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Astro-Zwillinge aus der Astro-Databank

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Geboren am 31. Januar 1921

1.Agar, John, 31. Jan. 1921, 19:15, Chicago, IL (US)
American actor, a handsome but colorless leading man; better known as the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
2.Channing, Carol, 31. Jan. 1921, 21:00, Seattle, WA (US)
American actress with a foghorn voice and huge eyes in an elastic face with a [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
3.Lanza, Mario, 31. Jan. 1921, 09:45, Philadelphia, PA (US)
Italian-American singer and actor, a great vocal phenomenon, the first [...] (Aszendent Widder)

Geboren am 31. Januar mit Aszendent Jungfrau

4.Brünings, Wilhelm, 31. Jan. 1876, 20:00, Kuhstedt, GER
German ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician and university lecturer. He made [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
5.Buchanan, Larry, 31. Jan. 1923, 19:30, Mexia, TX (US)
American film director, producer and writer, who proclaimed himself a [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
6.Carton de Wiart, Henry, 31. Jan. 1869, 19:00, Brussels, BEL
Belgian politican. He was the 23rd Prime Minister of Belgium from 20 November [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
7.Eliès, Yann, 31. Jan. 1974, 20:00, St.Brieuc, FR
French professional navigator and skipper, who won the ’Solitaire du Figaro’ [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
8.Frater, William “Jock”, 31. Jan. 1890, 19:00, Linlithgow, SCOT (UK)
Australian artist, painter, stained-glass designer, lecturer on modern art, and [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
9.Frederick, Prince of Wales, 31. Jan. 1707, 19:30, Hanover, GER
Prince of Great Britain, heir apparent to the British throne from 1727 until [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
10.Harris, Chauncy Dennison, 31. Jan. 1914, 21:10, Logan, UT (US)
American geographer, author, university professor. His seminal works in the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
11.Hersant, Robert, 31. Jan. 1920, 19:00, Vertou, France
French entrepreneur, the founder of a powerful chain of regional newspapers. [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
12.Lee, Ajaan, 31. Jan. 1907, 21:00, Ubon Ratchathani, THAI
Thai religious teacher, one of the foremost teachers in the Thai forest ascetic [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
13.Moore, Kalisa, 31. Jan. 1926, 18:45, Riga, LV
American resident character of her world-famous restaurant, Kalisa’s on Cannery [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
14.Ottolenghi, Donato, 31. Jan. 1874, 21:00, Roma, ITALY
Italian-Jewish physician from a noted Italian-German family, who was professor [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
15.Rivière, Guillaume, 31. Jan. 1981, 21:35, Léhon, FR
French jockey, who had 130 victories, including a dozen on the Auteuil [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
16.Saint-Cyr, François, 31. Jan. 1824, 21:00, Ambérieux-en-Dombes, FR
French veterinarian and Professor at the École Vétérinaire de Lyon (Veterinary [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
17.Schillinger, Jean, 31. Jan. 1934, 20:05, Colmar Ht Rhin, France
French master chef, the “Alsatian Bocuse,“ a two-star winner in the Michelin [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
18.Siao Him Fa, Adam, 31. Jan. 2001, 21:45, Bordeaux, FR
French ice skater, young prodigy. [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
19.Warren, Lorraine, 31. Jan. 1927, 18:40, Bridgeport, CT (US)
American clairvoyant who, along with her husband, Ed Warren, the most famous [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)

Geboren am 31. Januar

20.Abittan, Ary, 31. Jan. 1974, 12:40, Paris, FR
French actor and comedian with North-african origin. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
21.Adopted illegally: Maria, 31. Jan. 2009, 02:10, Lamía, GRC
Blond 4 year old Maria was born to a Bulgarian Roma women in Greece, and [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
22.Ahvo, Eija, 31. Jan. 1951, 06:05, Kuopio, Finland
Finnish actress and singer [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
23.Aïvanhov, Omraam Mikhaël, 31. Jan. 1900, 00:25, Srpci, MKD
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov was a Bulgarian philosopher, pedagogue, alchemist, [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
24.Ambrose, Maureen B., 31. Jan. 1939, 10:23, Bridgeport CT, USA
American pro astrologer, writer, teacher and lecturer. Maureen was raised in [...] (Aszendent Widder)
25.Anguiviel, Daniel, 31. Jan. 1950, 22:30, Alès, FR
French politician, elected mayor of Liouc in May 2014. Formerly he was an [...] (Aszendent Waage)
26.Antoine, André, 31. Jan. 1858, 23:00, Limoges, FR
French film director and manager who came to film late, at 60, and became [...] (Aszendent Waage)
27.Arora, Amrita, 31. Jan. 1978, 05:35, Mumbai, INDIA
Indian film actress, model, TV presenter and VJ, who made her Bollywood acting [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
28.Asloum, Brahim, 31. Jan. 1979, 11:45, Bourgoin Jallieu, FR
French boxer, who won the Light Flyweight Gold medal at the 2000 Summer [...] (Aszendent Stier)
29.Ayane, Malika, 31. Jan. 1984, 03:40, Milan, ITALY
Italian pop singer. In 1995, she entered the White Voices Choir at the Teatro [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
30.Babashoff, Shirley, 31. Jan. 1957, 14:05, Whittier CA, USA
American athlete, an Olympic swimmer at age 15. She is the holder of gold and [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
31.Baugé, Grégory, 31. Jan. 1985, 08:55, Maisons Laffitte, FR
French racing cyclist, he joined the junior spring team in 2002. A seven-time [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
32.Beatrix, Queen of Netherlands, 31. Jan. 1938, 09:47, Soestdijk, NETH
Dutch royalty, the first of four daughters born to Queen Juliana and Prince [...] (Aszendent Widder)
33.Benvenuti, Alessandro, 31. Jan. 1950, 05:00, Pelago, ITALY
Italian actor, film director and screenwriter. He was co-founder, together with [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
34.Berdella, Bob, 31. Jan. 1949, 08:38, Canton OH, USA
American homicide, a serial killer who tortured and killed five men, all from [...] (Aszendent Fische)
35.Bergeret, Pierre-Nolasque, 31. Jan. 1782, 17:45, Bordeaux, FR
French painter, pioneer lithographer and designer who studied with [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
36.Bianchi, Daniela, 31. Jan. 1942, 11:00, Rome, ITALY
Italian actress, whose best known part was Tatiana Romanova in the 1963 James [...] (Aszendent Widder)
37.Blanche, Jacques-Émile, 31. Jan. 1861, 01:00, Paris Arrondissement 16, FR
French artist born in Paris 16, 1 rue de Seine de Passy. Blanche’s father was a [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
38.Brandès, Marthe, 31. Jan. 1862, 07:00, Paris, FR
French stage actress, known for playing ’grandes amoureuses’ and ’femmes [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
39.Brinchmann, Arild, 31. Jan. 1922, 17:05, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian theatre manager and director of both film and theatre. He was the son [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
40.Brouw, Franz, 31. Jan. 1929, 01:30, Veurne, Belgium
Belgian-Canadian pianist, a professor at the University of Quebec in [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
41.Brule, Marcel, 31. Jan. 1883, 16:15, Amiens, France
French physician, a member of the Academie des Sciences. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
42.Calvo Asensio, Pedro, 31. Jan. 1821, 02:30, Valladolid, SPAIN
Spanish political, pharmaceutical,journalist and playwright. He died 18 [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
43.Cantwell, Robert Emmett, 31. Jan. 1908, 18:00, Little Falls, WA (US)
American author, novelist, literary critic. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
44.Carlos, Count of Montemolin, 31. Jan. 1818, 06:35, Madrid, SPAIN
The Carlist claimant to the throne of Spain under the name Carlos VI after his [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
45.Carter, Charles E.O., 31. Jan. 1887, 23:01, Parkstone, England
British leading astrologer for 45 years, known and respected through the 20th [...] (Aszendent Waage)
46.Carter, Marguerite, 31. Jan. 1899, 13:30, Seattle WA, USA
American astrologer and columnist. Her full-page ads, prominently featuring [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
47.Castella, Sébastien, 31. Jan. 1981, 00:40, Béziers, FR
French matador, today regarded as one of the greatest matadors in the world. He [...] (Aszendent Waage)
48.Catoire, Jules, 31. Jan. 1899, 10:00, Beaurains, FR
French politician, who died on 15 December 1988 in Arras. [...] (Aszendent Widder)
49.Cavazos, Richard E., 31. Jan. 1929, 23:59, Kingsville, TX (US)
American military figure, a Korean War recipient of the Distinguished Service [...] (Aszendent Waage)
50.Cerny, Berthe, 31. Jan. 1868, 02:00, Paris Arrondissement 8, FR
French stage actress, a member of the Comédie-Française. She died in Paris on [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
51.Chavez, Ignacio, 31. Jan. 1897, 01:00, Zirándaro, MEX
Mexican prominent physician cardiologist and rector of the National Autonomous [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
52.Conjoined Twins: De Leonardis, 31. Jan. 1991, 09:40, Bari, Italy
Italian congenitally united babies. [...] (Aszendent Widder)
53.Dauzier, Pierre, 31. Jan. 1939, 01:00, Périgueux, FR
French businessman, the president from 1986 to 1998 of Havas, a French [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
54.Delage, Joseph Paul Marcel, 31. Jan. 1862, 02:00, Rochefort, FR
French naval officer, who died on 19 March 1917. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
55.Desgrange, Henri, 31. Jan. 1865, 05:00, Paris Arrondissement 10, FR
French bicycle racer and sports journalist, inventor of the cyclist Tour de [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
56.Di Centa, Manuela, 31. Jan. 1963, 07:30, Paluzza, Italy
Italian champion skier, a winner of an Olympic Bronze Medal for the long [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
57.Diamond, Walter H., 31. Jan. 1913, 23:59, Syracuse, NY (US)
American tax authority, author and economist. As trade and investment adviser [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
58.Driver, Minnie, 31. Jan. 1970, 05:30, London, ENG (UK)
British actress and singer-songwriter, nominated for an Academy Award for Best [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
59.Duvalier, Francois Nicolas, 31. Jan. 1983, 07:30, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Haitian noted family, the son of Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haiti’s President and [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
60.Egan, Daniel, 31. Jan. 1964, 01:26, Boston MA, USA
American skier, an impassioned extreme-skier on near-vertical slopes. He and [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
61.Eppinger, Peter L., 31. Jan. 1975, 17:52, Wien, AUS
Austrian TV and radio host. Since 1995, he moderates for the Ö3 radio station [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
62.Esch, Arthur Gerald, 31. Jan. 1917, 05:30, Washington, IL (US)
American military, Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. Died on 5 June [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
63.Felmy, Hansjörg, 31. Jan. 1931, 07:30, Berlin, GER
German actor who appeared in 50 films and television shows between 1957 and [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
64.Fernandez, Vincent, 31. Jan. 1975, 03:30, St.Germain en Laye, FR
French football/soccer goalkeeper. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
65.Gaimard, Joseph Paul, 31. Jan. 1793, 08:00, St.Zacharie, FR
French naval surgeon and naturalist. He served as naturalist on the ships [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
66.Gephardt, Dick, 31. Jan. 1941, 17:00, Saint Louis, MO (US)
American politician and Congressman for nearly 30 years, Gephardt announced his [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
67.Gigli, Rina, 31. Jan. 1916, 08:00, Naples, ITALY
Italian soprano, the daughter of Beniamino Gigli, with whom she sang several [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
68.Goeudevert, Daniel, 31. Jan. 1942, 05:30, Reims, FR
French business leader. He headed Ford in Germany and [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
69.Gomez, Didier, 31. Jan. 1953, 15:00, Moulins, FR
French interior architect and designer, one of his clients is Harrison Ford. [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
70.Groult, Benoîte, 31. Jan. 1920, 23:00, Paris, FR
French journalist and writer.Her novels often deal with topics such as the [...] (Aszendent Waage)
71.Guillaume, Edmond, 31. Jan. 1904, 09:00, Ozoir la Ferrière, FR
French aviator, a fighter pilot in World War II. He died on 6 December 1977 in [...] (Aszendent Fische)
72.Hand, Lloyd N., 31. Jan. 1929, 11:00, Alton, IL (US)
American lawyer, airline director, u.s. chief of protocol, married once, 5 [...] (Aszendent Stier)
73.Haynes, Jerry, 31. Jan. 1927, 17:30, Dallas, TX (US)
American actor best known as Mr. Peppermint, a character who wore a red- and [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
74.Heuss, Theodor, 31. Jan. 1884, 13:30, Brackenheim, GER
German politician who served as the first President of the Federal Republic of [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
75.Hooks, Benjamin, 31. Jan. 1925, 23:30, Memphis, TN (US)
American social activist, the Civil Rights Executive Director of the NAACP, [...] (Aszendent Waage)
76.Jarman, Derek, 31. Jan. 1942, 07:30, Northwood, ENG (UK)
British film director known for being iconoclastic and innovative. Gay, he died [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
77.Jullian, Marcel, 31. Jan. 1922, 12:00, Châteaurenard, FR
French director and screenwriter, who was one of the founders of the TV channel [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
78.Kaelbel, Raymond, 31. Jan. 1932, 13:05, Colmar, FR
French international footballer who was part of France national football team [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
79.Kaschnitz, Marie Luise, 31. Jan. 1901, 17:00, Karlsruhe, GER
German short story writer, novelist, essayist and poet. She is considered to be [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
80.Kossmann, Alfred Karl, 31. Jan. 1922, 12:00, Leiden, NETH
Dutch writer, journalist, poet. Kossmann was partly of Jewish-German descent. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
81.Lee, James Yimm, 31. Jan. 1920, 08:30, Oakland, CA (US)
American martial arts pioneer, teacher, author, and publisher. James Lee is [...] (Aszendent Fische)
82.Liparota, Francesco, 31. Jan. 1968, 22:45, Nicastro, Italy
Italian teaching assistant along with Marta Russo. At a party, Scattone and [...] (Aszendent Waage)
83.Lohrmann, Wilhelm Gotthelf, 31. Jan. 1796, 06:00, Dresden, GER
Saxon cartographer, astronomer, meteorologist and patron of the sciences. In [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
84.Luc, Brother, 31. Jan. 1914, 01:00, Bourg de Peage, France
French ecclesiastic, a Trappist monk, after studying medicine (Lyon [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
85.Lydon, John, 31. Jan. 1956, 03:00, London, ENG (UK)
English singer, songwriter and musician, also known by his former stage name [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
86.Mailer, Norman, 31. Jan. 1923, 09:05, Long Branch, NJ (US)
American novelist, journalist, poet, playwright, film maker, philosopher, lover [...] (Aszendent Fische)
87.Mailer, Norris Church, 31. Jan. 1949, 07:05, Atkins, AR (US)
American model, actress, artist and writer with her first book published in [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
88.Mathieu, Simonne, 31. Jan. 1908, 11:45, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French tennis player who won several championships in singles and doubles [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
89.Mayfield, Gene, 31. Jan. 1928, 01:00, Quitaque, TX (US)
American football coach in Texas high schools and at West Texas A&M University. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
90.Merton, Thomas, 31. Jan. 1915, 09:00, Prades/Pyrénées Orientales, FR
French-American writer, poet, monk, mystic and social critic who inspired and [...] (Aszendent Fische)
91.Messing, Ulrica, 31. Jan. 1968, 23:56, Filipstad, Sweden
Swedish politician, a minister in several social democrat [...] (Aszendent Waage)
92.Monnet, Philippe, 31. Jan. 1959, 11:20, St.Maur des Fossés, FR
French single-handed sailor, a multiple record holder in various [...] (Aszendent Stier)
93.Moreno, Manuel, 31. Jan. 1782, 22:00, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentine politician who wrote a biography of his brother Mariano Moreno. [...] (Aszendent Waage)
94.Morrison, Grant, 31. Jan. 1960, 01:30, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish comic book writer, playwright and occultist. The volume of his work as [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
95.Mourguy, Alain, 31. Jan. 1948, 06:45, Montreuil, FR
French politician, a presidential candidate who lost in 2007, representing the [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
96.Murray, Robin, 31. Jan. 1944, 09:05, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish psychiatrist, Professor of Psychiatric Research at the Institute of [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
97.Pastor, Ludwig, 31. Jan. 1854, 23:30, Aachen, Germany
German writer, the author of a monumental “History of the Popes,“ published in [...] (Aszendent Waage)
98.Pederson, Douglas, 31. Jan. 1968, 13:11, Bellingham WA, USA
American football player with the Green Bay Packers. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
99.Perlasca, Giorgio, 31. Jan. 1910, 03:30, Como, Italy
Italian hero who saved 5,000 Jews during the war in Budapest, pretending to be [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
100.Perodi, Emma, 31. Jan. 1850, 02:00, Cerreto Guidi, ITALY
Italian journalist and author, especially of children’s literature. She died in [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
101.Pleshette, Suzanne, 31. Jan. 1937, 22:24, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American actress, best known for her role in the ongoing television series, [...] (Aszendent Waage)
102.Provenzano, Bernardo, 31. Jan. 1933, 04:00, Corleone, ITALY
Italian mob boss, a member of the Sicilian Mafia (Cosa Nostra) suspected of [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
103.Puigségur, Laurent, 31. Jan. 1972, 14:50, Fresnes, FR
French handball player, who played centre position. With the French team, he [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
104.Repelius, Betsy, 31. Jan. 1848, 02:00, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch painter and watercolourist who specialized in simple, one-figure, genre [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
105.Riley, Alicia, 31. Jan. 1963, 22:18, Brockton, MA (US)
American homemaker, the wife of a respected veteran of Brockton, Massachusetts [...] (Aszendent Waage)
106.Ritter, Tyler, 31. Jan. 1985, 14:36, Santa Monica, CA (US)
American actor best known as the star of “The McCarthys.“ [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
107.Robert, Georges, 31. Jan. 1875, 16:30, Courseulles-sur-Mer, FR
French naval officer and administrator, who reached the rank of admiral. He [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
108.Robin, Amélie, 31. Jan. 1865, 17:00, Moras-en-Valloire, FR
French noted family, the mother of stigmatist Marthe Robin. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
109.Robinson, Jackie (1919), 31. Jan. 1919, 18:30, Cairo GA, USA
American athlete, a baseball player who first stepped up to the plate to play [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
110.Rose, Cristine, 31. Jan. 1951, 14:53, Lynwood, CA (US)
American actress best known for her role as Angela Petrelli on the hit NBC [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
111.Ryan, Nolan, 31. Jan. 1947, 09:45, Refugio, TX (US)
American baseball pitcher known as the fastest in history, able to throw a ball [...] (Aszendent Fische)
112.Sarphati, Samuel, 31. Jan. 1813, 04:30, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch physician and Amsterdam city planner whose ancestors were Portuguese [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
113.Schoen, Rudolf, 31. Jan. 1892, 09:30, Kaiserslautern, GER
German physician and university lecturer for internal medicine at the [...] (Aszendent Widder)
114.Schubert, Franz, 31. Jan. 1797, 13:30, Vienna, AUS
Austrian composer, who left a colossal lifework of nearly 1,000 compositions, [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
115.Silberman, Charles, 31. Jan. 1925, 22:45, Polk IA, USA
American writer, a journalist, educator and social analyst, the author of three [...] (Aszendent Waage)
116.Stevens, Patrick, 31. Jan. 1968, 13:30, Leut, Belgium
Belgian athlete, field and track star who held the Belgian record in the 200 m. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
117.Stokowski, Christopher, 31. Jan. 1952, 08:00, New York, NY (US)
American noted family, the son of Leopold Stokowski and Gloria [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
118.Stoney, Gwen, 31. Jan. 1919, 07:30, Vaucluse, AUSTL
Australian astrologer, well respected. She was known for her tireless work to [...] (Aszendent Fische)
119.Straight, Willard, 31. Jan. 1880, 13:40, New York NY, USA
American journalist and diplomat, a war correspondent, member of the American [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
120.Stumph, Wolfgang, 31. Jan. 1946, 09:00, Wünschelburg, POL
German actor and cabaret artist. [...] (Aszendent Fische)
121.Sylvester, William, 31. Jan. 1922, 00:30, Oakland, CA (US)
American television and film actor. His most famous film credit was Dr. Heywood [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
122.Thielbar, Caleb, 31. Jan. 1987, 03:42, Northfield, MN (US)
American professional baseball pitcher for the St. Paul Saints of the American [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
123.Thorn, Victor, 31. Jan. 1844, 03:00, Esch-Sur-Alzette, LUX
Luxembourgian politician who was the 11th Prime Minister of Luxembourg, serving [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
124.Timberlake, Justin, 31. Jan. 1981, 18:30, Memphis, TN (US)
American musician who became famous as a member of the rock group ’N Sync, [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
125.Twins, Mathew, 31. Jan. 1982, 02:10, Wagga Wagga, AUSTL
Australian newsmakers, the winners of the fifth series of the Australian [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
126.Udall, Stewart, 31. Jan. 1920, 09:15, Saint Johns, AZ (US)
American politician and later, a federal government official. After serving [...] (Aszendent Fische)
127.Veitch, Jonathan, 31. Jan. 1959, 13:59, Santa Monica CA, USA
American noted family, the son of Carol Lee Stuart Ladd and film executive [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
128.Verbeke, Roger, 31. Jan. 1930, 02:30, Ieper, Belgium
Belgian champion cyclist. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
129.von Hippel the Elder, Theodor Gottlieb, 31. Jan. 1741, 03:00, Gerdauen, GER
German satirical and humorous writer. He never married. Died 23 April [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
130.Wilber, Ken, 31. Jan. 1949, 22:30, Oklahoma City, OK (US)
American metaphysical philosopher and author of over 16 books, Wilber calls [...] (Aszendent Waage)
131.Yupanqui, Atahualpa, 31. Jan. 1908, 09:30, Pergamino (Buenos Aires), ARG
Argentine singer, songwriter, guitarist, and writer. He is considered the most [...] (Aszendent Widder)
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