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Ayanamsha is the deviation in degrees of the sidereal from the tropical zodiac at a given epoch.

Sidereal astrologers dissent from each other on the question where exactly in the firmament the sidereal zodiac should have its initial point (0° Aries). For this reason, there are several different sidereal zodiacs. These are defined by their respective ayanamshas.

Detailed explanations on ayanamsha are given in the followign article: Artikel Ayanamshas in Sidereal Astrology.

Please select this option only if you really know what you are doing.
Lunar Node = 0° Aries. Please select this option only if you really know what you are doing.

Please select this option only if you really know what you are doing.
Standard drawing: Astrodienst setting
Reference place: birthplace modify data
Reset the form: Astrodienst setting Reset
Calculation options
True Node
Mean Node
Descending Node
day formula for Pars Fortunae
6 fixed stars in zodiac
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Uranus - Pluto off
traditional decans
Chaldean decans
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add orb table in "additional tables"
% Reduce/increase orbs
landscape, if possible
anonymised drawing (without name)
Selection from following lists:
Asteroid name/number list with 21348 names

Selecting Asteroid Numbers from a List

Please note that the total number of additional objects in a chart is limited to 10.

A typical use of this feature is to construct family charts, where asteroids named like the family members are added to a normal chart. Currently there are about 21348 asteroids named officially by the IAU (International Astronomical Union).
This list is updated from http://www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/lists/MPNames.html periodically.

It is not (yet) possible to buy a name in the list; you must discover a new asteroid and you will receive the right to suggest a name.

This is an alphabetical listing of the names of the numbered minor planets. It was last updated on 8 Jun 2018.

A click on an asteroid name leads to a Nasa-JPL page with orbital details about the named asteroid. This JPL page opens in a separate window or browser tab.

List of fixed stars
List of other horoscope factors and "hypothetical" planets
You can enter the objects as a comma-separated list. For asteroids use their official catalogue numbers, for fixed stars their names, and for other objects their list numbers according to the link given below, e.g. "433,227,Sirius,Regulus,h21,h22,h48". Altogether, the limit is 11 additional objects.
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