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Astro-Zwillinge aus der Astro-Databank

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Geboren am 17. Dezember 1923

1.Ponto, Jürgen, 17. Dez. 1923, 05:00, Bad Nauheim, GER
German banker and victim of an assassination by terrorists of the German RAF [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)

Geboren am 17. Dezember mit Aszendent Skorpion

2.Bellard, Emory, 17. Dez. 1927, 03:30, Luling, TX (US)
American college football coach considered to have had one of the most [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
3.Bernhard II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, 17. Dez. 1800, 05:00, Meiningen, GER
German nobleman, a Duke of Saxe-Meiningen. He was the only son of Georg I [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
4.Borel, Jacques (1925), 17. Dez. 1925, 04:45, Paris, FR
French author best known for his 1965 novel L’Adoration (translated into [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
5.Cattenoz, Jean-Pierre, 17. Dez. 1945, 06:00, Maxéville, FR
French Catholic priest, who served as archbishop of [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
6.Davy, Humphrey, 17. Dez. 1778, 05:00, Penzance, ENG (UK)
British pioneer in electro-chemistry who experimented on the respiration of [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
7.Fiedler, Arthur, 17. Dez. 1894, 04:00, Boston MA, USA
American conductor most noted for his series of free outdoor concerts, the [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
8.Geesin, Ron, 17. Dez. 1943, 06:00, Irvine, Scotland
Scottish musician, singer and composer who plays keyboard. His LP albums [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
9.Gény, François, 17. Dez. 1861, 04:30, Baccarat, FR
French jurist whose work did much to cast new light on the creative role of the [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
10.Hondelatte, Christophe, 17. Dez. 1962, 06:30, Bayonne, FR
French television and radio host who has worked for BFMTV since fall 2014. In [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
11.Maitron, Jean, 17. Dez. 1910, 05:05, Sardy-lès-Épiry, FR
French historian, specializing in the labour movement. A pioneer of such [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
12.McDonnell, William F., 17. Dez. 1946, 04:25, Windsor, NB (CAN)
Canadian professional astrologer who has an interest in unusual personalities. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
13.Tanner, Wilmer W., 17. Dez. 1909, 04:00, Fairview, UT (US)
American zoologist professor, curator, and centenarian. He was associated with [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)

Geboren am 17. Dezember

14.Abrial, Jean, 17. Dez. 1879, 13:00, Realmont, France
French naval military figure who cooperated with the British in the evacuation [...] (Aszendent Widder)
15.Alaoui, Abderrahim, 17. Dez. 1984, 14:55, Mantes la Jolie, FR
French judoka. [...] (Aszendent Stier)
16.Alexander I, King of Yugoslavia, 17. Dez. 1888, 23:55, Cetinje, MNE
Croatia-born royalty, a popular ruler from 8/16/1921; keen mind, a great reader [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
17.Araki, Gregg, 17. Dez. 1959, 19:21, Los Angeles CA, USA
American filmmaker of Japanese heritage and ambiguous sexuality, he is [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
18.Ashton-Warner, Sylvia, 17. Dez. 1908, 07:00, Stratford, NZ
New Zealand writer, poet and educator. Ashton-Warner spent many years teaching [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
19.Auvergne, Gilbert, 17. Dez. 1905, 16:00, Nice, France
French Olympic runner, he participated in the 4 x 100-meter relay in the track [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
20.Barrère, Igor, 17. Dez. 1931, 09:20, Paris, FR
French medical doctor, journalist and television personality. Barrère was also [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
21.Beitzel, Russel, 17. Dez. 1900, 12:00, York PA, USA
American homicide who killed his common-law-wife on 1/01/1930. For his crime, [...] (Aszendent Fische)
22.Bonney, Victor, 17. Dez. 1872, 03:00, Chelsea, ENG (UK)
British gynaecological surgeon, both his father and his paternal grandfather [...] (Aszendent Waage)
23.Booker, Walter, 17. Dez. 1933, 14:45, Prairie View, TX (US)
American jazz musician, a reliable bass player and an underrated stylist, whose [...] (Aszendent Stier)
24.Boschi, Giulia, 17. Dez. 1962, 06:50, Rome, ITALY
Italian film and television actress, the daughter of the television presenter [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
25.Bridge, Billy, 17. Dez. 1944, 02:00, Cherbourg, FR
French singer and songwriter who appeared in the English movie “Just for Fun“ [...] (Aszendent Waage)
26.Broniewski, Wladyslaw, 17. Dez. 1897, 19:30, Plock, POL
Polish poet and soldier. He died 10 February 1962. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
27.Broussais, François, 17. Dez. 1772, 17:00, St.Malo, FR
French physician who passionately advocated the use of leeches in bloodletting [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
28.Bureau, Florent J., 17. Dez. 1906, 22:00, Jemeppe Sur Sambre, Belgium
Belgium mathematician who did research on the theory of functions, specializing [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
29.Burgelin, Jean-François, 17. Dez. 1936, 21:30, Metz, FR
French senior magistrate, a public prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, who [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
30.Caldwell, Erskine, 17. Dez. 1903, 09:00, Moreland, GA (US)
American best-selling writer known for his two most successful novels, “Tobacco [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
31.Canova, Gilbert, 17. Dez. 1929, 13:25, Geneva, SWTZ
Swiss dancer. [...] (Aszendent Widder)
32.Casal, Angel, 17. Dez. 1895, 10:00, La Coruña, SPAIN
Spanish editor and politician. After the military uprising of 18 July 1936 [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
33.Cashman, Michael, 17. Dez. 1950, 06:15, London, ENG (UK)
British Labour politician and former actor who played the first [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
34.Clément, Arnaud, 17. Dez. 1977, 13:15, Aix en Provence, FR
French tennis player who turned professional in 1996 and won his first ATP [...] (Aszendent Widder)
35.Conty, Pierre, 17. Dez. 1946, 20:15, Grenoble, FR
French convicted criminal, and the leader of a hippie community. On 24 August [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
36.Costello, Matt, 17. Dez. 1986, 13:30, Norwood MA, USA
American baseball player, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2009 [...] (Aszendent Stier)
37.Cots, Toni, 17. Dez. 1953, 07:15, Barcelona, SPAIN
Spanish actor, author, researcher and director of the performing [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
38.Coutas, Roland, 17. Dez. 1966, 13:15, Strasbourg, FR
French businessman, the founder and head of the travel website [...] (Aszendent Widder)
39.Cox, Allan Verne, 17. Dez. 1926, 01:50, Santa Ana, CA (US)
American geophysicist. His work on dating geomagnetic reversals, with Richard [...] (Aszendent Waage)
40.Cutler, Virginia, 17. Dez. 1905, 06:50, Park City, UT (US)
American academic, the dean of the home economics department at the University [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
41.Deprince, Adolphe, 17. Dez. 1901, 19:00, Malines, BEL
French accordionist. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
42.Desfourneaux, Jules-Henri, 17. Dez. 1877, 23:00, Bar le Duc, FR
Last French executioner to officiate in public. He came from a long line of [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
43.Di Rosa, Hervé, 17. Dez. 1959, 10:45, Sète, FR
French contemporary painter. He brings to life the unique characters who [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
44.Drouot, Jean-Claude, 17. Dez. 1938, 13:00, Lessines, BEL
Belgian stage, film, and TV actor. He starred as “Thierry La Fronde“ for a TV [...] (Aszendent Stier)
45.Dye, Sanford, 17. Dez. 1908, 22:08, Toledo, OH (US)
American astrologer and writer, specializing in Uranian astrology which he [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
46.Dynamo, 17. Dez. 1982, 23:10, Bradford, ENG (UK)
English magician, best known for his television show Dynamo: Magician [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
47.Edgley, Jeni, 17. Dez. 1950, 22:30, Sydney, AUSTL
Australian entrepreneur and author, noted family. Former wife of entrepreneur [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
48.Edwards, Aaron, 17. Dez. 1991, 02:39, New York, NY (US)
American journalist, currently the Lead News Curation Editor in New York for [...] (Aszendent Waage)
49.Entertainment: The Simpsons, 17. Dez. 1989, 20:30, New York, NY (US)
American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
50.Fabbiani, Oscar, 17. Dez. 1950, 09:18, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentine-Chilean professional footballer who played international football for [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
51.Faguet, Émile, 17. Dez. 1847, 06:00, La Roche sur Yon, FR
French literary historian and moralist who wrote many influential critical [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
52.Fiori, Adriano, 17. Dez. 1865, 14:00, Formigine, ITALY
Italian botanist who travelled extensively throughout Italy, studying and [...] (Aszendent Stier)
53.Fitzgerald, Penelope, 17. Dez. 1916, 15:00, Lincoln, ENG (UK)
English novelist, poet, essayist and biographer, who won the Booker Prize for [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
54.Foucaud, Henri, 17. Dez. 1908, 02:00, Montigny-sur-Canne, FR
French aviator, a fighter pilot in World War II. He died accidentally on 21 [...] (Aszendent Waage)
55.Friedrich Sigismund, Prince of Prussia, 17. Dez. 1891, 02:00, Berlin, GER
German World War I fighter pilot and member of the House of Hohenzollern. He [...] (Aszendent Waage)
56.Gaucher, Pierre-Jean, 17. Dez. 1958, 19:00, Boulogne Billancourt, FR
French guitarist, composer and arranger. In the 1980s his group, Abus Dangereux [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
57.Golon, Anne, 17. Dez. 1921, 14:00, Toulon, FR
French author, better known to English-speaking readers as Sergeanne Golon. She [...] (Aszendent Stier)
58.Goncourt, Jules de, 17. Dez. 1830, 11:00, Paris, FR
French writer, who published books together with his brother Edmond. Both [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
59.Grenot-Wang, Françoise, 17. Dez. 1949, 09:15, Paris, FR
French Sinologist who founded the ’Couleurs De Chine’ charity which operates in [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
60.Gress, Gilbert, 17. Dez. 1941, 00:30, Strasbourg, FR
Former French-Swiss football player for Strasbourg, well-known for having [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
61.Guccione, Bob, 17. Dez. 1930, 02:30, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American-British publisher, the founder and publisher of “Penthouse“ in the [...] (Aszendent Waage)
62.Haberer, Jean-Yves, 17. Dez. 1932, 09:00, Mazagan, MOR
French tax inspector, director of several government firms, director of the [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
63.Helleu, Paul-Cesar, 17. Dez. 1859, 13:00, Vannes, FR
French oil painter, pastel artist, drypoint etcher, and designer, best known [...] (Aszendent Widder)
64.Hellot, Frédéric, 17. Dez. 1863, 20:00, La Mailleraye sur Seine, FR
French army general of military engineering who died on 28 October [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
65.Hermans, Toon, 17. Dez. 1916, 08:00, Sittard, NETH
Dutch cabaret entertainer, a singer, writer, and comedian. He died on 22 April [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
66.Hugon, André, 17. Dez. 1886, 12:30, Alger, ALG
French film director, screenwriter and film producer best known for his silent [...] (Aszendent Widder)
67.Humery, Gustave, 17. Dez. 1908, 17:00, Valenciennes, FR
French boxer. [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
68.Huret, Jacques-Michel, 17. Dez. 1957, 11:00, Nancy, FR
French architect, he attended the “Beaux-Arts“ in Nancy. In 1987, he was victim [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
69.Innerhofer, Christof, 17. Dez. 1984, 10:10, Brunico, ITALY
Italian alpine skier, he won a silver medal and a bronze at the 2014 Sochi [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
70.Iwaniuk, Waclaw, 17. Dez. 1912, 10:00, Chelm, POL
Polish poet, literary critic and essayist for various Polish émigré newspapers [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
71.Jacobson, Carlton, 17. Dez. 1997, 09:00, Dallas, TX (US)
American pop singer who rose to fame after several of his online videos went [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
72.Jahnn, Hans Henny, 17. Dez. 1894, 14:00, Hamburg, GER
German playwright, novelist, organ-builder and music publisher focusing on [...] (Aszendent Stier)
73.James, Viscount Severn, 17. Dez. 2007, 16:20, Surrey, ENG (UK)
Prince of the United Kingdom, the younger child and only son of Prince Edward, [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
74.Jarubas, Adam, 17. Dez. 1974, 02:00, Busko Zdrój, POL
Polish politician and the current Marshal of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship since [...] (Aszendent Waage)
75.Joachim, Prince of Prussia, 17. Dez. 1890, 20:15, Potsdam, GER
Prussian prince as the youngest son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, by his first [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
76.Jobert de Lamballe, Antoine Joseph, 17. Dez. 1799, 13:00, Matignon, FR
French surgeon, a brilliant and resourceful operator, best known for his [...] (Aszendent Widder)
77.Jovovich, Milla, 17. Dez. 1975, 17:15, Kiev, UA
Ukrainian model and actress with prestigious modeling contracts, she was [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
78.King, Mackenzie, 17. Dez. 1874, 20:00, Kitchener, Canada
Canadian politician and P.M. of Canada 1921-1930 and 1935-1948. Believed to [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
79.Kline, Mary C., 17. Dez. 1880, 17:57, Chicago, IL (US)
American astrologer. She joined AFA 3/31/1945. Died 6/29/1961 Hammond, IN [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
80.Kramers, Hans, 17. Dez. 1894, 16:00, Rotterdam, NETH
Dutch physicist. He was the son of Hendrik Kramers, a physician, and Jeanne [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
81.Lacrampe, André, 17. Dez. 1941, 16:00, Lourdes, FR
French Roman Catholic clergyman, an Archbishop of Besançon. He was ordained as [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
82.Lavisse, Ernest, 17. Dez. 1842, 21:30, Le Nouvion en Thiérache, FR
French historian. Lavisse was a professor at the Sorbonne from 1888, and he [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
83.Lawrence, Marc, 17. Dez. 1909, 23:59, Bronx, NY (US)
American actor, writer and director, known primarily for his portrayal of [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
84.Livingston, Barry, 17. Dez. 1953, 11:13, Los Angeles CA, USA
American actor who played the role of Ernie in “My Three Sons,“ a popular [...] (Aszendent Fische)
85.Malartre, Henri, 17. Dez. 1905, 20:00, Saint-Joseph, FR
French industrialist, the founder of ’Musée de l’automobile Henri-Malartre,’ [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
86.Manning, Rebecca, 17. Dez. 1944, 23:45, Los Angeles CA, USA
American notes family, she is the daughter of actress Rita Hayworth and [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
87.Manning, Rebecca Welles, 17. Dez. 1944, 23:00, Santa Monica, CA (US)
American child of noted family, the daughter of actors Orson Welles and Rita [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
88.Maria I, Queen of Portugal, 17. Dez. 1734, 18:00, Lisbon, PORT
Queen of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves who reigned from 24 February 1777 [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
89.Martínez Soria, Paco, 17. Dez. 1902, 06:00, Saragossa, SPAIN
Spanish character actor who excelled in the role of the affectionate country [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
90.Maunoury, Michel-Joseph, 17. Dez. 1847, 02:00, Maintenon, FR
French commander of the armed forces in the early days of World War I. He died [...] (Aszendent Waage)
91.Mavor, Elizabeth, 17. Dez. 1927, 11:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish novelist and biographer, whose subjects were unusual or adventurous [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
92.McWorter, Katherine, 17. Dez. 1962, 11:00, Glendale CA, USA
American screenwriter for the film, “War.“ She is a protégé of Steven [...] (Aszendent Fische)
93.Michael V., 17. Dez. 1969, 08:12, Manila, PHIL
Filipino comedian, actor, impersonator, director, composer, singer, rapper, [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
94.Mills, Mike, 17. Dez. 1958, 10:35, Orange, CA (US)
American musician and bass player who is with the band R.E.M. (Rapid Eye [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
95.Mitchell, Artie, 17. Dez. 1945, 01:18, Lodi, CA (US)
American homicide victim, shot to death by his brother Jim at his home near San [...] (Aszendent Waage)
96.Moro, Maria Fida, 17. Dez. 1946, 02:10, Rome, ITALY
Italian writer and journalist who, as the daughter of politician Aldo Moro, [...] (Aszendent Waage)
97.Musson, Jayson, 17. Dez. 1977, 14:00, Bronx, NY (US)
American artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Musson [...] (Aszendent Stier)
98.Nowak, Maciej, 17. Dez. 1964, 02:15, Warszawa, POL
Polish theater critic and culinary, cultural animator. In 2001, in his column [...] (Aszendent Waage)
99.Ogier, Sébastien, 17. Dez. 1983, 22:40, Gap, FR
French rally driver, his titles “champion of champions“ in the rally world [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
100.Ollier, Claude, 17. Dez. 1922, 19:30, Paris, FR
French writer closely associated with the nouveau roman literary movement. He [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
101.Ostrander, Rick, 17. Dez. 1928, 09:45, Vallejo, CA (US)
American sidereal astrologer with a career in the communications field at RCA. [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
102.Paulson, Sarah, 17. Dez. 1974, 23:05, Tampa, FL (US)
American film, stage, and television actress. She began acting on stage, and in [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
103.Pena Barrenechea, Enrique, 17. Dez. 1904, 08:30, Lima, PERU
Peruvian poet and diplomat. Avant-garde trend, belonged to the Generation of 30 [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
104.Pickering, James Harper, 17. Dez. 1998, 08:08, Washington DC, USA
American noted family member, the son of U.S. Representative Chip Pickering, a [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
105.Piscator, Erwin, 17. Dez. 1893, 15:30, Ulm, GER
German theatrical producer and director famed for his ingenious Expressionistic [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
106.Polvani, Giovanni, 17. Dez. 1892, 06:20, Spoleto, ITALY
Italian physicist and teacher whose research focused on magnetism, [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
107.Pope Francis I., 17. Dez. 1936, 21:00, Buenos Aires, ARG
Pope Franciscus I., elected on 13 March 2013, former arch bishop of Buenos [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
108.Quaglio, Lorenzo the Younger, 17. Dez. 1793, 09:00, Grünwald, GER
German-born genre painter and lithographer, born to the long Italian pedigree [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
109.Racine, Bruno, 17. Dez. 1951, 14:00, Paris, FR
French civil servant and writer. Racine entered the service for strategic [...] (Aszendent Widder)
110.Ribisi, Giovanni, 17. Dez. 1974, 20:15, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actor and producer. He is the twin brother of actress Marissa Ribisi, [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
111.Ribisi, Marissa, 17. Dez. 1974, 20:30, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actress. She is the twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi. Marissa is married [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
112.Rigaudeau, Antoine, 17. Dez. 1971, 11:10, Cholet, FR
French basketball player, who won the Euroleague in 1997–98 and 2000–01 with [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
113.Robards, Sam, 17. Dez. 1961, 14:35, New York, NY (US)
American actor and noted family, the son of Lauren Bacall and Jason Robards who [...] (Aszendent Stier)
114.Robertson, Suze, 17. Dez. 1855, 18:00, The Hague, NETH
Dutch painter who belonged to a group of women artists known as the [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
115.Rocher, Dylan, 17. Dez. 1991, 03:03, Le Mans, FR
French petanque player, he began aged of 6. Four years later, this young [...] (Aszendent Waage)
116.Roux, Emile, 17. Dez. 1853, 22:00, Confolens, FR
French physician, bacteriologist and immunologist who was one of the closest [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
117.Sargent, Lois Haines, 17. Dez. 1900, 11:00, Oskaloosa IA, USA
American professional astrology and writer. She wrote for astrology magazines [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
118.Schermerhorn, Wim, 17. Dez. 1894, 13:30, Akersloot, NETH
Dutch politician of the Labour Party (PvdA) who served as the 28th Prime [...] (Aszendent Stier)
119.Sluijters, Jan, 17. Dez. 1881, 01:00, 's-Hertogenbosch, NETH
Dutch artist, in English often spelled “Sluyters“, was a leading pioneer of [...] (Aszendent Waage)
120.Solomon, Matthew, 17. Dez. 1996, 18:48, Stoneham, MA (US)
American noted family, the son of skater Nancy Kerrigan and her agent-husband, [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
121.Steele, Tommy, 17. Dez. 1936, 19:30, London, England
British entertainer, one of Britain’s first real rock ’n’ roll idols in the [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
122.Stuckey, Nat, 17. Dez. 1933, 07:10, Cass, TX (US)
American country singer and songwriter. He recorded for various labels between [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
123.Ventola, Gia, 17. Dez. 1975, 16:08, Lynn, MA (US)
American designer, 24-years-old when she stole the show at a runway fashion [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
124.Vincent, Jon, 17. Dez. 1962, 09:00, New Orleans, LA (US)
American pornographic actor who appeared in gay and bisexual pornography. [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
125.Whittier, John Greenleaf, 17. Dez. 1807, 09:00, Haverhill MA, USA
American writer of poetry, hymns and novels who was called “the Quaker Poet,“ [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
126.Wigand, Jeffrey, 17. Dez. 1942, 02:30, New York, NY (US)
American hero, a man who emerged from the button-down corporate world as a [...] (Aszendent Waage)
127.Wymore, Patrice, 17. Dez. 1926, 23:25, Miltonvale, KS (US)
American film, television and stage actress of the 1950s and 1960s, known for [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
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