time, you should bring maximum consideration, sympathy and serenity to the fore in all interactions - even if you really do not feel like it.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Chiron opposition Sun,  , exact at 10:39   
activity period beginning of May 2016 until beginning of February 2018
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