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    24-Feb-2018, 19:02 Weltzeit
    Sonne67' 3"9s16
    Mond2511' 9"19n20
    Mars1745' 6"22s32
    Chiron270' 1"1n59
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Astro-Zwillinge aus der Astro-Databank

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Geboren am 29. Dezember mit Aszendent Zwillinge

1.Alfaro Siqueiros, David, 29. Dez. 1896, 16:30, Mexico City, MEX
Mexican social realist painter, better known for his large murals in fresco. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
2.Chalubinski, Tytus, 29. Dez. 1820, 14:00, Radom, POL
Polish physician and co-founder of the Polish Tatra Society. Chałubiński [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
3.Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne, 29. Dez. 1923, 15:00, Lille, FR
French mathematician and physicist. She was the first woman to be elected to [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
4.De La Hoya, Nina, 29. Dez. 2007, 16:36, San Juan, PR (US)
Puerto Rican child of noted family, her parents are boxer Oscar de la Hoya and [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
5.Gould, Jason, 29. Dez. 1966, 14:58, Manhattan, NY (US)
American actor and noted family, the son of Barbra Streisand and her husband [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
6.Grandjean, Charles Louis Dieudonné, 29. Dez. 1768, 14:30, Nancy, FR
French general of the French Revolutionary Wars. He died on 15 December 1828, [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
7.Klein, Georges, 29. Dez. 1945, 16:00, Romans sur Isère, FR
French-Chilenian psychiatrist and advisor of president Allende. Born in [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
8.Malloy, James Allen, 29. Dez. 1955, 15:06, Fort Bragg NC, USA
American homicide suspect who was thought to have murdered Daniel Vallone, [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
9.Rosenberg, Paul, 29. Dez. 1881, 15:00, Paris, FR
French Jewish art dealer, known for representing Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
10.Thurston, Frederick C., 29. Dez. 1933, 15:00, Altoona, WI (US)
American football player. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)

Geboren am 29. Dezember

11.Adolphe, Timothée, 29. Dez. 1989, 14:30, Versailles, FR
French blind paralympic athlete. He competes in category T11 because of his [...] (Aszendent Stier)
12.Autric, Jean, 29. Dez. 1871, 14:00, Toulon, FR
French naval commander, who died on 18 March 1915 during the Battle of the [...] (Aszendent Stier)
13.Beck, Lucile Coates, 29. Dez. 1891, 11:35, Omaha, NE (US)
American astrologer who joined AFA in January 1966. She and her husband moved [...] (Aszendent Fische)
14.Belcher, Helene H., 29. Dez. 1895, 01:03, Orange, NJ (US)
American professional astrologer who joined AFA in 1954. Died on 1/22/1978, [...] (Aszendent Waage)
15.Bodin, Louis, 29. Dez. 1957, 13:05, Reims, FR
French meteorologist engineer, TV weather presenter, radio and TV host, he [...] (Aszendent Widder)
16.Boggs, Philip, 29. Dez. 1949, 01:12, Akron OH, USA
American athlete, a swimmer who won the Olympic Gold Medal at the 1976 games as [...] (Aszendent Waage)
17.Boudouani, Laurent, 29. Dez. 1966, 18:25, Sallanches, France
French boxer, the son of Algerian parents. He lost only two fights out of his [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
18.Bradley, Tom, 29. Dez. 1917, 04:00, Calvert TX, USA
American lawyer, politician, member of the Los Angeles police department for [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
19.Buache, Freddy, 29. Dez. 1924, 12:00, Lausanne, SWTZ
Swiss journalist, cinema critic and film historian. He was the director of the [...] (Aszendent Fische)
20.Calman, William, 29. Dez. 1871, 17:00, Dundee, Scotland
Scottish scientist, zoologist and author. He has written articles and papers [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
21.Casals, Pablo, 29. Dez. 1876, 20:00, Vendrell, SPAIN
Spanish cellist and conductor, known for his innovative technique, masterful [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
22.Christie, Dinah, 29. Dez. 1942, 08:00, London, England
Canadian actor and singer. Although born in England, she moved to Canada with [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
23.Claveau, André, 29. Dez. 1911, 04:15, Paris, FR
French singer, popular from the 1940s to the 1960s. He won the Eurovision Song [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
24.Clyde, Danielle, 29. Dez. 1989, 17:45, Mérida (Yucatan), MEX
Mexican reality television and social media personality, an architecture and [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
25.Coase, Ronald, 29. Dez. 1910, 15:25, London, ENG (UK)
British economist and author. He was the Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
26.Colpin, Charles, 29. Dez. 1924, 21:00, Quaregnon, BEL
Belgian boxer. [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
27.Cribbins, Bernard, 29. Dez. 1928, 00:35, Oldham, England
British comedy character actor, voice-over and TV personality. He was a [...] (Aszendent Waage)
28.Danko, Rick, 29. Dez. 1943, 05:31, Simcoe, ON (CAN)
Canadian musician, a singer and bass player with “The Band,“ formed in 1961 of [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
29.Danson, Ted, 29. Dez. 1947, 22:58, San Diego, CA (US)
American actor, a top favorite as the libidinous bartender Sam Malone in the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
30.De André, Cristiano, 29. Dez. 1962, 08:15, Genoa, ITALY
Italian pop/folk singer-songwriter and musician. During his career, he competed [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
31.Deprez, Marcel, 29. Dez. 1843, 13:00, Aillant-sur-Milleron, FR
French electrical engineer. At Creil, from 1876 to 1886, Deprez conducted the [...] (Aszendent Stier)
32.Faithfull, Marianne, 29. Dez. 1946, 12:20, Hampstead, ENG (UK)
English pop singer, songwriter, and actress. From 1966 to 70, she lived a “love [...] (Aszendent Widder)
33.Fast, Alvin Lewis, 29. Dez. 1923, 06:30, Ceylon, Canada
American film maker and promoter of beauty contests and talent shows, a [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
34.Fliess, Robert, 29. Dez. 1895, 08:00, Berlin, GER
German psychoanalyst and prolific writer in that field. He devised the phrase [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
35.Floquet, Michel, 29. Dez. 1958, 00:30, Soissons, FR
French journalist, editor of the “Journal de 20 heures“ programme on televison [...] (Aszendent Waage)
36.Gammell, Bill, 29. Dez. 1952, 05:25, Edinburgh, SCOT (UK)
Scottish business executive and international rugby player. Gammell played [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
37.Gérard, Mickaël, 29. Dez. 1972, 01:00, Calais, FR
French footballer, who played as a right winger for Calais from 1995 to [...] (Aszendent Waage)
38.Gerra, Laurent, 29. Dez. 1967, 10:30, Bourg en Bresse, FR
French TV personality, actor, and impersonator. He was one of Lautner’s best [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
39.Gladstone, William, 29. Dez. 1809, 08:15, Liverpool, ENG (UK)
British politician, the P.M. of Great Britain under Queen Victoria 1868-1874, [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
40.Godefroy, Charles, 29. Dez. 1888, 07:00, La Flèche, FR
French aviator who became famous by his spectacular flight passing through the [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
41.Guérin, Charles, 29. Dez. 1873, 23:30, Lunéville, FR
French poet, author of “The Ash Sower,“ “Inner Man,“ and more. Guerin died [...] (Aszendent Waage)
42.Gui, Raymond, 29. Dez. 1912, 02:00, Saivres, FR
French criminal, a murderer who was sentenced to death and later executed. He [...] (Aszendent Waage)
43.Hansen, Fred, 29. Dez. 1940, 03:50, Cuero, TX (US)
American former athlete who competed mainly in the pole vault. He competed for [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
44.Harness, Charles L., 29. Dez. 1915, 08:00, Colorado, TX (US)
American science fiction writer. He earned degrees in chemistry and law from [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
45.Heck, Dieter Thomas, 29. Dez. 1937, 17:30, Flensburg, GER
German television presenter, singer and actor. He is known as the presenter of [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
46.Heramb, Thore, 29. Dez. 1916, 17:30, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian painter and illustrator. The Norwegian Museum of Contemporary Art has [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
47.Jarry, Robert, 29. Dez. 1924, 00:05, Connerré, FR
French politician. He died on 17 September 2008 at Le Mans after an [...] (Aszendent Waage)
48.Jimenez Moreno, Wigberto, 29. Dez. 1909, 10:00, León (Guanajuato), MEX
Mexican philosopher, historian and archaeologist. His work was focused on the [...] (Aszendent Fische)
49.Joel, Alexa Rae, 29. Dez. 1985, 23:45, New York, NY (US)
American noted family and a musician, the daughter of cover girl Christie [...] (Aszendent Waage)
50.Johnson, Andrew, 29. Dez. 1808, 00:34:30, Raleigh, NC (US)
American politician and U.S. President 1865-1869, succeeding President Lincoln. [...] (Aszendent Waage)
51.Kako, Princess of Japan, 29. Dez. 1994, 09:20, Tokyo, JAPAN
Japanese royal family, the second daughter born to Prince Akishino and his wife [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
52.Khanna, Rajesh, 29. Dez. 1942, 00:25, Amritsar, INDIA
Indian Bollywood actor, film producer and politician. He was referred to as the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
53.Kirkland, Gelsey, 29. Dez. 1952, 09:36, Fountain Hill, PA (US)
American ballerina, author and teacher, most noted for her meteoric rise to the [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
54.Krantz, Jules François Émile, 29. Dez. 1821, 19:00, Givet, FR
French naval officer and politician, a vice admiral who served as Minister of [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
55.Kranz, Peter-Paul, 29. Dez. 1884, 03:45, Hainstadt, GER
German dental surgeon, prenatal surgeon and university lecturer. He died on 2 [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
56.kulik, Elodie, 29. Dez. 1977, 02:40, Lens, FR
French victim, raped and murdered. [...] (Aszendent Waage)
57.Law, Jude, 29. Dez. 1972, 06:00, Lewisham, ENG (UK)
English actor, producer, and director. Married american actress Sienna Miller, [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
58.Lee, Dylan, 29. Dez. 1997, 11:20, Malibu, CA (US)
American noted family, son of Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee. [...] (Aszendent Fische)
59.Lindfors, Viveca, 29. Dez. 1920, 07:15, Uppsala, Sweden
Swedish actress and director with a face carved of magnificent planes and [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
60.Loit, Jacques, 29. Dez. 1929, 20:00, Lisieux, FR
French boxer. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
61.Lovano, Joe, 29. Dez. 1952, 18:06, Cleveland, OH (US)
American jazz musician, saxophone player, 1st child. One of the most mature [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
62.MacAulay, Fred, 29. Dez. 1956, 04:20, Perth, SCOT (UK)
Scottish comedian. He presents a daily BBC Scotland radio programme, and has [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
63.Marceau, V., 29. Dez. 1902, 03:30, Liévin, FR
French accordionist, considered one of the all time greats. He died on 22 [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
64.Marcialis, Mirko, 29. Dez. 1981, 09:35, Milan, Italy
Italian jockey who was thrown from his horse and killed on [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
65.Matras, Christian, 29. Dez. 1903, 11:40, Valence, FR
French director of photography and cinematographer. Beginning as a newsreel [...] (Aszendent Widder)
66.Milton, Theodore R., 29. Dez. 1915, 13:40, Schofield Barracks, HI (US)
American military, general. Died from a stroke on 24 August [...] (Aszendent Stier)
67.Mitchell, Billy, 29. Dez. 1879, 10:00, Nice, FR
American military man, born in France, who became the youngest officer ever [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
68.Monge Alvarez, Luis Alberto, 29. Dez. 1925, 13:30, Alajuela, CR
The President of Costa Rica from 1982 to 1986. [...] (Aszendent Stier)
69.Moore, Mary Tyler, 29. Dez. 1936, 10:45, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American actress and TV executive. Named “America’s Sweetheart,“ Moore was a [...] (Aszendent Fische)
70.Nat, Yves, 29. Dez. 1890, 04:00, Béziers, FR
French pianist, composer and teacher. His repertoire particularly covered the [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
71.Nitschke, Ray, 29. Dez. 1936, 18:30, Elmwood Park, IL (US)
American football star, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers (1958-1972) [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
72.Parking, Gustave, 29. Dez. 1955, 14:30, Bayonne, FR
French comedian. [...] (Aszendent Stier)
73.Phoenix, Yu, 29. Dez. 1988, 05:35, Sulingen, GER
German guitarist who came to fame as a member of Cinema Bizarre, a glam rock [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
74.Pimp C, 29. Dez. 1973, 23:37, Port Arthur, TX (US)
American rapper, singer, and producer, best known for his work with Bun B as a [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
75.Platzeck, Matthias, 29. Dez. 1953, 12:00, Potsdam, GER
German politician, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany between [...] (Aszendent Widder)
76.Pompadour, Mme de, 29. Dez. 1721, 10:15, Paris, FR
French news figure, a courtesan and mistress of King Louis XV. Bourgeois but [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
77.Ponti, Carlo Jr., 29. Dez. 1968, 08:53, Ginebra, SWTZ
Italian noted family member and conductor who began his career in 1994 when he [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
78.Pozzan, Ugo, 29. Dez. 1929, 08:20, San Martino Buon Albergo, ITALY
Italian soccer/football player and coach. He played for Verona (1949-1953), [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
79.Reid, Jim, 29. Dez. 1961, 16:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish singer and guitarist for The Jesus and Mary Chain, a feedback-driven [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
80.Remlinger, Paul, 29. Dez. 1871, 19:00, Bertrange, LUX
French physician and biologist who was a leading authority on rabies and rabies [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
81.Rey, Abel, 29. Dez. 1873, 18:00, Chalon sur Saône, FR
French philosopher and historian of science who succeeded Gaston Milhaud as [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
82.Rinero, Christophe, 29. Dez. 1973, 13:20, Moissac, FR
French road racing cyclist, who won the Tour de l’Avenir in 1998 and the King [...] (Aszendent Widder)
83.Roberts, Morley, 29. Dez. 1857, 10:00, London, England
British novelist and writer of travel books who worked in Australia 1876-1879 [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
84.Robin, Mado, 29. Dez. 1918, 06:00, Yzeures-sur-Creuse, France
French singer, a lyric-coloratura with a voice of great agility and phenomenal [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
85.Rollinat, Maurice, 29. Dez. 1846, 09:00, Chateauroux, France
French poet of morbid and strange inspiration, the author of “Neurosis.“ [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
86.Saint-Hillier, Bernard, 29. Dez. 1911, 06:00, Dole, FR
French general, who served in World War II and the Algerian War. He died on 28 [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
87.Schmidt, Kathy, 29. Dez. 1953, 10:08, Long Beach, CA (US)
American javelin thrower. She was a two-time (1972, 1976) Olympian, both times [...] (Aszendent Fische)
88.Severin, Al, 29. Dez. 1963, 08:10, Ixelles, BEL
Belgian cartoonist. [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
89.Shady Solis, Ruth, 29. Dez. 1946, 02:40, Callao, PERU
Peruvian anthropologist and archaeologist. She is the founder and director of [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
90.Sheppard, Sam, 29. Dez. 1923, 05:30, Cleveland Heights, OH (US)
American physician who was accused of murdering his wife in her own bed on 4 [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
91.Stone, Sean, 29. Dez. 1984, 16:00, New York, NY (US)
American actor, film director, producer, cinematographer and screenwriter. He [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
92.Swensen, Clarence, 29. Dez. 1917, 05:25, Austin, TX (US)
American actor who was one of the last surviving Munchkins from the 1939 film [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
93.Swenson, Inga, 29. Dez. 1932, 08:30, Omaha, NE (US)
American actress and lyric soprano. Swenson trained at Northwestern [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
94.Tipton, Billy, 29. Dez. 1914, 02:00, Oklahoma City, OK (US)
American jazz musician who lived life as a man, finding this the only way to be [...] (Aszendent Waage)
95.Trible, Paul, 29. Dez. 1946, 06:30, Baltimore MD, USA
American politician, Virginia Senator from 1982 and three term member of the [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
96.van Leemputten, Frans, 29. Dez. 1850, 12:00, Leuven, BEL
Belgian painter. He studied with the landscape painter Paulus Lauters at the [...] (Aszendent Widder)
97.Védrines, Jules, 29. Dez. 1881, 10:00, Saint Denis, FR
French military man who, as an aviator, performed dangerous detached services [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
98.Voight, Jon, 29. Dez. 1938, 11:50, Yonkers, NY (US)
American actor who earned several Oscar nominations for films such as “Midnight [...] (Aszendent Widder)
99.Wachowski, Lilly, 29. Dez. 1967, 03:00, Chicago, IL (US)
American film director, screenwriter and producer. She works with her sister [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
100.Westendorp-Osieck, Betsy, 29. Dez. 1880, 00:30, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch painter who belonged to the women artists group the ’’Amsterdamse [...] (Aszendent Waage)
101.Wheeler, Doug, 29. Dez. 1939, 19:15, Globe, AZ (US)
American visual and installation artist, a pioneer of the so-called “Light and [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
102.Wilson, Helen S., 29. Dez. 1900, 21:30, Detroit, MI (US)
American astrologer, a member and teacher of the Church Of Light and a writer [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
103.Wilson, Woodrow, 29. Dez. 1856, 00:45, Staunton, VA (US)
American politician who served as the 28th President of the United States from [...] (Aszendent Waage)
104.Zidler, Charles, 29. Dez. 1831, 08:00, St.Cloud, FR
French impresario who co-founded the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge with Joseph [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
105.Zucchi, Julian, 29. Dez. 1985, 01:37, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentine social media personality and reality television star known for his [...] (Aszendent Waage)
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