Birth Town Entry
Please, enter the birth town (not the place where you live!). Often, it is also sufficient to enter the first few letters of the name of the place.

After clicking on the "continue" button, please check if the birth town field displays the correct place. It may happen that our computer finds several places of same or similar name. In such cases you have to select the correct place from the pulldown list.

If the birth town required is not found in our database, please choose a greater town or city close to the place you would have wanted. To do this, first choose the entry "go to new place selection" in the birth town selection box and click on the "continue" button. Then you can enter a new place name.

How to change an incorrect birth place
- getting born again is a good possibility ;-) but there are others:
- Click on the link "other town" which is placed on the right hand side of your presently chosen birth place (above the "continue" button).
- Now you can enter the new city name and press the "continue" button as usual.