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Gémeos-Astrológicos do Astro-Databank

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Nasceu a Outubro 8, 1943

1.Bertrand, Jean-Paul, 8 Out 1943, 20:10, Paris, FR
French publisher, who published several works of Jean Cocteau and texts on [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
2.Chase, Chevy, 8 Out 1943, 08:19, Manhattan, NY (US)
American comedian and actor who began as a writer. Chase was writing for “Mad“ [...] (Ascendente Libra)

Nasceu a Outubro 8 com ascendente Libra

3.Biondi, Matt, 8 Out 1965, 06:37, Palo Alto, CA (US)
American athlete on the 1984 Olympics swimming team who competed in the 400 [...] (Ascendente Libra)
4.Capone, John A., 8 Out 1905, 05:26, New York, NY (US)
American architect, astrologer, and teacher. He was on the Los Angeles Church [...] (Ascendente Libra)
5.Choquette, Sonia, 8 Out 1957, 07:00, Chicago, IL (US)
American writer, New York Times best-selling author, storyteller, vibrational [...] (Ascendente Libra)
6.Christian, Francis J., 8 Out 1942, 07:45, Peterborough NH, USA
American ecclesiastic, ordained to the priesthood on 6/29/1968. His education [...] (Ascendente Libra)
7.Ciani, Edgardo, 8 Out 1864, 05:30, Rocca San Casciano, ITALY
Italian mathematician and the author of many works on geometry, of which some [...] (Ascendente Libra)
8.Count, Henry, 8 Out 1879, 05:00, Chantilly, FR
French racehorse trainer. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
9.Dick, Jean-Pierre, 8 Out 1965, 07:30, Nice, FR
French skipper, son of the founder of Virbac Laboratory. Like his father, he is [...] (Ascendente Libra)
10.Duvivier, Julien, 8 Out 1896, 05:30, Lille, FR
French director of some 50 films from 1922; score of silents before sound [...] (Ascendente Libra)
11.Eugen, Prince of Saxe-Hildburghausen, 8 Out 1730, 05:30, Hildburghausen, GER
Prince of Saxe-Hildburghausen, as the younger son of Duke Ernest Frederick II [...] (Ascendente Libra)
12.Fidus, 8 Out 1868, 06:45, Lübeck, GER
German illustrator, painter and publisher. He was a symbolist artist, whose [...] (Ascendente Libra)
13.Gatts, Strawberry, 8 Out 1945, 06:50, Wheeling, WV (US)
American adventurer and New Age multi-tasker. She has worked as an accountant, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
14.Gillespie, Bob, 8 Out 1919, 07:00, Columbus, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
15.Herbert, Frank, 8 Out 1920, 07:30, Tacoma WA, USA
American writer, a reporter and editor for a west coast newspaper and a [...] (Ascendente Libra)
16.Le Bidois, Robert, 8 Out 1897, 06:00, Juilly, FR
French linguist and diplomat, who died on 16 December 1971. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
17.Noxon, John Jr., 8 Out 1896, 07:00, Pittsfield, MA (US)
American graduate of Harvard Law School who electrocuted his Downs syndrome son [...] (Ascendente Libra)
18.Sakoian, Frances, 8 Out 1912, 05:07, Berea OH, USA
American astrologer, Director of New England School of Astrology and former [...] (Ascendente Libra)
19.Salerno, Nini, 8 Out 1948, 07:30, Verona, ITALY
Italian actor, director and screenwriter. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
20.Slevogt, Max, 8 Out 1868, 07:00, Landshut, GER
German Impressionist painter and illustrator, best known for his landscapes. He [...] (Ascendente Libra)
21.Theuriet, André, 8 Out 1833, 06:30, Marly le Roi, FR
French poet and novelist. Theuriet studied law in Paris and entered the public [...] (Ascendente Libra)

Nasceu a Outubro 8

22.Ahrens, Aki, 8 Out 1947, 03:47, Hildesheim, GER
German astrologer, with alternative lifestyle, lived in Munich. Creator of [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
23.Alyn, Kirk, 8 Out 1910, 13:15, Oxford, NJ (US)
American actor, a former Broadway chorus boy and vaudeville entertainer when he [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
24.Ambrosetti, Flavio, 8 Out 1919, 11:00, Lugano, Switzerland
Swiss jazz musician. He studied with private teachers and at the music school [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
25.Bachelet, Jean, 8 Out 1894, 23:42:40, Azans, France
French director of photography who is noted for the films of Jean Renoir during [...] (Ascendente Leão)
26.Baer, Julien, 8 Out 1954, 20:00, Boulogne Billancourt, FR
French singer, songwriter and composer of original films [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
27.Baldoni, Enzo, 8 Out 1948, 08:00, Citta di Castello, Italy
Italian journalist who was abducted and executed in Iraq in the summer of 2004. [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
28.Barrett, Rona, 8 Out 1936, 04:15, New York, NY (US)
American gossip columnist of Hollywood’s choicest inside dirt. In her [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
29.Beavis, Frederick, 8 Out 1914, 18:52, Toronto, Canada
Canadian politician, elected City Alderman of Toronto in 1956 and re-elected to [...] (Ascendente Touro)
30.Beineix, Jean-Jacques, 8 Out 1946, 19:15, Paris, FR
French film director of what came to be called the ’cinéma du look’ which [...] (Ascendente Touro)
31.Bell, Robert, 8 Out 1950, 20:25, Youngstown OH, USA
American musician, a member of Kool and the Gang, first assembled in 1964. Bob [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
32.Bertaux, Pierre, 8 Out 1907, 15:00, Lyon, FR
French Resistant and Germanist. While holding administrative positions, he also [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
33.Bookman, Sandra, 8 Out 1959, 14:30, Galveston TX, USA
American journalist, a news anchor with ABC TV. [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
34.Boyd, Mary W., 8 Out 1914, 14:20, Portland OR, USA
American astrologer, the author of “Financial Techniques.“ Died on 5/27/1980 [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
35.Brasno, Olive, 8 Out 1914, 03:00, Old Bridge NJ, USA
American midget, the sister of fellow midget George Brasno. Together, they [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
36.Breuvart, Fabien, 8 Out 1961, 00:30, Sens, FR
French photographer and collector, who runs a little shop and gallery in Paris [...] (Ascendente Leão)
37.Burggraeve, Adolphe, 8 Out 1806, 21:00, Gand, BEL
Belgian surgeon and professor of medicine at the University of Ghent, who was [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
38.Cannon, Nick, 8 Out 1980, 20:49, San Diego, CA (US)
American rapper, actor, comedian, entrepreneur, record producer, and radio and [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
39.Case, Allen, 8 Out 1934, 12:15, Dallas, TX (US)
American television actor, most noted for the lead role of Deputy Clay McCord [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
40.Corcos, Thierry, 8 Out 1954, 14:00, Tunis, TUN
French cardiologist. [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
41.Dam, Paul Mahler, 8 Out 1931, 21:00, Bornholm Baltic Sea, Denmark
Danish astrologer since 1975, a full time pro; lecturer, teacher, and writer, [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
42.Damon, Matt, 8 Out 1970, 15:22, Boston, MA (US)
American actor, the author of a movie script that he and his buddy, actor Ben [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
43.De Geyter, Pierre, 8 Out 1848, 19:30, Gand, BEL
Belgian socialist worker and composer, known for writing the music of [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
44.Dersoir, Roland, 8 Out 1945, 09:00, Montguillon, FR
French race horse jockey/ driver, and father of harness racer Jean-Loïc-Claude [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
45.Desanti, Jean-Toussaint, 8 Out 1914, 04:00, Ajaccio, FR
French educator and philosopher known for his work on both the philosophy of [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
46.Diesen, Erik, 8 Out 1922, 14:00, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian revue writer and radio and television personality. He was associated [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
47.Dow, Dorothy, 8 Out 1920, 03:30, Houston, TX (US)
American classical soprano who had an active international career in concerts, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
48.Dubost, Paulette, 8 Out 1910, 10:00, Paris, FR
French actress and centenarian, who appeared in over 250 films and worked with [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
49.Dumoucel, Bon, 8 Out 1807, 18:30, Cherbourg, FR
French painter of La Manche, also known as ’Mouchel’ and Paul Dumoucel, who [...] (Ascendente Touro)
50.Espéret, Gérard, 8 Out 1907, 08:00, Versailles, FR
French trade unionist and political activist, who was secretary of the CFTC for [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
51.Fauret, Jean-Baptiste, 8 Out 1902, 22:00, Arrens-Marsous, FR
French Catholic bishop who died on 14 September 1984 in Chevilly-Larue, [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
52.Focke, Heinrich, 8 Out 1890, 13:15, Bremen, GER
German aviation pioneer. Focke was a co-founder of Focke-Wulf. He built a [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
53.Franco-Oppenheimer, Felix, 8 Out 1912, 12:00, Ponce, PR (US)
Puerto Rican poet, essayist, literary critic and university professor. Present [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
54.Furgess, Val, 8 Out 1937, 10:03, Bridgeport, CT (US)
American astrologer, active in her field for over 25 years and a longtime [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
55.Gardner, John William, 8 Out 1912, 21:00, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American public service employee, founder and head of the “citizen action“ [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
56.Gascard, Michel, 8 Out 1956, 23:30, La Rochelle, FR
French dancer. [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
57.Gaudin, Jean-Claude, 8 Out 1939, 13:00, Marseille, FR
French politician for Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). He has been Mayor of [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
58.Gaulin, Fabrice, 8 Out 1956, 01:25, Le Mans, FR
French homeless man and murder victim, burned alive on a street at dawn on 18 [...] (Ascendente Leão)
59.Ghizzetti, Aldo, 8 Out 1908, 11:00, Turin, ITALY
Italian mathematician who mainly focused on analysis, showing particular [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
60.Gilruth, Robert Rowe, 8 Out 1913, 14:00, Nashwauk, MN (US)
American aviation and space pioneer. He is noted for being the first director [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
61.Glangeaud, Philippe, 8 Out 1866, 09:00, St.Dizier, FR
French geologist and professor of geology at the University of [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
62.Grandclément, Gaston, 8 Out 1866, 09:30, Brest, FR
French naval officer, a vice admiral who died in Paris on 3 November [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
63.Greco, Cosetta, 8 Out 1930, 22:30, Trento, ITALY
Italian film actress, who appeared in 31 films between 1943 and 1971. She died [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
64.Guilbaud, René, 8 Out 1890, 01:30, Mouchamps, FR
French military aviator, who was celebrated mainly for long-range flights, by [...] (Ascendente Leão)
65.Guillermo, Juliana, 8 Out 1981, 21:09, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dutch royalty, the daughter and third child of Princess Christina of the [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
66.Günther, Dorothee, 8 Out 1896, 08:30, Gelsenkirchen-Erle, GER
German gymnastics and dance educator and professional writer, co-founder the [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
67.Harald, Prince of Denmark, 8 Out 1876, 08:00, Gentofte, DEN
Danish prince, the third son of Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife, Lovisa [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
68.Hay, Louise, 8 Out 1926, 00:30, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American motivational author and founder of publisher Hay House, who wrote [...] (Ascendente Leão)
69.Herrand, Marcel, 8 Out 1897, 03:30, Paris, FR
French stage and film actor best remembered for his roles in swashbuckling or [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
70.Hogan, Paul, 8 Out 1939, 09:30, Lightning Ridge, Australia
Australian actor and screenwriter who is best known for his first feature film, [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
71.Holley, Germaine, 8 Out 1904, 18:00, Besançon, FR
French astrologer and writer, representing a spiritual approach to astrology. [...] (Ascendente Touro)
72.Holshouser, James Eubert, 8 Out 1934, 16:33, Boone, NC (US)
American politician. Holshouser was the 68th Governor of the state of North [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
73.Imhoff, Joseph, 8 Out 1871, 22:00, New York, NY (US)
American painter. Though he made his name painting portraits of the Southwest’s [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
74.Jackson, Jesse, 8 Out 1941, 14:15, Greenville, SC (US)
American Baptist minister, civil rights leader, writer and businessman. [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
75.Jade, Claude, 8 Out 1948, 23:10, Dijon, FR
One of the major actresses of the French new wave, widely known for her roles [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
76.Kretschmer, Ernst, 8 Out 1888, 08:00, Wusten, Germany
German psychologist who is noted for originating the four body types and [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
77.Kucinich, Dennis, 8 Out 1946, 17:53, Cleveland, OH (US)
American politician. Kucinich was elected to the Cleveland City council at age [...] (Ascendente Áries)
78.Le Chatelier, Henri Louis, 8 Out 1850, 02:15, Paris, FR
An influential French chemist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
79.Mars, Bruno, 8 Out 1985, 15:42, Honolulu, HI (US)
American singer, songwriter, record producer, voice actor, and choreographer. [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
80.Matsunaga, Spark Masayuki, 8 Out 1916, 22:00, Kukuiula, HI (US)
American politician. United States Senator from Hawaii. He was an American [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
81.McLeod, Frances E., 8 Out 1924, 23:50, Caldwell, KS (US)
American astrologer who joined AFA in December 1979. She died on 7/31/1987, [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
82.Mone, Michelle, 8 Out 1971, 16:55, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish entrepreneur, designer of the Ultimo, a bra that has taken engineering [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
83.Monteverde, Marcelo, 8 Out 2011, 17:40, Los Angeles CA, USA
American member of noted family, he is the second child and first son of [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
84.Moore, Carman, 8 Out 1936, 17:40, Lorain OH, USA
American musician and composer, a musicologist and critic. A graduate of Ohio [...] (Ascendente Áries)
85.Moore, Thomas (1940), 8 Out 1940, 09:23, Detroit MI, USA
American writer, the author of the best-selling “Care of the Soul,“ which sold [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
86.Mourier, Louis, 8 Out 1873, 13:00, Vézénobres, FR
French physician and politician who was Director of Public Assistance in Paris [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
87.Mukpo, Diana, 8 Out 1953, 00:01, London, ENG (UK)
English writer. In 1970, as a wealthy sixteen-year-old student she married [...] (Ascendente Leão)
88.Mullins, Cristina, 8 Out 1957, 09:12, São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian actress noted on TV soap series. [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
89.Nadeem, Roha, 8 Out 1996, 20:00, Lahore, PAK
Pakistani freelance writer, sports journalist, and former member of Kuwait’s [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
90.Peruggia, Pietro Vincenzo, 8 Out 1881, 11:10, Dumenza, Italy
Italian thief who pulled off one of the most stunning heists of the 20th [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
91.Powys, John Cowper, 8 Out 1872, 13:35, Ashbourne, England
British writer; his works, widely considered to be complex and profound, [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
92.Prado, Pedro, 8 Out 1886, 13:00, Santiago, CHILE
Chilean writer. He won the Chilean National Prize for Literature in 1949. He [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
93.Préault, Auguste, 8 Out 1809, 08:30, Paris, FR
French sculptor of the “Romantic“ movement. A student of David d’Angers, [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
94.Purcell, Sarah, 8 Out 1946, 19:03, Richmond IN, USA
American actress and TV hostess. She started her TV career in San Diego as a [...] (Ascendente Touro)
95.Qualtinger, Helmut, 8 Out 1928, 01:58, Vienna, AUS
Austrian actor, writer, reciter and cabaret performer, known for his, sometimes [...] (Ascendente Leão)
96.Reynaud, Raymond, 8 Out 1920, 01:30, Salon de Provence, FR
French painter, sculptor and outsider artist whose work is similar to that of [...] (Ascendente Leão)
97.Ricci, Secondo, 8 Out 1913, 10:30, Bagnacavallo, ITALY
Italian soccer/football player, he played for Ravenna (1936-1937), Russi [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
98.Rojo Lluch, Vicente, 8 Out 1894, 20:00, Fuencaliente, SPAIN
Spanish military chief of staff of the Republican Army during the Spanish Civil [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
99.Sarcey, Francisque, 8 Out 1827, 01:00, Dourdan, FR
French journalist and dramatic critic. After some years as schoolmaster, a job [...] (Ascendente Leão)
100.Stevens, Thomas, 8 Out 1900, 19:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish chemist who, along with British chemist William Randall Bamford, is [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
101.Stricklyn, Ray, 8 Out 1928, 11:30, Houston, TX (US)
American film actor, stage actor, television actor, soap opera star and [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
102.Supino, Giulio, 8 Out 1898, 02:00, Florence, ITALY
Italian engineer and mathematician, among the founders of the Italian [...] (Ascendente Leão)
103.Taviani, Isabella, 8 Out 1968, 04:00, Rio De Janeiro, BRAS
Brazilian singer, guitarist and composer. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
104.Thys, Philippe, 8 Out 1889, 01:00, Anderlecht, BEL
Belgian road cyclist racer, triple winner of the Tour de France in 1913, 14, [...] (Ascendente Leão)
105.Tierney, Tom, 8 Out 1928, 03:12, Beaumont, TX (US)
American paper doll artist, credited with reviving the lost art of paper doll [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
106.Timothy, Usha, 8 Out 1949, 04:00, Nagpur, INDIA
Indian playback singer of Bollywood songs, referred to as a “singer with a [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
107.Touraine, Jean-Louis, 8 Out 1945, 03:00, Lyon, FR
French medical teacher and politician, a member of the National Assembly of [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
108.Vanderstock, Geoff, 8 Out 1946, 00:40, Chicago, IL (US)
American track & field champion. He was once the World Record holder in the 400 [...] (Ascendente Leão)
109.Vega, Simon, 8 Out 1935, 18:00, Los Fresnos, TX (US)
American retired high school teacher who became a personal friend of singer [...] (Ascendente Áries)
110.Warburg, Otto Heinrich, 8 Out 1883, 18:00, Freiburg im Breisgau, GER
German Physiologist, Medical doctor and biologist. He discovered the root cause [...] (Ascendente Touro)
111.Weaver, Sigourney, 8 Out 1949, 18:15, Manhattan, NY (US)
American actress whose first big hit was the 1979 science-fiction thriller [...] (Ascendente Touro)
112.White, Michael, 8 Out 1936, 23:45, Ramsgate, ENG (UK)
British multiple birth, a twin born two days before his sister, Elizabeth. His [...] (Ascendente Leão)
113.Wilkinson, Ellen, 8 Out 1891, 09:50, Stretford, England
British politician, an active Member of Parliament nicknamed “Red Ellen“ for [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
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